Jhanak starlife update Wednesday 19 June 2024

Jhanak 19 June 2024: The Episode starts with Appu asking Jhanak to get ready and come with them. Anjana comes and talks to Jhanak nicely. Appu says ask Jhanak to come with us. Jhanak says sorry but I can’t come. Appu asks why, you can get new clothes. Jhanak says no, I have clothes.

Anjana asks her to go. Jhanak says no, I don’t want to go.Appu says I will ask Chotan to invite you. Anjana says she likes you, she will change the world for you, don’t worry, I will explain her. Anirudh and Arshi are on the way. He compliments her. He says I missed you a lot, I m glad we will get married soon. She says you have to promise me, you will never hide anything. He says never, I couldn’t say Jhanak’s matter to you on call. She asks him to drive carefully, its not a joke, accident would have happened. He says the other

person was driving wrong. She says you have to be careful, life and car, in both the cases, you should have control on steering. He nods.

Everyone gets ready and comes. Dada compliments Appu. Appu says Chotan, I m very upset, you didn’t do this right, you didn’t invite Jhanak. Chotan says I made a mistake. Anjana says she refused. Bipasha says its family outing, just family will go. He says even she would like to go out, we will take her. He calls out Jhanak. Tanuja comes and asks why are you shouting, didn’t you go. Mimi says Anirudh will pick Arshi and get her. Chotan asks Jhanak to go and get ready. Jhanak says no, I have much work, you go.

Tanuja says you want to take a maid on family dinner. Chotan and Anjana defend Jhanak. Tanuja argues. Jhanak says I don’t want to go. Appu says I won’t go if she doesn’t go. Tanuja says its good. Anirudh gets Arshi home. He says we will go together, are you all ready. Appu says yes, Jhanak isn’t ready, Bipasha and Tanuja are stopping her. Bipasha scolds Appu.

Appu argues. Arshi asks what’s going on. Appu says they don’t want to take Jhanak. Arshi asks where. Chotan says to the party, I invited her. Jhanak says I m feeling bad to refuse again and again. Dadi asks Chotan to go, Jhanak has refused to come. Bipasha says we can’t take everyone everywhere. Anirudh says party is from Chotan’s side, so he will decide who will come. Appu says now Anirudh said it, Arshi you also say, Jhanak is your sister. Arshi asks Jhanak to get ready and come to take care of Appu. Bipasha taunts Jhanak. Chotan says enjoy well, go and get ready. Jhanak asks isn’t it okay if I don’t come. Anirudh asks her to come. Arshi asks her to wear nice clothes and come.

Everyone comes to the restaurant. Appu is with Jhanak. Jhanak asks her to behave well. They all order the food. Chotan asks Jhanak what will she have. Jhanak smiles. Bipasha says she doesn’t know what to order. She asks Jhanak to order Sushi and eat with chopsticks. Appu argues. Arshi says don’t talk like that. Anirudh asks Appu to calm down. Lal says Appu is shouting, everyone is hearing. Bipasha says she will embarrass us. Appu orders Manchurian. Bipasha and Appu argue. Arshi says please be quiet. Anirudh says leave it, Appu is just joking. Jhanak says we had a deal, you are breaking it, please listen to me. Appu agrees.

Jhanak says I will feed you the food. Appu says no, I will have it myself. Appu drinks the soup. She says it was nice. Arshi says Anirudh, please control her. He says its okay, let her have some fun.

Arshi asks Jhanak to handle Appu, everyone is laughing seeing them. Bipasha says do your work. Jhanak says I m trying, Appu isn’t listening. She asks Appu to let her feed her. Appu says fine. Anirudh sees Jhanak taking care of Appu. Chotan asks Rumi and Mimi to have their fav dishes. Appu says Jhanak fed me, no one fed her the food. Chotan asks Jhanak to eat. Anirudh eats the sushi. Jhanak looks on and tries to use the chopsticks.

Chotan says don’t be shy, have food well, use hands and eat. Jhanak says no, I will eat using chopsticks. She tries to pick the sushi. The sushi falls over Anirudh’s shirt. The food plate falls. Everyone worries.

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