Lost in love update Monday 26 June 2023

Lost in love 26 June 2023: Usha notices Sai tensed and insists her to share her problem with her. Sai says she feels that their Vinayak is alive and describes her about the incident happened when Sahiba left till the one at Bal orphanage. Usha says already are a lot of ups and downs happening in her life, she shouldn’t bring more tensions in her life. Sai describes how Pratap’s girlfriend Ruhi thought he is dead and married someone else,

Lost in love 25 June 2023

she feels Vinu is alive and hence wants to search for him, so she sent a message to Virat to send her Bal orphanage’s warden Anandi’s phone number. Usha suggests her not to involve Virat or anyone in it until she finds a solid proof. Sai says she will find out their Vinu for sure. Savi hears her and says Vinu dada is already with them and asks if she shall call him. Sai says no and hopes she finds out Savi’s real brother soon. She heads to City Hospital in an auto.

Virat recalls Karishma confronting him that he ignored his wife Sai and supported his ex-girfriend Pakhi. Pakhi walks to him and asks if he is thinking about Karishma’s allegations and if he thinks he really did wrong to Sai. Virat says frankly speaking yes, but Pakhi shouldn’t bother about it and rest well to recover soon. He notices Sai’s message to send Anandi’s phone number and thinks if she found out about Vinu. Sai reaches City Hospital when Virat calls her. She says she was waiting for his call eagerly. He asks reason. She says she needs Bal orphanage’s warden Anandi.

Virat asks if she wants a job there, he will speak to Anandi. Sai says she is happy with her new job and just needs Anandi’s number. He thinks Sai doesn’t want to tell truth and says he will send. He hears Sai asking a peon about hospital dean Dr Ashok Kambde and asks if she is at City Hospital. She says yes, how does he know. He says he heard her asking about Dr Ashok Kambde, he knows Dr Ashok well and can help her. Sai says no need for that and calls him khadoos jasoos/detective. Virat asks what did she say and recalls earlier incidents.

She says sorry, she said that by mistake. He says he is sure it must be by mistake and thinks Sai must be trying to find out about Vinu, he should stop her before she finds out truth as he knows she will find out truth at any cost.Sonali cries recalling Karishma extramarital affair and her leaving home. Bhavani scolds her that many outsiders know about Karishma’s affair except them. Sonali as usual blames Sai for provoking Karishma to have an affair. Ashwini enters and says Karishma is angry on Sai instead as she suspects Sai informed Mohit about her affair.

Bhavani as usual curses Sai blaming her for trying to ruin their family and says she will call Sai and asks why she is still behind Chavan family. Virat calls Anandi, reveals that Vinu is his biological son, and requests her not to reveal this information to anyone. Anandi assures him. Virat then calls hospital dean and finds his number not reachable. He fears Sai shouldn’t have reached dean and speeds his car towards hospital.Sai meets dean, introduces herself, and questions him about a boy found after Nagpur-Gadchiroli bus accident.

Dean says someone had already met him questioning about same. Sai asks who. Wardboy informs him that his friend has come to meet him.Dean walks out and finds Virat who requests him not to divulge Vinu’s information to anyone. Dean says already Dr Sai Joshi is in his cabin. Virat requests him to mislead Sai and make sure she stop searching for Vinayak. Dean returns to Sai and refuses to divulge any information.

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