Aparajita zeeworld update Monday 7 August 2023

Aparajita 7 august 2023: Aparajita comes to the bride and says you should have seen how Akshay taught a lesson to Veer.. your papa was always protective like this. Asha and Disha are like him. She says I am sorry for doing this.. you are silent but I told you not to speak in front of others so Veer won’t find out who is behind the veil. The bride coughs. Veer comes outside the room and hears them. Aparajita says I will bring water. Veer hides and thinks I will meet my Chhavi when she leaves. Aparajita locks the door and goes from there. Veer tries to open the door but can’t. His friend calls him and says Ritika ran away from the den. Veer is shocked and says what? how could this happen.. He thinks what if Ritika came here? He ends the call. He says what if Aparajita is doing something with Ritika? I have to do something and meet up with Chhavi.

Aparajita is going to get water and recalls how Veer manipulated everyone into thinking he is the right guy for Chhavi. Someone attacks her and locks her in the store-room. Its Veer, he calls his man and asks him to tell my Chhavi to meet me. He leaves from there while Aparajita is banging on the door. Veer meets up with his man and asks him to let the band play so no one can hear Aparajita. He thinks she can’t stop this marriage. The band starts playing so nobody can hear Aparajita screaming. Akshay is in the store-room too. She says what are you doing here? He says I came to pick up some items, what are you doing here? Aparajita says Veer locked me here. Akshay says if we are both locked here then our plan will fail. Aparajita says I locked the bride there so he can’t go there. Akshay says I came here to find a rope to prank Veer as Disha challenged me. Aparajita says are you a kid? where is your phone? he says I left it outside. She says I left my phone outside too. They both argue and Aparajita says we can’t be locked here.

Disha tells Asha that Ritika ran away from the house so.. she tells her everything how Aparajita didn’t let Chhavi go. Asha asks who is here as a bride? Disha whispers to her. Mohini comes there and says where is Niya? I can’t find her. Disha says I don’t know where she is, she goes from there. Mohini calls Niya but she is not picking up.

The bride sees the phone ringing and Veer is outside banging on the door. He says this Aparajita think she can keep Chhavi away from me by locking her there? I can break 1000 locks for Chhavi. I will take my revenge by telling Chhavi that Ritika wants to take revenge me and this innocent Chhavi will believe me again. He tries to break the door but Disha comes there and says what are you doing here? Veer says I just wanted to meet Chhavi. Disha says you should respect the rituals, you can’t meet her before the marriage. She deliberately throws juice on his clothes so he angrily leaves.

Aparajita is trying to find a way to leave the store-room. Akshay says there is no way other than the door. Aparajita says we might find a way so let’s look around. She takes a stool and says we have to break the window. Akshay asks her to calm down, you don’t need to be hyper. We will find a solution if we are calm right? don’t be hyper. he takes her hands and rubs them to calm her down while she stares at him. Akshay says I would be scared if I was alone here but I am not scared because you are here with me.. we will find a solution because we are together. I know if Aparajita is with me then you will manage all our troubles and find a way. I trust you. Aparajita sadly looks at him and says you trust me? they share an eyelock. Akshay says I should trust you as there was no problem that you didn’t solve in all these years.. you never felt defeated so who should I trust if not you? we will find a way so calm down. Aparajita nods. Akshay moves away and looks around. He finds a vent there and says we have a way.

Veer grabs the priest and asks him to tell his father that the wedding will happen now. He is scared so he nods and leaves. Veer thinks I will take pheras with Chhavi till Aparajita comes out of the store-room.Akshay tells Aparajita that enough of this cat-mouse game with Veer, its time to expose him.

