Imlie starlife update Monday 7 August 2023

Imlie 7 august 2023: Atharva notices Keya purposefully dropping tea on Imlie, runs, and bears the a hot tea on his hand. Imlie applies water on his hand and asks if his burning lessened. He says okay. Chini holds Atharva’s hand and says Imlie is fine, he is hurt instead. Atharva draws his hand away. Everyone stand looking at each other’s face. Abhishek thanks Rudra and Devika for serving him lovely food. Devika says its their pleasure. Chini walks towards Athrva who is busy chatting with Sundar and Rajeev. Atharva ignores her, leaving Chini fuming. Arpita tells Imlie that Atharva saved her from a hot tea and is worried for her. Imlie says Atharva loves Chini. Arpita says a concern will turn into love soon, just like her parents who were at loggerheads and then developed an unbreakable bonding, she should think about it. Chini fumes in front of Anu that Atharva ignored her.

Next morning, Devika serves tea to Rudra and says he must be happy seeing Atharva’s concern for Imlie. Rudra says he will send them for a dinner date today and explains his plan to her. Keya hears their conversation and informs Akash about it. Akash fumes. Keya says it time to break down Imlie’s government and kick her out of Rana house. She calls Chini and asks her to help her get Imlie out of Rana house, informs that Arto and Imlie are going on a dinner date. Chini tells Anu that she found a way to get Atharva back in her life, she calls Chini and plans a dinner date with him at the same restaurant.

Atharva takes Imlie to a restaurant. Imlie asks where are other family members. Atharva says he thought Rudra booked table for everyone, lets have dinner together at least. Imlie hesitantly agrees. Abhishek with Cheeni walks in there and seeing them walks to them. He says why don’t they all 4 have dinner together. Chini says they will meet Imlie and Atharva some time later and sits in a nearby table where she shows her PDA to Abhishek. Atharva silently watches. Chini thinks Arto is not reacting and wipes Abhishek’s face with Atharva’s gifted scarf. Atharva recalls the event. Chini throws scarf away saying she doesn’t need this old scarf. Atharva asks Imlie why is she not having food and feeds her with his hand praising her to make Chini jealous. Imlie gets angry sensing his intention and leaves. Chini grins.

Atharva requests Imlie to stay back. Imlie asks if she wants to stay back to help make Chini feel jealous, he is so selfish and worried about himself, her tears are not so cheap that she should waste on him again; she stayed with him to get him out of his sorrows, but he doesn’t want to get out of it. Atharva apologizes and says he doesn’t know what happens to him whenever Chini comes in front of him. Imlie shouts to find out then and returns to restaurant to pick her purse. Chini on mic tries to emotionally trap Atharva by saying I love you, will you spend our life with me. She shows a ring and asks Abhishek will he marry her. Everyone clap for them. Atharva stands heartbroken. Abhishek accepts Chini’s proposal and hugs her. Chini grins at Atharva. Atharva thins as Imlie said, he should do whatever his heart says. He kneels down and seeks Imlie’s hand, proposing her. Chini thinks her plan backfired, Arto is proposing Imlie instead.

Atharva tells Imlie that god gave him a loving family, but he learnt to follow relationships via Imlie. He praises Imlie and asks if she will be his true friend forever as he can live without anyone but can’t without her friendship. Imlie recalls Atharva’s betrayal and says becoming a friend is not easy, one has to support his/her friend in both sorrows and happiness; she followed all her responsibilities towards him, but he disappointed her and hence she rejects his friendship. Atharva gets disheartened. Abhishek feels sad for them. Chini thinks she delayed trying to trap Atharva as Atharva is Imlie’s fan now.

Atharva and Imlie return home. Rudra asks Atharva what happened. Atharva says nothing. Rudra says blood relationships don’t break if their views don’t match, a father can feel a son’s pain. Atharva reveals what happened in the restaurant and says he knows he did wrong to Imlie. Rudra says Imlie did right, its everyone’s mistake that they all betrayed Imlie. Atharva asks what shall he do then. Rudra suggests him to continue to correct his mistake and befriend Imlie by gaining her trust; its not easy to gain Imlie’s trust, but he has to at any cost.

