Lost in love update Tuesday 27 June 2023

Lost in love 27 June 2023: Sai asks hospital dean if a man was questioning him about Nagpur-Gadchiroli bus accident. Dean recalls Virat requesting not to reveal Vinayak’s information to anyone and lies that a man was asking about Nagpur-Mumbai bus accident. Sai asks if she can check records of a passengers who were brought here after accident. Dean lies that he has records of only past 5 years.

Lost in love 26 June 2023

Sai says they can check record room. Dean lies they don’t have a record room at all and asks why she wants details. Sai thinks she can’t reveal it until she finds complete details and lies that she wanted to check a patient’s medical history. She leaves sadly from there thinking only Anandi is her last hope. She calls Anandi who addresses her by name and asks how is she. She asks if she knows her name. Anandi says of course, she had worked with them earlier and is a good doctor, does she want to rejoin them. Sai says she doesn’t want to rejoin and has one request.

Virat thinks he doesn’t want to hide truth from here, but had to act situationally. Sai reclls Anandi refusing to divulge any information. She breaks down thinking she was hoping to get her son’s information, but doesn’t find any way out now. Virat watches her from a distance and apologizes her for not letting her know the truth. Sai imagines her Aabha who asks if she didn’t find Vinu’s information. She breaks down more hugging him and says she was getting a signal that her Vinu is alive and tried her best to find details, but couldn’t get any records. Aabha says he didnt’ call her maaji aayi/my mother because she is dominant and caring, but for her determination.

He describes a story where he went on a mission, didn’t return home, and everyone thought he was dead, but Sai was determined to find her Aabha and threatened his team to find her Aaba; she went into jungle with police team and found him; his aayi/mother used to trust him like that as she knew her son would return; Sai is his mother’s replica and can’t give up easily. he encourages her to find out her son for her Aabha’s sake and don’t forget that she is a policeman’s daughter and another policeman’s wife. Sai says she is no more a polcieman’s wife and promise to not lose hope.

Sai reaches orphanage and seeing a guard at the gate enters it by climbing a wall. Bhavani scolds Sonali that her election campaign would be starting, but she didn’t prepare voter list yet. Omkar says Sonali is emotional turmoil as her DIL left home after having an affair and her son has become an alcoholic, how can Sonali work with all this. Bhavani blames for this problem. Virat asks how is Sai involved in it. Door bell rings. Omkar receives a gift from Rajiv for Shivani and her baby.

Sonali feels shy. Virat explains Ashwini that Shivani is pregnant. Shivani feels shy while Bhavani and her team frown. Sai tries to enter Anandi’s cabin hiding. Window glass breaks down. Dog gets alert, alerting watchman. Sai jumps into Anandi’s cabin bathroom and hides.

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