Veer comes to the mandap and thinks Aparajita and Akshay are locked there so no one can stop me from marrying now. Akshay and Aparajita come there. Veer says its time for my marriage so call my bride. Aparajita says you are right, its time for the end. I will call the bride, she goes from there. Aparajita goes the bride’s room. She tells her that he will be exposed today. Aparajita, Disha and Asha bring the bride to the mandap with a veil on. Veer smirks. Aparajita says she should take God’s blessing first, she takes her from there and thinks I couldn’t tell Akshay that its not Ritika as the bride. Disha goes to Mohini and says today my parents will do the rituals like a couple in front of your eyes, she leaves while Mohini fumes in anger. She goes to Aparajita and says don’t you think of sitting doing kanyadaan with Akshay, only I have that right with him. Aparajita says why did you think that I will do it with Akshay? you are the bride’s mother so you will do it. Mohini is confused. Aparajita says what’s the issues? if Veer is good for my daughter then he should be good for your daughter too? Mohini panics and goes to the mandap. She thinks I can’t create a scene. She looks at the bracelet and recognizes it as Niya’s. Mohini sits beside the bride and whispers that I am here, we can leave silently. This Veer is not a good guy, he doesn’t love Chhavi.. he just wants to marry her because he wants to take revenge from Aparajita, he just wants to destroy Chhavi’s life.. Come with me Niya. She is about to take off her veil but Akshay stops her and says lets do as the priest says. Mohini takes him aside and says there is Niya as the bride there. Aparajita comes there and says the wedding is starting so lets go. Akshay tells Mohini to not doubt anything. Mohini thinks she has to tell everything to Veer, she goes from there.

Akshay tells Aparajita that Mohini was saying the bride is Niya? the priest calls him so Aparajita tells him that I am doing all this to bring out Veer’s truth, he nods and goes to the priest. Mohini messages Veer that Aparajita played a game, the bride is Niya and not Chhavi. Veer is shocked but doesn’t react. He says Niya? the bride turns to him. Aparajita goes to him and says you look pale? I will fulfill my promise so don’t worry. Aparajita takes his phone and asks him to focus on his wedding. Veer is angry but can’t do anything. The priest starts mantras. Aparajita tells him that you never liked me as your mother in law so I thought I would choose someone else as your mother in law? Veer whispers to Niya that you don’t know what kind of a man I am.. Aparajita is my enemy so don’t take her side, I won’t spare you. I am destroying her daughter’s life to take revenge from Aparajita so get up and leave.. Tell them that Aparajita used you and made you sit here otherwise I will go ahead with the marriage. Aparajita says what are you whispering to her? Sunil asks Veer to focus on the wedding. Veer whispers to Niya that its your last chance to get up and leave. The priest asks the mother to do gath-bandhan. Aparajita starts doing it and says I think Mohini should do it, like Niya is my daughter, Chhavi is her daughter too? She pulls Mohini and asks her to do their gath bandhan. Mohini says I don’t want to and this wedding won’t happen. Veer shouts enough, I will do this marriage and end all this. Nobody can stop me. He grabs the bride and says you want sacrifice your life for Chhavi right? then I will marry you and destroy your life. This Aparajita should know that she did a mistake by sending Niya here, I won’t spare you now. Mohini shouts how dare you Veer? don’t touch my Niya.. you won’t marry my Niya, don’t you dare come close to her. Akshay says what are you saying? Mohini says Aparajita made Niya sit in the mandap instead of Chhavi. She wants to give our Niya to this monster, this guy is a monster. Niya comes there and says I am here mom. Mohini is shocked and rushes to her. Veer is confused and says this must be Ritika in the veil then.

He takes a fire stick and threatens her, he says this must be Aparajita’s plan to bring Ritika here and replace Chhavi. Did you forget what I did with you? I should have killed you that day only. Akshay tries to stop him but he shouts at him to stay back. The bride takes off the veil and its Chhavi only. She throws away the fire stick and picks up a knife. She shouts that I heard everything. Veer says this is all a lie. Chhavi shouts at him to stay away from her, I am not a fool anymore. I didn’t listen to my parents for you. I have heard everything, you did so bad with Ritika, I wish her mother was strong like my mother. She cries so Aparajita pulls her and hugs her. Chhavi says I am sorry for not listening to you.Aparajita says I told you that I am always with you. Mohini thinks I have to protect myself now.

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