Timeless love update Friday 28 July 2023

Timeless love 28 July 2023: Abhimanyu says I shall know something to stand in front of them and tells that he has no knowledge of business and they are asking him to handle the crisis. He asks them to handle the situation and says he can’t make fun of his family by going there. Priya says she gives 100 out of 100 marks to him, for accepting his incapability. She says if I had said this, then Mummy ji would have felt bad. Vidhi tells Abhimanyu that share holders and investors are thinking Dev as fraud as he is not there. She says if you come there, then it is enough to keep their trust. She says the matter is about trust. Arjun says we will handle the rest. He says they want assurance and we want time. She asks Abhimanyu to agree. Chitra asks him to agree. Satyavati asks Abhimanyu to agree, and says your brother needs you. She says she is sure that Dev went for some trouble.

Vidhi says we get a chance in our lifetime to do something for our loved ones. She says if you do this work then Dev Sir and all of us will be proud of you. Abhimanyu says ok for Dev Bhai. Vidhi thanks him.Amba talks to Yogesh and says all companies share have fallen down, even my company shares. She says where did Dev go? Yogesh tells that Dev had sent a note for Satyavati that he want to be alone for sometime and his phone is off so he doesn’t know about this crisis. Vidhi brings Abhimanyu there. Yogesh thinks Abhimanyu is not suitable to be a compounded when they need doctor. He asks him to come. Rishabh tells that Vidhi has taken a wrong decision. Yogesh smiles. Golden asks Vidhi if she will also lose job because of her. Vidhi asks her to calm down. Abhimanyu comes to the conference room and stands on the door. arjun tells them that they have brought the answer for their queries and worries.

Yogesh says Dev and I have built this company. The share holder says you are not Dev Raichand, where is he? They say they want Dev Raichand. Vidhi says shall I say something, you want guarantee that your investment is safe with us, and to assure you, other heir of the Raichand group has come to assure you. She says Abhimanyu Raichand and looks at him, but he is not there. The investors ask if she is insulting them and says her foolishness will drown this company. Vidhi goes out. Abhimanyu is leaving and says it is not in my limits. He says I can’t say a word in front of them, I couldn’t speak before them in the past. Vidhi says you can go, but please give me 2 mins.

Golden calls Urmila and tells about Share holders. Urmila says Raichand are poor. She asks if Vidhi is losing her job. Golden says Vidhi is faking big in front of investors. Urmila ends the call. Abhimanyu tells Vidhi that he doesn’t deserve the hope which is in her eyes for him. Vidhi says I have temple at home and a baba ji had come there. She says he had told a story, there was a jungle and a sanyasi used to stay there. He had made his Shishya as his heir, who doesn’t have trust on himself. She says Sanyasi got unwell and called his shishya to treat him, but the Shishya thought that if something happens to Sanyasi happened with wrong treatment. He was afraid and called the villagers. She says the villagers had come to help Sanyasi. She says when Sanyasi sees the crowd, his Shishya said you will be fine now. She says Sanyasi took a stone and threw on the honeybee hive, all the honeybee flies in air and attacks the people. She says some of them run away and some was beaten by them. She says Sanyasi’s Shishya kept blanket on him first and then faced the honeybee’s attack and when they all went, he treated the people bringing the herbs. She says Sanyasi was watching him. She says Shishya couldn’t believe how he could help people, when Sanyasi told that the truthful and fake people are found during tough times. She says Sanyasi asked did you know how you could help people and saved me. Abhimanyu asks how? Vidhi says by awakening trust in himself. She says Shishya knew that if he had eloped, Sanyasi will die. She says Shishya didn’t know anything about herbs, but the knowledge came in his blood when he was with Sanyasi. She says Sanyasi build up the trouble with the hive, to make his Shishya see his power. She says the person can know his capabilities in their troubled times. She says this is trouble times and there is nobody to make share holders believe. She comes back and apologizes to the share holders. The share holder says you are sorry as no Raichand has come. They say that they shall sell all the shares fast. Rishabh says this company will be gone now and our future too. Yogesh says investors are getting angry due to Vidhi. Arjun hopes some miracle happens. Vidhi thinks I am sorry Sir. The shareholders tell that they shall leave. Abhimanyu comes there and says we, Raichands will not break your trust break and will not let your money drown. He says we are ready to face this situation and had faced similar situation in past. He assures them that their money is safe in their company. He says until this crisis situation is fine, we will not run and will be here. They ask him to take action and asks where is Dev? Abhi says Dev bhai had never left in this situation, until he returns I will be with you all. He tells that he has less experience in business so he requests them to give him sometime to handle this crisis.

Abhimanyu requests the board members to give some time to him reasoning he doesn’t have enough knowledge in business. Rishab asks Yogesh what’s he doing? Yogesh tells him that Vidhi brings Abhimanyu here to face this crisis who has zero knowledge in business.Board members gives times to him. Abhimanyu thank him and about to leave. But he heard them discussing about his talent and gets hurt. He shares with Vidhi that they will make fun of him. He isn’t able to do it. He is just wasting his time here. Priya shares with Yogesh that she is pretty sure he would run from there not able to face this situation.

She adds that Abhimanyu doesn’t have experience in such field. Stupid Vidhi takes him from here. In this family her degree have no value. She would have deal them with her business knowledge. Meanwhile, Vidhi shares with Abhimanyu that nothing will go wrong here. If he don’t perform well they will make fun of him. Arjun tells him that he will teach chart to him. Abhimanyu gets nervous hearing it. Vidhi asks him to do it for Dev’s sake. Abhimanyu assure to do it. Vidhi adds that he came here that’s enough. He will understand that it’s the best decision in his life.

Yogesh informs Kanika that everything happening because of Vidhi. He adds that Dev shouldn’t have hide out in this crisis. He is going to transfer his money in his personal account. She asks him to do whatever he wants. Hariprasad asks Vidhi what’s going on here? She about to inform him the situation. Abhimanyu says to Arjun that he isn’t understanding anything. Vidhi thinks how will Dev explain the things to her if she is in this place? She gets an idea and teach Abhimanyu in her own unique way.

Abhimanyu understanding her trick and thank her. He assured to face them brave. Later, Hariprasad discussing about this situation to Bimla. Urmila comes there and create a issue there. She informs Bimla that Vidhi took a wrong decision in her company. Because of her she will lost her job and Golden work too. She asks then to pray to god that everything wants to go fine.

Abhimanyu talks with his father emotional. He assures him to face this situation brave. Vidhi motivates him. He asks Vidhi to accompany him but Vidhi denied it. She says to him it’s his responsibility to handle it alone. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi prays god to help Abhimanyu to handle this situation or else send Dev back. Priya tells her that he doesn’t have any business knowledge. She have business degree in her hand. Why don’t she give a chance to him. Later, Abhimanyu starts his meeting. Dev reaches there and asks Vidhi to arrange the meeting asap. Vidhi questions him where did he went? They were trying to search him.

Dev asks her to arrange the meeting and call everyone. Vidhi informs him that everyone already there. She thinks that if Dev goes there Abhimanyu will lose his confidence. Dev asks her to leave his way. Vidhi is not allowing him to leave. Both are arguing with each other over this issue. Vidhi is trying to control him but Dev is not listening to her. He warns her to stay away.

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