The Evil Eye Starlife update Tuesday 18 June 2024

The evil eye 18 June 2024: Adi is calling Pari and says you have to come here fast. Pari says I am coming. She ends call and tries to leave but Saanvi stops her and says you have to eat first.

Adi is waiting for Pari. Mohana comes there and says you seem worried, what happened? you can tell me, I always liked you, I am your dadi. Adi says but you were not here earlier. Mohana says I did a mistake so your father sent me away, I said sorry but he didnt listen, I dont have a friend here. Adi says you become my friend. Mohana hugs him and says you can tell me anything, friends share things. Adi nods.

Kids are playing in function. Vedsheree says to family that I hope this pooja brings happiness in our family. Urvashi and Ansh comes there all dressed up. Priest says lets start pooja.

Pari thinks that I have to go before its too late.Adi comes in function and says if Pari doesnt come then we are gone. Ansh comes to him so Adi hides liquid bottle. Ansh asks him to come with him. Adi says if Pari doesnt come then I will use this liquid. Mohana hides and look at him. A kid tries to tease Adi but Pari comes and saves Adi.

Naman makes Dilruba drink a liquid. Dilruba says I will drink your blood.. she faints suddenly. Nishant says she will love first person she sees when she wakes up, she should look at you first when she comes to senses.

Scene 2Priest does pooja. Vedsheree thanks him and says we will start wedding rituals. She asks where is Adi? Adi comes there.

Naman makes Sanam lie on bed, he says wake up, you are witch, you should look at me first, I should wash my face. He leaves from there.

Adi eyes Urvashi and says to Ansh that she is a monster and I will prove it. He throws liquid on Urvashi. All are shocked.

Naman is washing face. Saanvi comes to their room. Dilruba wakes up and sees her face first. Naman comes there and is shocked. Saanvi says no. Dilruba lovingly smiles at her.

Adi says to Ansh that now her real face will come to fore. Urvashi cries in pain and says Adi burned me, why did he do it?

Priest comes to river and tries to throw coconut in water but it burns, he is shocked and says I have to tell Vedsheree.

Vedsheree tells Urvashi that he is a kid and doesnt know you are allergic to this liquid. Flashback shows how it was some normal liquid that Urvashi had thrown.

Saanvi tells Nishant that she saw me first. Dilruba comes there and says you are my love Saanvi. Naman comes there and says she loves Saanvi now, this cant happen.

Adi throws a liquid on Urvashi but she just gets allergic. Ansh shouts at Adi and asks him to say sorry, he says no and runs from there. Pari sees this and says Adi made a flop plan.

Pari hides in Avi’s cupboard. He comes there and locks it.Adi recalls how Urvashi took her real avatar earlier when he touched her. He goes to her room. Pari sees it from cupboard.

Adi comes to Urvashi, she says you want to say sorry? He holds her hand, she suddenly takes her real avatar. Adi shouts for Ansh and others to come there. All hear his voice. Mohana sees it and thinks she has to stop them. Mohana falls down outside Urvashi’s room so all runs to her. Urvashi grabs Adi and says no one is going to come, she scares him with fire. Vedsheree comes there so Urvashi takes her human avatar.

Family put Mohana on bed. Ansh says she might have slipped.

Adi hears Pari’s voice and brings her out of cupboard, he asks if she is fine? She nods.

Priest meets Vedsheree and tells her about aarti plate catching fire, he says it means there are evil powers in house.

Scene 2Nishant tells Saanvi that there are evil powers but we dont know who. Naman says we have problems everywhere.

Adi tells Pari that how will we stop her? They get an idea.

Naman says to Saanvi that my wife didnt even get her memory back and this Saanvi made it worse. Dilruba comes there and says my lover is here.

Ansh comes to Adi. Adi hugs him and says I am sorry for embarrassing. Ansh says its okay. Adi asks Ansh to come with him, we will enjoy there. I want your time, please. Ansh says your puppy eyes wont work, he says please. Ansh says okay.

Pari makes Piya agree to go out with her.

Saanvi tells Nishant that we have to do something. Nishant says we dont have time, we have to do this. Naman is tensed.Saanvi comes to Dilruba. Dilruba says you are my love, dont leave me.

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