Imlie Starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

Imlie 27 may 2024: Imlie is shocked to see Bulbul and Karan together and thinks if Karan is Bulbul’s boyfriend. Karan hugs Bulbul. Imlie thanks god that they reconciled. She returns to terrace and finds all 4 youngsters sleeping.

She wakes them up and says nobody will sleep now and will gossip and play a game. Shivani asks what kind of game. Imlie explains. Agastya says it’s truth or dare. Game starts. Agastya’s turn comes first and he chooses dare. Karan and Shivani ask him to propose Imlie. Agastya nervously proposes Imlie in a bland style.

Imlie makes fun of him. He then expresses his true feelings for her, kneels down, and asks will she marry him and be with him for her whole life. Imlie gets emotional and accepts his proposal.

Everyone clap, and Imlie gets alert. Agastya asks Imlie if she thought he can’t propose her, he knows when girl’s heartbeat raises. Imlie recalls Agastya reading her diary. Game continues. Karan’s turn comes next and chooses truth. Imlie asks when he is 10 years older than Agastya, why didn’t he marry yet; doesn’t he have any love of his life. Karan says there is and he is going to marry her soon. Shivani asks him to show her pic. Imlie also insists. Karan shows his girlfriend Yashi’s photo. Imlie feels disheartened.

Next morning, Bulbul calls Imlie and thanks her for encouraging her to fight for her self-respect. She says she met her boyfriend lat night and confronted him, he got impressed and loved her more. Imlie tries to speak, but Bulbul disconnects call saying she will speak to her boyfriend first and then talk to her again. Imlie stands confused. Agastya gets a call from his private detective who informs that Vishwa’s family had an ancestral home in Purvaiya. Agastya thinks how can it be as Vishwa’s family told that they are visiting Purvaiya for the first time. He bumps on Imlie and asks if she is fine. Imlie says yes and walks away. She visits Karan and asks if is really going to marry Yashi. Karan says yes. Imlie asks what about Bulbul then, why is he betraying Bulbul. Rajni hears that and asks if Karan is betraying her sister.

Agastya visits Vishwa’s family and asks if they have a family house in Purvaiya, then why did they lie that they are visiting Purvaiya for the first time. Navya says he heard it right, her husband used to visit Purvaiya for business and hence had bought a house here. Vishwa asks Agastya if he is investigating about them. Agastya says he learnt about this information and hence came to clear his doubt. Navya says they are giving their daughter to us, so it’s obvious that they clear their doubt first. Agastya leaves. Navya tells Vishwa that she told him that Chaudhrys started doubting them. Agastya notices his car tyres damaged and Imlie’s crossed phot on windshield.Rajni gathers family and tells them that Imlie is accusing Karan that he wronged her sister Bulbul.

Karan says he really doesn’t know who her sister is. Imlie tells Agastya that Karan is the one whom Bulbul took his advised for and she saw Bulbul calling Karan repeatedly and meeting him last night. Karan shows his mobile and asks if she can see her sister’s calls in it.

Rajni asks Imlie if she is doubting her upbringing. Imlie says she would cut her hand before pointing her fingers towards her upbringing. Alka accuses Imlie and her sister of trapping rich men and questions their upbringing. Drama continues. Agastya stops them and calls Bulbul. Bulbul reaches there with Pallo.

Annapurna asks Bulbul if she knows Karan. Bulbul flatly refuses and collapses. Doctor comes to check her. Imlie says she is not lying and saw Bulbul and Karan together last night. Agastya takes Imlie to a room and says he knows she doesn’t lie, but there is some confusion. Imlie says she is not. Agastya locks her in a room and says he will not open the door until she accepts her mistake.

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