Aparajita zeeworld update Saturday 29 July 2023

Aparajita 29 July 2023: Aparajita recalls her moments with Akshay and cries alone. Akshay comes there and asks what’s going on? I am scared, what are you both doing? the doctor comes there too. Aparajita says do you remember this room? Akshay says this was our room. Aparajita says it was our room but then you threw me out of it. Akshay says what? he starts getting dizzy and says I can’t do this with my Appu.. Aparajita says what’s wrong with him? the doctor says don’t worry, he is remembering things. Akshay says I love you Aparajita so why would I throw you out of our room?

Disha and Asha are outside the house, Disha says I hope Maa succeed before Mohini comes back. Asha says I really hope that papa doesn’t get his memory back, when I look at Maa and papa.. I feel like they are made for each other but when he gets his memory back then he will leave us. Disha says she is doing as a human for him.

Akshay is panicking but the doctor asks Aparajita to continue with the plan. Aparajita takes a bag and starts leaving the house like Akshay left her 20 years ago. Akshay rushes to her and stops her. He says I can see everything Appu.. did we have a fight? what happened between us? why was I leaving you? Aparajita starts leaving the house but Akshay screams for her and says I can see images.. you were leaving the house with 3 girls but I was not stopping you. I have a massive headache.. he falls down so Aparajita rushes to him. Akshay says what’s going on? why was I leaving you? Aparajita says you cheated on me.. Akshay is shocked to hear that.

Mohini and Niya arrive back home. She asks Disha what are you doing outside my house? Disha says you can’t go inside because Aparajita is inside with Akshay.. she is helping him to remember everything. Mohini says what? Disha tells Niya that you also want your papa back right? Mohini thinks what if she tells Akshay that I got his daughters locked in a prostitution case after he gets his memory back then he won’t spare me. Mohini says she would tell bad things about me. She tries to go inside but Disha and Asha grab her. They say we can’t let you go inside. Mohini tells Niya to help her, they want your dad from you. Mohini pushes them away and goes inside. Niya stops Disha and Asha.. she says no one will come between my mom and dad today.

Akshay holds Aparajita’s hand and says I cheated on you? how can that happen.. you know how much I love you, why would I cheat on you? are you lying to me.. he starts panicking and throwing things around. The doctor says he won’t be able to handle more. Akshay turns around and sees his photo with Mohini. He says what is this? why is Manish’s sister with me? He asks what happened with me? why is she living here? what is going on? Mohini comes there and says I will tell you the truth. she sees Akshay there and says I will tell you everything. Aparajita says not right now. Mohini says I am sure you told him lies only. Aparajita tries to stop her but Mohini pushes her away and starts taking Akshay from there. Aparajita tries to go behind them but Mohini locks her out of the room. Mohini tells Akshay that you remember me right? I am your Mohini. Aparajita tells her to stop it. Akshay is getting dizzy.

Mohini says how do I make him remember me? She takes an alcohol bottle and pours it around him. All look on from the window. Mohini lights fire on the ground around them. Aparajita says stop it, don’t do this. Mohini tells Akshay that we took pheras like this, we got married and you loved me the most.. we were married for 15 years. Try to remember me. We had an affair and we had a baby together.. I was so stressed because you were married then I tried to burn myself but you saved me.. The doctor tells her to stop it, he can get hurt. Niya asks Mohini to stop it.

Mohini has locked herself in the room with Akshay. There is fire around. Aparajita breaks the door and enters the room. She asks them to bring water and a sheet. Niya brings a shawl. Aparajita wears it and jumps in the fire. She covers Akshay and brings him out of the fire. Mohini is getting covered by fire. Mohini shouts Akshay is mine and no one can snatch him from me. Aparajita sees her getting surrounded by fire. Niya pulls her out. Aparajita takes her from there.

The doctor checks Akshay. Dadi tells Mohini that you are so selfish, you love him but you tried to kill him? shame on you. Mohini says Aparajita just told him about herself and her daughters but that is not selfish? Aparajita asks if she is going crazy? I was trying to make him remember everything. The doctor asks them to calm down. He takes Akshay from there.

Aparajita says this all happened because of me. Asha says Mohini did all that, you didn’t do anything wrong. Dadi says that Mohini spoils everything. You saved Akshay’s life but she put him in danger.

Niya is cleaning Mohini’s wounds and says why did you do that? Mohini says Aparajita was telling him about herself only, he is my life and my husband so I will do anything do keep him with me. Niya says but what you did might have harmed Akshay.The doctor tells Aparajita that Akshay is awake. Aparajita rushes to him and smiles. Akshay says my wife.. Mohini comes there so Akshay holds her hand and smiles. All look on. Mohini hugs him and smirks. Aparajita looks on. Akshay says I was looking around for you Mohini.. I have a headache. Mohini says you remember everything? Akshay says I feel restless. The doctor says he will be weak for sometime but he has his memory back now. Akshay smiles and asks why is everyone here? did something happen to me? he asks where is Disha? Asha says she had to go with her friend but she asked about you. Akshay says really? that’s surprising. Aparajita sadly looks him and goes out of the room. Akshay notices that. Aparajita recalls her moments with Akshay when he lost his memory. Akshay sees her leaving and is confused. Chhavi goes behind Aparajita. Akshay thinks why does she look sad and why do I feel like I am leaving something behind?

Aparajita comes to her room and tries to takes off the ring. Her alter ego says will you forgive him by taking it off? was everything a lie? Aparajita says yes. She tries to take off the ring but can’t. She cries and falls down. Chhavi comes to her and says I wanted Akshay to live with us and never get his memory back.. you were with him all the time so you must be feeling weird that he has got his memory back. Aparajita says I am just happy that he is back with his family. Chhavi says I can see love in your eyes for today, isn’t it true that you still love him? Aparajita says I loved him dearly but then he broke me badly, he cheated on me and I had to learn to live without him and it was easy to hate him because he was not my Akshay. But in the last 2 weeks, I had that Akshay which I loved a lot so its making me accept all this very difficult.. I know I don’t have a place in his life. Chhavi says you have always taught us to fight for our rights so why can’t you fight for him? if you love him then why can’t you fight for him? Aparajita says because we can love without being with the person too, that’s my love. Chhavi says why? you could have told him that you took care of him for 2 weeks. Aparajita says even if he comes to me then I won’t be different than Mohini. Chhavi says she took something that was never hers but you can take what was yours from her. You have to do it. Aparajita says I won’t. Chhavi says Mohini took away papa 15 years from you and you were silent but this time she is taking papa from you and us too.. and if you remain silent this time then you will be responsible for it. Aparajita looks on.


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