Lost in love update Saturday 29 July 2023

Lost in love 29 July 2023: Vinu feels upset seeing Sai at Chavan nivas and locks hhimself in his room. Pakhi brings for him and requests him to open the door. Vinu opens door and returns back to his tent. Pakhi requests him to have food. Vinu asks why did dirty aunty Sai come here, baba failed to keep his promise and doesn’t trust anyone now. Pakhi assures that she will not break her promise. Ashwini walks in with pav bhaji. Vinu panics imagining her as Sai. Ashwini says its her and assures him that she will not let Sai take him away and asks him to have paav bhaji from her hand. Vinu denies and hides in a tent again. Pakhi tells Ashwini that Vinu didn’t have food since morning and has locked himself in a room, Virat is unperturbed and busy with Sai and Savi, Ashwini should talk to Virat now.

Bhavani prepares dinner for Savi and Sai and asks Sonali to cut onions. Sonali sheds tears due to onion pungency and says these are tears of joy seeing Bhavani preparing dinner for Savi and Sai. Bhavani scolds her to continue working. Virat walks in. Bhavani asks him to go and give tiffin to Savi and Sai. Virat is surprised. Bhavani says when she has accepted Savi as her DIL, she will pamper her like a grandmother; she loves her both grandchildren and will be happy to serve them. Virat takes tiffin with him. Bhavani walks behind holding another tiffin. Sonali is confused seeing Bhavani’s sudden change in behavior.

Savi asks Sai if she is tired working. Sai says yes. Savi says they both should press each other’s legs. Sai smiles and says she had told her to sit aside and just watch her working. Sai says how can she sit silent when her parents are working, they are real family and should help each other. Sai offers her chaat. Savi asks if she can’t have real food from Chavan nivas. Sai says they don’t consider us as their family and hence will not send food to them, she requests her to have chaat silently and promises to prepare food for her from tomorrow. Savi says she will have food only with baba. Virat enters with tiffins and says his aayi remembered his baba, and he is here. Sai feels happy seeing him. Virat says her badi aaji has sent her favorite paav bhaji. He recalls his past moments wit Sai, enjoying chats and paav bhaji with Sai hearing Sai’s poems. Sai gets sad recalling the incident. Virat tells Savi that Sai used to recite shayaris whenever he used to bring chaats for her.

Savi asks him to repeat those shayaris. Virat repeats them. Savi asks him to tell more shayari. Virat continues. Sai gets emotional and tries to leave. Virat holds her hand. Sai recites a shayari meaning they both can’t reunite. Virat seeks her forgiveness.Chavan family waits at the dining table for Virat to have dinner with him. Virat walks in. Pakhi taunts him that he wouldn’t have dinner with them as Sai would have fed him. Virat says Savi did as she wanted to have dinner with him. Pakhi shouts he is worried about his daughter but not son who is starving and upset since morning. She continues to shout to reveal his intentions and make everyone his devotees and then Sai’s and declare that Sai is a devi. Omkar says already someone became a devotee. Sonali says Bhhavani already prepared paav bhaji for Savi and Sai and looks like she is a fan of Sai. Pakhi shouts that everyone are Sai’s devotees and they are all planning this since long. Ashwini says she will support only Pakhi even if whole family goes against her.

Pakhi sends Vinu’s panicked video to Sai. Sai gets sad seeing that and calls Pakhi. Pakhi says she was waiting for her call and sent that video to her to let her know that Vinu’s condition is more worse than yesterday, he is suffocating in his room but doesn’t want to open windows out of Sai’s fear. She says she knows Sai can’t see Vinu in this condition and hence shouldn’t go from there for Vinu’s sake. Sai says whatever a heated conversation they had yesterday, though her tone was rude, but she meant each word after a much thought; she is here to remove toxicity from his son’s mind and will not go until then.

