My desire update Wednesday 6 December 2023

My Desire 6 December 2023: Samrat and Nayantara continue their face-off. Siddharth thinks Nayan worked hard and learnt singing and playing guitar in a short span. He recalls Nayan getting hurt while learning guitar and him nursing her wound and asking why she is learning guitar when she is already singing well.

Nayan says Samrat plays guitar well, she should learn guitar if she wants to defeat him. He thinks he chose a right person to defeat Samrat. He then does her makeover into a rockstar Antara. Iyer family enters concert venue. Malati gets emotional seeing Nayan and says she is her daughter who wanted to learn singing since childhood, but she couldn’t afford it. Nayan wins face off. Malati says let us go and meet Nayan.

Sam asks Nayan why she changed her name to Antara and when did she learn singing and playing guitar. Nayan says she is Antara and not Nayan. Samrat asks her not to lie and says he searched her everywhere and couldn’t find her. Nayan warns hi m not to trouble her or else she will file a police complaint. She walks out of stage. Fans surround her for a selfie.

Malati walks towards Nayan and falls down. Samrat thinks Nayan will surely show her concern towards Malati and rush to help her. Nayan scolds staff for unable to manage cword and letting an old lady fall. She asks Malati why did she attend youngster’s concert, she would obviously get hurt. She leaves from there, leaving Malati upset. Nayan waslks to her vanity van and feels guilty for not helping her mother. She blames Sam for everything and determines to take revenge from him for pushing her from a cliff and trying to kill her.

Malati refuses to believe that Nayan didn’t lift her up when she fell. Ishani says she is she is Antara and not their Nayan. Malati refuses to go home until Nayan come and accept that she is Nayan. Sam walks to her and he will make Nayan accept her identity. Malati warns him not to call her amma and blames him for Nayan’s condition. Samrat requests her to give him a chance to repent for his mistake by getting Nayan back to their lives and seeks her help. Ishani says they are with her. Govind asks Malati to forgive Samrat and give him a chance. Malati agrees. Mansi walks to Siddharth and identifies him as Raghav’s brother.

Siddharth agrees. Mansi asks about Raghav. Siddharth lies that Raghav is staying abroad. Mansi asks what is his plan as he hired Raghav for a concert and turned Nayan into rockstar Antara. Siddharth denies to have any plan. Mansi says Sam will not work for him as he values people and not money, he will not work with a person who has turned his wife’s identity. Sam enters and says he will work for Raghav as Antara is a good singer.

Sam walks into Nayan’s vanity van. Nayan scolds her bodyguards for letting Sam in and removes them from job. Sam asks her not to do that as he forcefully walked in. Nayan asks him to go away. Sam asks why she changed her identity and reminds that he knows her well as they lived as husband and wife. He further says that whatever he did is to save her, etc.

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