My desire update Tuesday 8 August 2023

My desire 8 august 2023: Police arrests GPS and brings him to police station. Pihu and Digvijay notice that and ask inspector why GPS is arrested. Inspector informs that GPS is the prime suspect in Armaan’s murder case now and frees Digvijay. Pihu asks how did this happen. Inspector says Digvijay proved that he was at Sohanpur’s ATM at 2:50 a.m. when Armaan’s murder happened, so with new evidences, he is sure that murderer is either GPS or Preesha or they both together murdered Armaan. Pihu and Vidyuth says he is mistaken. Inspector warns them not to interfere in his investigation and asks constables to take GPS and Preesha away. Preesha requests him to let her speak to her husband for 2 minutes. Inspector permits. Preesha asks Rudra to check Armaan’s call records as the murderer must be knowing Armaan from before and must have visited him after calling him beforehand; just like police thinks she and GPS have a motto to kill Armaan, even murderer must be having a motto. Rudra promises to to find the murderer and free her and GPS soon.

Rudra walks to inspector and asks if he check Armaan’s murder day’s call logs. Inspector gets angry and warns Rudra not to teach him. Rudra requests to show him call logs. Inspector refuses. Rudra calls a technician who helps him get call logs. He notices 3 unknown numbers and calls them. First and second numbers turn out to be Armaan’s office number and telecaller’s number. A third number turns out to be a cab driver’s who after much investigation informs that Armaan had booked a taxi but didn’t board it. Rudra thinks Armaan wanted to meet a murderer using a taxi and asks what was Armaan’s drop location. Driver says Hotel Blue Diamond.

Rudra reaches hotel Blue Diamond and waits in lounge praying god for help. He is shocked to notice Revati there and thinks what is she doing here. He follows her and reaches her hotel room. Revati is shocked to see Rudra and tries to close the door. Rudra forcefully enters and says she can’t escape now, she murdered Armaan. Revati acts shocked and says she didn’t kill Armaan. Rudra asks why did she come here. Revati says she has some work here and is not connected to Armaan’s murder. Rudra says there is connection as Preesha revealed how she stole their son with Armaan’s help. Revati says she didn’t steal his son and shouts to get out. Rudra asks why did Armaan book a cab to come here. Revati refuses his allegations and says she doesn’t know anything. she warns him to leave from there or else she will call hotel’s security.

Rudra forcefully checks Revati’s mobile and shows her calling Armaan repeatedly. He says now police will do their job. Inspector with his team and Preesha reaches Revati’s room. Rudra tells Preesha that she is right that someone who knows Armaan well murdered him, Revati is Armaan’s murderer and its proved with her call logs. Preesha slaps Revati and threatens her to reveal where son is before she does anything wrong. Revati stops her and asks if they are mad to accuse her, she doesn’t have their son. Preesha slaps her again. Revati says she doesn’t have anyone’s child, it was Armaan’s plan who made her lie in exchange of 100 crores. Rudra asks why did she lie then. Revati finally agrees that she killed Armaan.

Rudra asks inspector to arrest Revati as she killed Armaan. Revati accepts that she killed Armaan as he conspired to give her 100 crores of lying to Rudra and Preesha that their child is with her while he knew that she doesn’t have their baby, he wanted to hire someone’s child and prove it as Rudrand Preesha’s and separate them by creating a misunderstanding between them. She says Armaana was very angry and would killed her, so she found a knife and stabbed him before he would have killed her, she acted in self-defense. Rudra asks why didn’t she go to police then. Revati says she was afraid. Rudra says whatever the reason is, its proved she murdered Armaan. He asks inspector to release Preesha and GPS and arrest Revati. Revati says she didn’t kill Armaan purposefully. Inspector says she can put her side in police station and arrests her.

Revati in police van smirks and thinks Rudra doesn’t know why she murdered Armaan. She recalls Armaan calling her and informing that he couldn’t Rudra and Preesha even after many conspiracies, so he wants to use their child and separate them. Revati asks why shall she return a child which she kidnapped from Rudra and Preesha. Armaan says he can get Preesha only via this child and premises to give her 100 crores in exchange of baby. Revati agrees and asks him to visit her hotel room. thinks Armaan is so greedy that he will not give her money and would kill her instead, so she will kill him before he kills her. She visits Armaan wearing jeans and a hoodie. Armaan asks what is she doing here in this get up. She says she came to take him along. He turns. She stabs him with a knife. Armaan falls down and asks why did she betray him. Revati asks why he thought she would give Rudra and Preesha’s baby, she needs baby and not money, she wants them to suffer like she suffered without her son.

Armaan struggles to remove knife from his stomach. Revati asks him to die peacefully and let her escape with Rudra and Preesha’s baby. Armaan pleads to save him. She asks why she would have stabbed him if she wanted to ave him. She deletes her call log from his mobile and leaves from there. Out of flashback, Revati thinks she made a plan when she saw Rudra in a hotel lobby. She recalls how she manipulated Rudra and made him believe that she killed Armaan in self-defense; she knew Rudra would get her arrested, but she doesn’t know that she has a trump card which will get him out of jail and destroy Rudra’s life. She further recalls meet his loyal constable and transferring him 50 lakhs for his son’s treatment. She asks constable to help him in return. Constable agrees. She explains her plan to him. Out of flashback, she smiles at connstable who smiles back. She thinks Rudr and Preesha thought the story ended with her arrest, but real story starts now; they won’t be knowing a trap she laid which they can’t come out of.

Polcie brings Revsati to police station. GPS asks what is she doing here. Rudra says Revati is a real murderer. GPS thanks Rudra for fulfilling his promise and says let us see if police will do justice or not. Inspector says they will make sure Revati gets punishment via fast-track court. Revati thinks Rudra and Preesha will be shocked to see her next move. Rudr and Preesha return home and inform Sharda that Revati is the murderer. Sharda feels shocked and says she’s happy that her children are safe and says they should start afresh now. Digvijay apologizes for his mistake and returns all the wealth and properties Armaan had snatched from them. Rudra thanks him. Preesha asks Rudra how will they get back their son from Revati. Rudra assures her that she will get their son’s whereabouts from Revati. Preesha recalls Revati’s grin and thinks something is wrong.


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