Lost in love update Sunday 25 June 2023

Lost in love 25 June 2023: Sai records a voice message for Virat that she is at Bal Orphanage where she saw City Hospital’s dean’s note about a boy who survived a Gadchiroli bus accident 8 years ago and she feels that boy is their Vinayak and he is alive, she wants to search for Vinu again and hence need orphanage dean Anandi’s phone number. She thinks if she should send this message to Virat or not as he is already tensed and this message will make him more tensed.

Lost in love 24 June 2023

She messages him instead to message her Bal Orphanage warden Anandi’s phone number.Shivani informs Ashwini that Virat is bringing Pakhi home. Sonali taunts Ashwini to perform her DIL’s nazar. Ashwini says Pakhi can’t become a mother again and its a serious issue, but Sonali wants to joke. Sonali says she is just asking her to perform her DIL’s nazar. Virat brings Pakhi on a wheelchair. Ashwini welcomes her and says she shifted her room downstairs and she should take proper rest and get well soon.

Virat takes Pakhi to her room. Pakhi breaks down and says last time when returned from hospital, she was welcomed by everyone but this time she is ignored. Virat asks her to control her emotions and recover soon.Virat hears Mohit confronting Karishma loudly and walks out. Mohit asks Karishma where she had been uninformed. Karishma stands silent. Mohit reveals that Karishma is having an extramarital affair with another man and is betraying him. Virat asks if he is in his senses. Mohit says he is, but Karishma is not; he knew about Karishma’s affairs since many days and indirectly hinted her, but shameless Karishma continued her affair.

Karishma says its not her mistake as Mohit didn’t pay attention to her and hence she had an affair. Mohit says he works hard. Karishma says he was Pakhi’s puppet now and Sai’s earlier. Mohit asks if she will have an affair for that. Karishma she will when her husband is incompetent. Mohit angrily tries to slap her. Virat stops Mohit and asks if he will slap a woman. Karishma says that is where he can show his manliness.

Omkar scolds Mohit instead for failing to control his wife and instead showing his machoism on her. Karishma says they are questioning his behavior but not Karishma’s affair, a woman should be ashamed if she looks at another man. Karishma leaves from there. Virat asks Mohit why didn’t he discuss about his martial issues with his family. Bhavani asks how did Sai find out about Karishma’s affair when whole family doesn’t know about it. Mohit says he doesn’t know.

Karishma walks out with her bag. Bhavani warns that she won’t be able to return to Chavan nivas again. Karishma says she doesnt’ want to return in this hell. Sonali confronts her for betraying Mohit and is blaming him instead. Karishma says she will go to her boyfriend. Sonali asks her to calm down and find a solution amicably.Argument continues. Virat says if she feels her life would be goof if she leaves er husband and goes to her boyfriend, then its a foolishness; who does that. Karishma says he did that. Bhavani yells to stop throwing dirt on Virat.

Karishma asks Virat if years ago didn’t he supported his ex Pakhi against his wife Sai and when Sai returned after years, he didn’t Sai her right as a wife and instead stayed with his ex-girlfriend; she is surprised that he is giving her moral gyaan on marriage and relationship instead of looking at his own act. Bhavani says there is a difference between Karishma’s heinous act and Virat’s situation, what could they have done if they all thought Sai is dead; Mohit is always with KLarishma, even then she had an affair. Karishma says did Virat reaccept Sai as his wife when she returned. Virat warns her to mind her tongue.

Karishma asks if he will raise his hand on her; he should follow a path before advising someone;he supported his ex-girlfriend against his wife and hence his wife had left him which was absolutely fine; earlier Sai left this home and now she is going and doesn’t want to return to his hell. She walks way while Chavans stands speechless.

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