Sai tells Pakhi that she is here for her son and to remove the toxicity infused by Pakhi in her son’s mind. Pakhi asks what kind of a mother who is putting her son in pain just to satisfy her ego. Sai says she is teaching her son to face the problems instead of getting afraid of them and will not go from there until she removes fear against her from her son’s mind. Pakhi asks if she will worsen Vinu’s condition more. Sai says she will improve Vinu’s condition, which Pakhi herself will watch from her eyes. Omkar walks to garden with Sonali, sipping alcohol, and tells her that weather is changing each day. Sonali says she doesn’t know about the weather, but Bhavani has changed as she supports Sai once and then criticizes her. Omkar asks her to stop talking about it and plays Jab Andhera Hota Hai Aadhi Raat Ke Baat.. song on his mobile. Sonali doesn’t like it. Sai hears that and gets an idea to get Vinu out of the room.

Next day, Sai checks a lady constable patient at hospital and notices an injury on her hand. Constable lies that she incurred it while she was cleaning her new quarters and fell from a stool. Pakhi calls a technician to fix air purifier in Vinu’s room. Ashwini walks in and asks what is it. Pakhi says since Vinu doesn’t want to get out of room, she is fixing air purifier in his room. Ashwini says a child who used to run around is not getting out of his room. Pakhi blames Sai and Virat for Vinu’s situation and says she is doing what a mother can for her son. Technician shows how to use air purifier. Sai asks constable if she means she suffered an injury when she fell from her stool during house cleaning. Constable says yes. Sai says she has many more injures which depict domestic violence and asks if her in-laws or husband physically abuses her.

Constable gets anxious. Sai goes to get ointment for her and she leaves uninformed.Ninad teaches song to Savi and says she’s also unmelodious like him. She says because she is his real granddaughter. Ninad says just because she heard a word real, she is using it for every relationship. Ashwini feels happy seeing their bonding and makes Savi sit on her lap. Savi asks her to make chakli/snacks as her friends are coming. Ashwini agrees. Savi leaves happily. Ninad says a child’s entry has turned the own envoriment lively. Ashwnii says her granddaughter is happy while her grandson is in sorrow. Ninad says Sai will fix everything right. Ashwini says as Pakhi said, Sai is the root of the problems and shouldn’t stay in this house.

Savi arranges a party for Savi’s friends in home garden. Friends ask why she arranged party at Vinu’s house. Sai says its also Savi’s house as Savi and Vinu are siblings. Friends ask if Savi’s her daughter, why is Vinu not her son. Sai says Vinu is her son. Friends insist to call Vinu as they want to play a police-thief game. Sai says Savi has gone to call him out. Savi visits Vinu and asks about the machine. Vinu says its an air purifier for fresh air. Savi says he will get fresh air outside and requests him to come out and play with her. Vinu refuses and says he will not come out of his room until her aayi is here. Savi asks him to reconcile with her aayi and come out. Pakhi walks in and asks Savi not to force Vinu when he doesn’t want to come out.

Bhavani walks in and asks why is she not letting her son play in fresh air and using air purifier, what kind of a mother she is. Pakhi says a mother who doesn’t know what game is being played with her son under the pretext of game, she can’t let her son out. Bhavani says she is restricting her son from growing up properly with her baseless fear. Vinu’s friends call him to come out and play with them. Vinu runs to window and looks at them. Pakhi stops Savi from going near Vinu. Savi runs away sadly. Bhavani says Pakhi is wrong and walks away. Savi hugs Sai and sadly says Vinu doesn’t want to play with her. Sai says she can play with her friends though and hopes her plan works and Vinu comes out of his room.

Savi’s friends ask who will be police. Savi says she will and walks out wearing an inspector’s dress. Friends say she is looking like a real police. Savi says she is a police officer’s daughter. Chavans juniors feel happy seeing Savi in police’s attire. Friends give Savi a challenge to find them in 5 minutes and hide. Savi starts catching them one by one. Chavans discuss that Savi is very sharp. One of the friends hide in Vinu’s room while Pakhi forcefully makes Vinu study. Friend asks Vinu not to show his location to Savi. Savi walks in and easily catches him. Game continues. Ninad and Ashwini also feel happy seeing Savi’s play. Virat enters next. Sai says her daughter is sharp in such games. Virat says she is like her baba. Sai looks at him. Virat says she is also her daughter.

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