Destined by fate update Monday 26 June 2023

Destined by fate 26 June: Dhanraj confronts Saroj for not blessing Sayuri when she Sayuri left for Delhi. Saroj says she doesn’t do anything without her wish. Kusum says Saroj denied work permission to Sayuri, but Sayuri disobeyed her. Saroj says Sayuri has to work to fulfill her family needs. Dhanraj says he proudly says that his bahu is a professor, she should be proud to get a well-educated bahu. Saroj says a well-educated woman named Indrani humiliated her 18 years ago,

Destined by fate 25 2023

Sayuri is also arrogant like her mother. Dhanraj says she needs to change her view. Saroj refuses and leaves. Tej tells Dhanraj its waste to explain Saroj. Devraj prays god to make Kanha and Sayuri’s relationship so strong that nobody can separate them.Suyuri walks towards car when Kanha opens the door. Sayuri gets a call and goes aside. Nakul asks Kanha why did he come after denying to drop Sayuri. Kanha insists to drop Sayuri.

Nakul sensing his condition pulls his legs. Kanha sits in the backseat while Sayuri sits in front seat with Nakul. Nakul continues pulling Kanha’s legs and sings Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko To Pyar Sajna.. song. Sayuri and Kanha feel nervous.

Kusum visits Indrani’s house and returns her gold chain saying her mother is not so cheap to take someone’s chain, she just went home in a hurry with a chain. Bhanu shows Kusum’s gifted toy for Sayuri and says Kusum used to immensely love Sayuri during childhood and used to fulfill all her demands. Indrani says a daughter becomes a mother’s bestfriend when she grows up, she should explain Saroj to stop her hatred. Whole family tries to remind Kusum about her love for Sayuri.

Nakul drops Sayuri outside college and goes aside acting as getting a call. Sayuri and Kanha show their concern for each other and feel their love for each other. Teachers remind Sayuri its time to go. Sayuri’s dupatta get stuck in Kanha’s shirt cuff. Kanha stops her. They both stand nervously. Ab Tum Hi Ho.. song plays in the background. Sayuri leaves with her colleagues. Colleague tells Sayuri that her husband looks very handsome and says it looks like Sayuri fell in her husband’s love.

They say one doesn’t get love easily, s she should express her love for her husband on her birthday after 2 days. On the other side, Nakul shows Kanha’s confession video and suggests him to express his love for Sayuri on he birthday and start the celebration at 12 noon itself. Kanha recalls the moments he fell in Sayuri’s love and says he loves her. Sayuri also blushes thinking she loves him.

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