Imlie Starlife update Tuesday 28 May 2024

Imlie 28 may 2024: Agastya asks Imlie why don’t she accept her mistake when Bulbul repeatedly told that she doesn’t now Karan. Imlie says she is either a liar or she doesn’t know her sister well.

Agastya says already there is a lot of drama at home and she doesn’t want her to create more drama. He locks the room door and says he will not open the door until she accepts her mistake and not raise this issue in front of the family again. Imlie promises. Agastya opens door. Imlie further says that she will not talk about this issue with his family but will discuss it with her family and question Bulbul for lying. Agastya fails to stop her.

Rajni asks Pallo to take Bulbul from here after she wakes up and asks Imlie not to create any drama or else Avinash’s family will misunderstand and break Shivani and Avinash’s alliance. Imlie says she didn’t want to discuss about it even with Rajni, she just questioned Karan for his affair with Bulbul, but he flatly lied. Annapurna joins Rajni and asks Bulbul to stop creating drama at the house. Shivani says Imlie should trust her sister at least. Imlie says she herself saw Imlie with Karan last night. Karan says she is lying and is trying to settle her sister in this house like she settled herself in this house with her lies.

Agastya supports Imlie and says she will never do anything wrong for money. Alka tells Agastya that Bulbul was singing in a bar for money and looted him till now, he should get out of his illusion, etc.

Doctor walks out after testing Bulbul and informs them that Bulbul is pregnant. They all stand shocked. Pallo rushes to Bulbul’s room and encourages her to lie that the baby belongs to Karan even it belongs to someone else. Imlie enters and stands shocked hearing that.

Pallo says Imlie is trying to settle Bulbul in this rich house, so she should support Imlie. Chaudhry family walks in clapping and tongue lashes Imlie for he conspiracy. Alka tells Agastya that a bar dancer ruined her life, he should save his life at least. Imlie stands speechless. Bulbul before leaving tells Imlie that she lied as Karan requested to give him some time to inform family about her. Imlie says Karan is fooling her. Bulbul says they need to become fool in love and she trusts Karan.

Agastya feels upset recalling Imlie’s lies. Bana Ke Kyun Bigada Re… song plays in the background. Imlie notices Karan in a corridor and ignores. Karan apologizes her for lying and says Bulbul must have told her why he took this step. Imlie says he is again lying and is planning to marry a photo girl. Karan says he just showed that photo to divert family’s attention, he is afraid that family will reject Bulbul after Dhanraj’s incident. He reveals that Dhanraj had married a poor girl and family didn’t accept their marriage, he died in a car accident out of misery, Agastya had shattered after Dhanraj’s death, whole family is upset after this issue and will not permit his and Bulbul’s marriage, so he needs some time to tell them truth. Imlie agrees to keep quiet for Bulbul’s sake.

Agastya notices Imlie’s crossed pic and recalls Vishwa telling that someone wants to kill Imlie. He rushes out worried for her and bumps on her. He confronts her for lying and trying to settle his sister in Chaudhry family while she herself will be leaving the house after Shivani’s wedding. Their argument enses. Imlie says if he doesn’t trust her, she doesn’t want to reply him and walks away from there. Next morning, Jugnu while cooking in the kitchen looks upset with the recent event at home. Dolly tries to cheer him up. Imlie joins them and plans to prepare food for Avinash’s family. Rajni warns her not to go after last night’s event as she doesn’t trust her anymore. Imlie promises to never talk about yesterday’s topic again and requests her to let her prepare food. Rajni asks her not to as they don’t trust her anymore.

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