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Gazal runs to jump from the cliff but Haider shouts at her to stop and says I am ready to marry you. Gazal smirks. Haider sadly recalls his moments with Dua.

Otherside Dua is crying and thinks I feel like Haider is going away from me, I wish he is okay and would come back to me soon. She cries and says I will lose my husband, they will lose their son. Gazal is so scary, they don’t know. She pleads with Hina to open the door. She finds a locket.

Haider says what did I say? I can’t do this with Dua. Gazal thinks I can’t let him take it back. She asks if he back off from his words? Haider says I don’t want to commit a sin that my father committed. Please stop. He says you are asking for my life but Dua has a right on my life and I can’t take that from her. You want me to marry you so I will but I can’t do this without Dua’s permission, I will marry you only after she gives her permission. Gazal says then just tell me no, you know she would never agree to this. Haider says I will convince her to save your life and to save my honor. She broke Ruhaan and you up but now we will be punished for it. I will marry you just so you have your justice. I love Dua a lot but I will give you what you want.

Gazal says then go and take her permission. Haider asks if she is not coming back? Gazal says no, I am done being in that house without any right, you will come back and marry me.. only then I will come back to that house. I promise I won’t try to kill myself till tomorrow morning. If you get her permission by tomorrow then you will find me where I find peace. Haider says fine, I will call you, he leaves. Gazal smirks and says Dua won’t give him permission but I will force him to marry me even without her permission.

Dua looks at the necklace that Haider gifted her, she laughs and says Gazal thinks she can take my Haider but she can never.. what if she really snatches Haider from me? she pleads to open the door. She says if Haider says no then she might try to harm us all.

Rahat tells Hina that we shouldn’t lock Dua like this. Hina says we have to, she has gone crazy and we are not doing anything wrong. She has gone crazy in her hatred for Gazal. Once Haider, Gazal and Ruhaan come back then we will think what to do with her. Rahat says this is not right. Hina says its about family’s honor and I am sorry but you should stay out of it. If it was about a son then you would have taken a decision but I request you to let me take a decision. Gulnaz thinks I hope Dua can fight somehow.

Haider is going back and recalls his moments with Dua. He stops his car and gets down. He recalls Gazal asking him to marry her to pay for his wife’s deeds. He says I have to go against Dua to pay for her sins. She made everyone against me by making Ruhaan run from the family. I have to do this, I have to give up my love because of my love only.

Dua pleads with Hina to open the door and let her save her husband, you know what happens when you love your husband.

Haider gets Gazal’s call and gets worried, he asks if she is okay? she says I am calling to remind you that if you don’t marry me then I will die. Haider says I promised you, don’t do anything stupid. Gazal ends the call so Haider drives away.

Kaynaat tells Ravi that we have to help Dua. Ravi tries to open her door but Hina comes there and asks him to move away. She says you should be ashamed of going against Haider. She asks Kaynaat to stop going against her own mother, you will lose right as my daughter like Dua did, just follow my commands. She locks the door. Dua pleads with her and says we will lose Haider, please don’t do this. Hina doesn’t listen to her and sends Ravi-Kaynaat away. Hina asks Dua to stop being crazy.

Scene 1

Hina locks Dua and leaves her.

Gazal calls Ijaz and says I have attacked Haider’s honor so his love for Dua will lose, he will have to marry me to save his respect. Ijaz says drama is going on in the house, Hina locked Dua in the room and she is pleading to let her go but she is not letting her go. Gazal says no.. no.. this can’t happen. If Haider sees Dua in pain then he will become weak.

Haider says I need to talk to Dua and convince her as otherwise Gazal might hurt herself.

Dua starts throwing things at the door and pleads with Hina to let her go. Hina says this girl wants to destroy us all. Rahat says everything will be fine once Haider comes back. Dadi thinks Hina is ready to destroy everything and she doesn’t even realize it.

Haider says I don’t have much time otherwise Gazal might end up killing herself.

Ijaz tells Gazal to not worry, Haider can’t get out of your trap. Gazal says if Haider sees Dua in trouble then he might go back to her, I have to marry him soon.

Dadi prays to God and pleads with him to give her strength to fight for Dua. She is shaking in her wheelchair and tries to get up. She prays to God and tries to move. Gulnaz is trying to trace Ruhaan and cries for him. Kaynaat says only Ruhaan can prove Dua’s innocence, I don’t know where he is. She gets an idea and goes from there.

Dua is crying in the room and pleads with Hina to open the door.

Ijaz tells Gazal to not worry about here, I will handle everything here. He makes her hear Dua crying. Gazal says if Haider sees this then he might become weak but I trust Haider to not go against his father’s honor. If he goes against me then he will see my crazy side. Ijaz says just prepare for celebrations and I will handle everything. Someone attacks Ijaz and he faints. Gazal hears that and says I can’t let Haider find out about my plan. I have to do something. She says I am coming my parents.

