Jhanak Starlife update Tuesday 18 June 2024

Jhanak 18 June 2024: lThe Episode starts with Shrishti and Vinayak arguing about Jhanak. She says I will talk to Bharat. Arshi says I m going to marry Anirudh, he is sensitive, he doesn’t want Jhanak to go back to Kashmir, Tejas can kill her. Shrishti says its Jhanak’s problem, not yours, you focus on your life, make Jhanak and Anirudh away else you will regret.

Arshi says relax, she is just a maid in that house. Shrishti says Anirudh’s parents take care of the entire family, they are useless, Anjana acts sweet. Vinayak asks what nonsense are you saying, Anjana is a clean-hearted woman, what are you teaching Arshi. She asks did right happen with Arshi, Jhanak came here with Anirudh, Arshi is here, is this right. Arshi asks what can I do, would I break my marriage. Shrishti says no, make Jhanak out of Anirudh’s life.

Arshi says I know, but situation is sensitive, Tanuja and Bipasha will handle her. He says she just lost her mom. Shrishti says Jhanak won’t stay at Anirudh’s place, Arshi and Anirudh are getting married.

Arshi says stop it, Jhanak will go back to Kashmir, just few days more, I will make sure, everything gets fine, stop fighting, please. Shrishti says okay, I will go now, take care. She goes.

Everyone dines. Anjana says Jhanak was helping me. Lal and Appu argue. Bipasha comes and taunts her. Dadi asks where is Chotan. Anjana says he went to get Bipasha’s items. Bipasha says he would have slept by now, did I do any mistake. Chotan comes. Dadi tells about the puja. Appu drops the water glass. Jhanak catches it and says careful. Appu thanks her. She asks Jhanak to sit and have food. Bipasha says she will finish work and then have food.

Jhanak says I will have food later. Anjana asks her to go to kitchen and have food. Jhanak goes to get clothes from the terrace. Bipasha says you aren’t family. Anirudh gets ready. He sits to work. He calls Arshi and talks to her. She says I woke up late, I m not angry. He says we will decide about the evening, we will go somewhere, just you and me. She says okay done, take care. He gives her a kiss. She says later. He says clear it right now. She says fine. She gives him a kiss. He says now my day will go perfect, love you. She says love you too, bye.

Jhanak gets the clothes. Chotan says I want to contribute in the puja. Bipasha jokes. Chotan says I don’t have a job. Dada asks how much salary did you get for the last month work. Chotan says just 20000rs, I will use the money for puja. Everyone says no, we will party.

Bipasha says congrats, will we get invited. He says yes. Appu asks me too? He says yes. Bipasha asks who will handle Appu. Appu says you. Anirudh sees Jhanak and apologizes. He says I was in stress, so much happened, this won’t happen again. She says its not your mistake, I had no habit to knock, there was just one room in my village house. He says I understand, I m sorry. She says I m the maid here, you don’t say sorry, just give the order, I will say sorry. He feels sad. She goes.

He goes to have breakfast. Lal says I have a class, I have to go now. Anirudh says I got an urgent call from office. Appu says we all are going out for dinner, Chotan is giving us a treat, will you come. They ask Anirudh to come. Rumi calls Arshi and invites her. Arshi says mom isn’t here, I m taking dance classes, then I have to meet Anirudh, so I can’t come. Mimi insists her to come. Arshi smiles.

Appu says come Anirudh, it will be fun. He says you are the party’s life. Dada asks Chotan what about their treat. Dadi says you will take me to the temple. Chotan says sure. Anirudh sees Jhanak. Anjana asks her to go and have food. Anirudh coughs. Dada asks him to eat slowly. Jhanak gives water to him.

Bipasha stops her and scolds her. Appu starts laughing and jokes on Bipasha. She says Jhanak is a good girl and Bipasha is a bad lady. Lal stops her. Bipasha gets angry and sits. Anirudh says I m fine, thanks Jhanak. Appu sings for Jhanak. Jhanak smiles. She asks her to get ready. Appu says make me ready, make me beautiful like you. Jhanak says that’s not possible, because you are already very beautiful. She ties Appu’s hair. Appu says you get ready, you have to come with me. Jhanak says no. Appu insists her. She says you have to come with me, didn’t he invite you. Jhanak worries.

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