Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

Imlie 29 may 2024: Rajni tells Imlie that she bitter their minds after wrongly accusing Karan, so even her sweet dishes will not change their mouth taste. Imlie requests her to change her taste once and promises to never repeat yesterday’s mistake.

Rajni says it’s okay as they can’t have her prepared food. Agastya asks Jugnu to ask today’s menu from Annapurna when she comes out of her room. Govind says Annapurna will not come out of her room as she is upset. Shivani asks Imlie not to come out of her room during lunch when her in-laws come for lunch. Imlie says she need not request her so much and promises to stay in her room when guests arrive.

Agastya enters Annapurna’s room and tries to cheer her up. He apologizes for what Imlie did yesterday. Annapurna says what did he do; Imlie doesn’t know Kunal and Dhanraj, but he knows what happened to them; he married a bar singer Imlie and brought her home, she didn’t say anything, but Imlie reminded her the past again; they had lost Dhanraj because of a poor girl’s greed, recalling the incident; if he failed to identify Imlie or he identified her and forgot his grandmother’s pain; he is responsible for all this and leave her alone as he reminds her of Dhanraj’s painful death.

Agastya pleads her not to say that, brings a cane, and asks her to punish him like she punished him when he was 8 years old and broke a vase, and requests to never ask him to stay away from her. Annapurna says he had broken a vase that time, but he broke her heart this time and she doesn’t know how to punish him. Imlie hears their conversation and hides. Agastya walks away from there sadly and cries sitting in a corridor. Imlie tries to comfort her. He reciprocates at first and then pushes her hand away.

Sonali gets Amrith’s call and rejects it. Avinash walks in and says he got ready early and hence came early. Sonali says it’s okay and says Imlie won’t attend lunch today. Avinash says he knows as Imlie had promised his mother not to attend any of his and Shivani’s wedding functions. Imlie apologizes Agastya. Agastya says she need to say sorry as she is a street woman who is greedy and can do anything for money, he made a mistake instead and it’s time to correct it. He drags her to the room and says Imlie’s focus was already set, just he had lost his way, now he will act as per their contract.

He throws money in front of her returning home, her daily charges, attending Shivani’s wedding functions, etc. and finally gives locker keys to her to take as much as she wants. He then throws divorce papers on her. Imlie checks papers and says he had already made them with a postdate of 1 month as the thinks she will not leave him to loot his money. Agastya says yes and asks her to sign the divorce papers after a month and get out of his life and house. Jugnu informs him that Navya’s family ahs come for lunch. Imlie returns Agastya’s locker keys and asks him to keep it with himself.

Navya tells Chaudhrys that she will visit them often till marriage to meet Shivani. Annapurna says she can come here anytime. Navya gifts a diamond necklace to Rajni and a bangles to Shivani. Shivani finds her bangles missing. They all start searching for it. Alka brainwashes Shivani that Imlie must have stolen bangles as she is very greedy and used to dance and sing in a bar for money. Agasty and Annapurna hear that. They all search Imlie’s room and don’t find bangles there. Imlie says she didn’t even come down when Navya came. Shivani asks Imlie not to ruin her life and to return her bangles. Sonali warns her to stop accusing Imlie and reveals that Imlie convinced Navya for marriage and promised that she will not attend any of the wedding functions. Jugnu informs that he found bangles in Navya’s other bag. Shivani feels guilty and apologizes Imlie. She says she will make Agastya say sorry to her repeatedly today. Imlie says she will tell her how to make Agastya feel sorry.

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