My desire update Tuesday 18 June 2024

My desire 18 June 2024: Nitya tells Kashvi that she has taken many lives to get saved. She says I will kill you as you might open your mouth infront of everyone, and says you have to die. She says you like to mess with me always, and asks her to suffer and die.

She says I killed Shahnaz, her mother, your parents and Babu ji to make myself clean. She says it is sad that you have to go from this world and attacks her. Kashvi holds the knife and pushes her, and laughs. Nitya asks why she is shouting like mad. Kashvi says today I am one step ahead of you, and says you said right that I am like my Papa and never gives up. She says I will expose you and will complete my Papa’s incomplete work. Nitya asks if you have proof and says I have wiped all the proofs. Kashvi says you think this, and says I know you well and knows that you are clever. She says I thought like you, and that’s why I know that you will kill me, so I made not one, but many copies of the proof, and says right now whatever you have burnt was just a copy, original I have sent to Police. She says whatever you have confessed is recorded, and Commissioner Sir heard your confession and recorded it too. Nitya gets angry on Kashvi.

Commissioner tells Nitya that he always appreciated her, but Kashvi showed my proofs. Nitya says I will not leave Kashvi alive and this recorded statement is of no use in court. She breaks the phone and then attacks Kashvi with knife, and hits her many times. Kashvi tries to run and get slightly injured. Nitya says you have to die today, I know where you are going.

She goes to the room and sees Mahima’s half naked on Arjun’s chest and are sleeping. Mahima wakes up and shouts if you are mad to come here, and don’t have manners to knock.

Kashvi throws water on Arjun and make her get up. Arjun wakes up and finds Kashvi. Mahima says Kashvi has gone mad. Arjun sees Mahima half naked and asks what you are doing on my bed. Mahima says I was taking care of you, when you was feeling unwell, and I was massaging your head. She says you pulled me closer and kissed me…and then hugged me. She says I couldn’t stop you when you took off my clothes. Arjun gets shocked and says how can I do this? Mahima says I seriously thought you love me even now, but didn’t accept this till now, but when we were together, you expressed all your feelings, this is the best moment of my life and holds his hand. Arjun asks what you are saying and says you gave me soup when I came from hospital. She thinks she made him drink spiked soup and then made him unconscious, and unclothed him and lied on him. Arjun tries to clarify. Kashvi tells him that this is his real self and confronts him for sleeping with Mahima on the bed. Nitya comes there wearing saree and tells him that he did right and tells that Mahima is the right girl for him, and Kashvi has always betrayed her.

Kashvi says you change colors like squirrel, and says you had problem with me when I started doubting you, and now you want to oust me as I will expose you. She says you are a murderer. Arjun says you can’t tell anything to my mother. Kashvi says it is good that your and your mother’s truth came infront of me. She says she has killed Dada ji and my parents.

Arjun gets angry and says my mother is my world and you are blaming her of killing Dada ji. He says Papa wanted me to leave you, but I was making him understand and telling that I was wrong, Kashu is good and asks I love….He then asks her not to stay here for a moment in his room and says he don’t want to see her face.

Kashvi says even she doesn’t want to have any relation with him, and says you don’t deserve me and deserve this (Mahima). She says she has called Police home. Jagdish comes there and says Police came. Nitya says Kashvi is playing the conspiracy. Kashvi says you will know soon if the accusation is right or wrong. She takes Nitya out. Jagdish asks what is this drama?

Dadi waits for Kashvi and calls her. Commissioner asks what is this? Kashvi thanks him. Jagdish asks how can you trust Kashvi and come here. Commissioner says we trust the proofs and tells that it proves that Nitya is the murderer. He asks Constable to arrest her. Nitya says I am innocent and asks him not to believe Kashvi, she wants to take revenge from her, as her son left her.

Commissioner says I have seen and heard her confession. Arjun asks Kashvi what is it? Kashvi says let court decide. The Police arrests Nitya and take her from there. Arjun asks Kashvi to burn all the proofs. Kashvi asks do you think that it is fake and tells that she has killed my parents, I was about to meet Papa when she killed her, and says she has killed my mother too whom you used to love. She tells that your mother has killed Dada ji and trapped Bua ji and got her jailed, and bua ji couldn’t bear it, got heart attack and died. She tells Arjun that he is like her mother, double faced and slept with Mahima just as he got the chance. She asks him not to show his face to her again.

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