Imlie starlife update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Imlie 5 December 2023: Imlie says she doesn’t want to snatch her sister’s rights, she didn’t interfere in his path then and will not now, a person holds dear one’s hand and not stranger’s and he is a stranger to her. After some time, Atharva sits on a garden bench and recalls Imlie’s words. Imlie also sits in garden and looks at her and Atharva’s photo album. She recalls their happier moments. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. She further recalls Atharva warning her to stay away from him and Kairi.

Atharva thinks Imlie is right that she never interfered in his path and hopes if she had and stopped him from leaving the house, their paths wouldn’t have been separate today. Imlie thinks their paths separated 5 years ago. Her photo flies away and she runs behind it.

They both bump on each other and stands lost in each other’s eyes. Atharva gets conscious and asks why did she bump on him when she doesn’t want to cross his path. Imlie says she came behind her photos and doesn’t want to cross his path as they parted ways 5 years ago. Chini watches them. Keya follows her and says Atharva and Imlie are inseparable, she should change her gears and make a move before Imlie gets back Atharva. Imlie walks away from there. Imlie returns to her room fuming on Atharva and finds Kairi sleeping on her bed. Kairi greets her. Imlie asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Atharva walks in and tells Imlie that she just finds a way to be near her and hence brought Kairi here. Imlie says Kairi herself came here. Kairi asks her to recite her a story. Imlie describes arrogant Arto’s story renaming him as Sarto. Atharva also describes idiot Imlie’s story renaming her as Timli. Their argument starts.

Chini walks in and says Kairi is asleep, they should have found a better story than their sad story. She takes Kairi to Atharva’s room and tells Atharva that she shifted her stuff to his room as Devika thinks they are together, she will go and sleep in guest room and will return before someone wakes up in the morning. Atharva asks her to sleep in his room itself as someone may see her. She says she will sleep on couch. Atharva asks her to sleep on bed and himself sleeps on couch. Kairi wakes up and asks Chini how did she come here from princess mamma’s room. Chini says she brought her here when she fell asleep. Kairi says she will go back to princess mamma’s room. Atharva asks her to sleep there itself. Chini asks Kairi to protect her from a monster and falls asleep describing a story. Kairi notices even Atharva asleep and goes to Imlie’s room.

Next morning, Devika offers pooja aarti to family. Atharva rushes to them worried and asks Devika if she saw Kairi. Devika says she must be somewhere around. Imlie says Kairi is.. Atharva says he doesn’t want to listen to her. Imlie says Kairi is in her room. Atharva accuses her of kidnapping Kairi. Devika yells that Imlie acted as leaving their room, but barges into Atharva and Imlie’s room. Shivani asks Devika to listen to Imlie once. Devika continues yelling at Imlie. Rudra asks if her anger didn’t lessen even after her son’s return. Kairi walks to them and says she went to princess mamma’s room last night and slept hugging her. Imlie says Devika is habituated to accuse her and says they shall celebrate Rudra and Devika’s wedding anniversary. Rudra says a few people are habituated to accusations here. Shivani and others wish Rudra and Devika a happy wedding anniversary. Kairi also wishes them and asks if there would be party tonight. Chini says yes and takes Imlie in.

Imlie requests Devika to agree for the party. Devika says she will if Imlie doesn’t organize party. Atharva says he will organize the party. Ginni says she will choose Devika’s sari. Dhairya says he will choose Rudra’s dress. Rudra and Devika divide into a team. During preparations, a heart-shaped prop slips from Imlie’s hand. Dhairya holds it. Atharva gets jealous seeing that. Divya says its good they saved it, we can fix Rudra and Devika’s photos on it and create a collage. Atharva says no need for that as inauspicious hands touched it. Afer some time, Chini calls Anu and describes how Kairi is getting closer to Imlie. Anu asks her to forget Kairi as Kairi is naturally connecting to her biological mother, Chini should use an opportunity Devika gave her and should lure Arto and let Kairi go with Imlie. Chini says she can’t let Kairi go away from her. Anu asks her to follow her advice then and explains her plan. Chini thinks she will follow Anu’a advice to keep Kairi away from Imlie.

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