Imlie starlife update Tuesday 8 August 2023

Imlie 8 august 2023: Rupali asks Imlie and Arpita if their giggling is over, they can come and help her select jewelry . Chini thinks they don’t know that family scene will turn into action scene soon. Goons with guns barge into the jewelry shop. Chini thinks why they are not snatching Imlie’s purse and running away. Dacoit orders his men to disconnect internet connection and lock the premises. Atharva gets concerned for Imlie and thinks if he should inform her about Chini’s call. He notices family tensed and walks to them where he watches news about a jewelry shop being hostaged by a few goons. Shivani informs it is a same shop where Devika and Imlie have gone. Atharva leaves to save them. Shivani asks Rudra to stop Atharva. Rudra says let Atharva go, he will call commissioner.

At the jewelry shop, Imlie and Sundar plead goons to let hostages go. Sundar tries to attack a goon. Goon slaps him and make him sit. Chini asks goon why he is not acting as per plan even after taking money. Goon shows his face. Chini recalls hiring some other goons. Goons threatens her to sit down silently. Atharva reaches outside jewelry shop and tries to enter, but police stops him. A girl starts crying. Her mother requests good to let her get some food for her daughter from the store room. Goon denies. Imlie asks if he would do same if his daughter is hungry. Goon permits Imlie. Imle prepares snack for the girl and goon. Goon refuses to have it. Chini warns gooon to let her go as her fiance is a rich man and will punish him. Goon tries to shoot her. Imlie stops goon and says Chini is selfish and thinks about only herself. She asks asks to sit down. Goon eats Imlie’s prepared sandwich.

Rudra speaks to inspector and asks him to do something. Keya and Akash smirk and joke that savior Atharva will save everyone while police fails. Shivani curses that Devika got trapped because of inauspicious Imlie. Rudra warns her to leave from there if she wants to curse Imlie standing in a temple. Abhishek reaches jewelry shop and tells Atharva that Chini is stuck inside. Atharva says even Imlie, Devika and others are also stuck. He asks Abhishek to keep police busy while he goes inside via window. Abhishek wishes him all the best. Chini notices Abhishek entering showroom via window and feels happy thinking Atharva came for her. Atharva walks to Imlie. Goon catches him and tries to shoot him. Imlie asks goon to shoot her instead. Each family member asks to shoot him/her instead. Goon collapses. Imlie says goon will not wake up for 2 hours as she added sleeping pills in a sandwich. She says let us go from here before other goons return.

Goons call their team member and get suspicious when his phone number is not reachable. Staff shows a hidden door behind the locker. Imlie tries to get hostages out when goons return and hostage them again and ask who made their team member unconscious. Chini asks goons to kill Imlie instead as she did that and reqeustgs to let her go as she just came here for shopping. Imlie accepts she did it and asks goons to punish her and let others go.

Goon asks hostages who got his team member Raja bhai unsoncious. Imlie says she did. Atharva says she is lying, he did instead. Imlie asks him not to lie and break her trust again, even Chini said truth today, so he should tell truth. Atharva gets Abhishek’s call. Goon snatches phone and picks it. Abhishek asks what is the situation inside. Goon hears that and tries to shoot him shouting him as a liar. Imlie and others shouts no.. Devika collapses. Rudra gets anxious worried for his family. Akash tries to leave. Rudra gets angry on him. Manish asks him to calm down as Akash can’t do anything. Akash walks aside, calls a goon, and asks if jewelry store goons belong to him Goon says one of them is his gang member. Akash asks him to free his brother and mother from there and promises him to pay double money than last time. Keya asks if he will waste all their savings on his family. Akash says he will save Devika and Atharva and become a hero in Rudra’s eyes.

He informs Rudra that he spoke to a goon who organizes such crimes and requested him to free Devika and Atharva. Rudra gets angry on him for using wrong means. Keya says Akash does so much for family, but Rudra doesn’t value his efforts. Rudra says supporting family is his duty and not favor. Goon gets a call and asks who is Arto and his mother. Arto and Devika raise hand. Goon says he got orders from his boss to free them. Atharva asks Devika to go and let him stay back for Imlie. Imlie asks him to go. Atharva takes Devika towards door. Chini insists Atharva to take her along as she is getting married. Goon warns her to sit back. Atharva sends Devika out and returns back for Imlie.

Rudra, Keya, and Akash receive Devika. Inspector asks why did goon free only her. Akash gets anxious and asks inspector to give her some space seeing her condition. He asks Devika why did Atharva stayed back when he paid a huge amount for them both. Rudra scolds him. Keya says now Atharva and inauspicious Imlie will not come out alive. Devika slaps her and says Imlie is a boon for them which insensible people can’t understand. Goons decide to get the jewelry locker looted by Imlie and take Imlie away. Atharva stands helplessly and requests gooon to spare Imlie. Goon warns him to sit silently. Chini asks Atharva till when he will act as angry on her, he knows he came here for her. Atharva says he came here for Imlie and its disgusting that Chini risked Imlie’s life to save herself. Chini thinks she will trap Imlie bhakt/devotee once she gets out of here. Rupali asks Imlie to come and sit with her.

Goons Ramu and Sonu take Imlie to locker room and get happy seeing gold jewelry and diamonds. Imlie closes locker room and thinks how to handle other goons. Another goon walks in and points gun at her. Other goon Radhe gets a signal that Ramu and Sonu looted jewelry and gets suspicious when then don’t return after some time. Radhe and Sonu return with Imlie and inform Radhe that Imlie tried to lock them in a locker room. Rahe tries to shoot Imlie. Atharva breats goons. One of them points gun at Atharva.


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