Ravi is beating Ijaz outside Dua’s room. Ijaz says you are doing a mistake, just leave. Ravi says you are involved in all this right? Ijaz asks him to stop it otherwise you will repent for this. Dua pleads with Ravi to stop it, they are dangerous. Ravi says I will teach him a lesson and beats him up. All family members come there and try to stop Ravi. Ravi shouts that this man is evil. Gulnaz prays that Ravi beat him up badly. Hina asks Ravi to stop. Ravi says this man has hurt my brother Haider and his wife. He is about to hit him but Hina shouts at him to stop it. Are you going crazy? you are taking Dua’s side thinking you have a relationship in this house? you are our servant so stay in your limits, don’t forget your place.

Ravi is shocked hearing all that. Dua tells Ravi to not listen to her, she loves you a lot. Hina shouts at her to stop it, you are responsible for all this. She tells Ravi to not go against them. Kaynaat says you are insulting Ravi for this Ijaz? this Ijaz wants to destroy our family with Gazal. Ijaz asks her to shut up, please don’t insult me like this. He cries and tells Hina why would he destroy Gazal’s family? Kaynaat asks him to stop his drama. Ijaz says Dua is doing drama, she made Ravi beat him up and now doing drama of trying to save me. I came here to congratulate my sister but I was insulted like this.

Ravi says he is lying, he was making fun of Dua so I beat him up, I won’t spare him. Hina asks him to shut up, if you say another word against Ijaz then I won’t spare you. As for Dua, she has made fun of herself. Kaynaat says wow.. you are so blinded by Gazal that you can’t see a difference between your own and strangers. Hina slaps her hard and says you can’t misbehave with me, Dua has made you like this.

Haider is driving home and says I need to talk to Dua. He gets a flat tyre and says I have to reach home before Gazal ends up doing anything.

Hina slaps Kaynaat and says you have become shameless like Dua. Ijaz says don’t say anything to her, she is like my sister. Kaynaat asks him to shut up. Hina tells her to stop it, you have lost all manners. She apologizes to Ijaz and says its all Dua’s fault, she has destroyed your sister, I know how Dua is. Kaynaat says you don’t, you can beat me up if you want but I won’t be silent today, I have to stand against you.

Rahat asks her to behave, she is her mother. Kaynaat says she can’t be my mother because she doesn’t care about her family, she has become so blinded by Gazal that she forgot Dua’s sacrifices, she doesn’t believe her anymore? and you are taking her side, you all are doing injustice but you can’t even listen to Dua?

We don’t even have that video so expose them. Hina asks her to shut up. Dua says Kaynaat is telling the truth, why would they delete the video? how did Ruhaan go missing and how did this Ijaz come here if Ruhaan went missing? This was all planned by them, why would Ruhaan delete the video if he wanted to expose Haider and Gazal? Ijaz gets scared. Gulnaz thinks what if Dua is right? I don’t know where my son is.

Someone sprinkled water on Ruhaan, he is tied to a chair and some goons are around. Ruhaan wakes up and says I won’t forgive Gazal.

Gazal is in the graveyard and says I will fulfill your dreams today, I will get married in the house where you both were insulted. I will become Haider’s bride in front of you, he would come here soon. She says pray to destroy Dua’s life. This is just a start and I am going to win Haider against Dua. Its time to play my last trick.

Haider’s car is broken and he is worried about Gazal. Haider starts changing tyre of his car. He recalls how Dua used to help him.

Gulnaz is glaring at Ijaz, he thinks she might be doubting me. He starts acting like crying and messages from Ruhaan’s phone. Gulnaz gets a message from Ruhaan, she reads it and it says that Haider and Dua destroyed his life, he will come back when his wounds heal. Hina says Ruhaan is against Haider because of Dua only, will he ever come back? She tells Kaynaat that you are against me but Dua has poisoned this house, Dua has made Ruhaan leave the house.

Dua says Gazal did all that, think if Ruhaan hated Haider and Gazal then why would he delete the video? Someone else is doing all this. Hina says he deleted the video because he knew he did a mistake and wanted to keep his brother’s respect. Dua says you don’t know what you are talking about. Just think like a mother, why would I try to destroy my family? Hina asks her to shut up and stop fooling them. Ruhaan will come back soon and he will expose you. Dua says why can’t you see that both your sons are gone, if anything happens then you will repent forever.

Ruhaan is tied to a chair and asks who has done this? A goon gives him an injection and he faints.

Dua pleads with Hina to find Haider otherwise Gazal will destroy their lives. Hina says lets leave her here. Haider comes there and asks what’s going on here? Hina asks where is Gazal? Dua screams for Haider and says I am locked in the room. Haider asks Hina why did she lock Dua in the room? Hina says Dua has lost senses and leaving the house so I locked her. Haider says how could you behave like this with her? Hina says she might have created a scene. Haider says you are creating a scene, you have done so many scenes to hide your crimes and sins. Rahat says how are you talking to her like this? Haider glares at her and recalls how Gazal told him that Hina killed her mother. Rahat asks what sin is he talking about? Haider says the sin that happened 22 years ago, the sin that has made us pay till now, the sin that made a girl an orphan. He says I know that Gazal’s mother died because of my mother. All are shocked to hear that.

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