Rudra advises Atharva that trust is a base of friendship and he has to gain Imlie’s trust first. Atharva says he is right. Rudra hugs him and leaves. Next morning, Imlie waters plants in garden. Atharva takes a scorpion for her and says he found it here and caught it, now she can roam freely here. Imlie walks aside. Atharva acts as dropping it down and trying to catch it. Imlie panics at first but then realizes its fake. Atharva says he is trying to cheer her up and a friend can joke with another friend. Imlie says she is not his friend and walks from there. A real scorpion falls on Imlie. Atharva alerts her, but she thinks he is lying again and continues to walk. Atharva runs and pulls scorpion away from Imlie and gets bitten. Imlie gets concerned and calls family. Family, who were just waiting for her to call them, rushes in. Imlie informs Atharva is bitten by a scorpion. Shivani yells at Imlie. Rudra shuts her mouth and they all take Atharva in and call a hospital.

Atharva’s condition starts deterioratinng. Doctor delays coming. Imlie applies herbal paste on Atharva’s wound and ties a cloth band before it. Shivani throws herbal paste away and yells at Imlie that whenever she is with Atharva, Atharva gets into trouble. Rudra warns her to stop her drama. Chini brings a doctor and says she was in the hospital when Ranas called for a doctor. Keya recalls calling Chini and informing him to bring a doctor home soon for Atharva. Man says he is not a doctor but a lab sample collector, Chini didn’t let him speak and dragged him here. Rudra scolds Chini. Man asks who applied herbal paste did right. Devika says its Imlie. Real doctor arrives and treats Atharva. He asks whoever tied a cloth band did right to stop blood circulation and spreading of poison further into the body. Devika says its Imlie. Rudra thanks Imlie for saving Atharva’s life.

Imlie recalls Arpita’s words that Atharva’s concern for him will soon turn into love. She scolds Atharva for risking his life. Atharva says he just followed his friendship. Imlie asks why> Atharva says Imlie always followed one-sided friendship, now its his turn to follow friendship and he will continue to try until she accepts his friendship. She accepts his friendship. He thanks her and smiles. Chini feels jealous seeing that. Rudra walks to her. Chini says she came to check on Atharva. Rudra says Atharva’s family and wife are there to take care of Atharva, she should concentrate on her fiance and should leave from there. Chini leaves fuming. Rudra then excitedly informs Devika that Imlie befriended Atharva, their life is going on a right track. Shivani says she advised them long ago, but they were in a hurry to get Atharva married. Devika says even Shivani was in a hurry to get Atharva married to Chini, everyone in this house were in a hurry, anyways its good that things are getting back on track. She hopes Atharva and Imlie develop a never-ending bond.

Chini returns home and tells Anu that she wanted to trap Atharva again, but Atharva is befriending Imlie instead. Anu says a love is always more important than friendship, she has to break up with Abhishek first if she wants get back Atharva. Chini says she already proposed Abhishek for marriage and Rupali will not spare her if she does that. Rupali walks in and says she is lucky that grandmother and granddaughter are talking about her. Anu says they were discussing about dresses for the wedding. Rupali walks away and expresses her displeasure in front of Arpita. She says she failed in giving a proper upbringing to Chini. Imlie walks to Atharva’s room and demands a promise from him that he will follow his friendship forever. Atharva asks her to video record his statement and announces that he will never break up their friendship.

Anu teaches Chini how to trap Atharva back and insists him to message Atharva. Chini messages Atharva that he misses her. Atharva takes his phone from Imlie to forward recorded video to her. Imlie gets Rupali’s call and walks aside. Atharva fumes thinking what Chini wants, he promised Imklie to never lie and be a better person. Chini fumes seeing Atharva reading his message and not replying back. Anu says they shall plan and separate Imlie from Atharva for some time and let Chini spend time with Atharva behind Imlie. Rupali asks Imlie to send Devika’s jeweler’s phone number to buy jewelry for Chini’s wedding. Imlie sends address. Rathores reach jeweler shop and find Devika and Imlie already present there. Arpita asks why did they come. Devika says Chini is like her daughter and she will get a better discount from jeweler.

Chini recalls hiring goons to kidnap Imlie once she gets out of jewelry shop. Arpita asks Imlie if Atharva is fine now. She says yes and they are friends now. Chini tries jewelry and thinks soon this family scene will turn into action scene.

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