Imlie Starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

Imlie 26 may 2024: Imlie tries to away away from Agastya. Her pallu gets stuck in Agastya’s cuff and she hides her modesty shyingly. Pallo and Bulbul walk in. Imlie and Agastya get nervous. Pallo covers Bulbul’s eyes. They both leave.

Pallo says young kids don’t have any shame. Annapurna asks Navya to give Avinash’s kundali to panditji to fix wedding date. Navya lies that she forgot to bring kundali and doesn’t believe in all this, so she can fix wedding date as per their wish. Avinash says he got his kundali after Shivani alerted him. Nayva gets tensed and tells Vishwa that the kundali has his father’s name and she doesn’t know how will Chaudhry family react after hearing it.

Panditji reads Shivani’s kundali first and then Avinash’s kundali. Chaudhry seniors get tensed hearing Avinash’s father’s name as late Tej Pratap Singh. Agastya and Imlie get into car. Bulbul walks to them and thanks Imlie for her help. Imlie scolds her not to thank her sister. Bulbul then thanks Agastya and says she will tell her boyfriend that she also deserves respect. She says she wants a perfect relationship like her sister and BIL. Navya says her husband’s is known as Manoj, though his name is entered as Tej Pratap Singh in kundali.

She asks Annapurna why she looks tensed. Annapurna says she just remembered the past and asks Panditji to find a wedding date. Panditji finds wedding date after a month. Annapurna congratulates Navya.

Agastya and Imlie reach home. He notices Imlie emotional and asks reason. Imlie says she grew up with Bulbul and Bulbul always disrespected her, but today she respected her and wrongly wished to have a relationship like them without knowing the truth.

She prays god not to make Bulbul’s relationship like her and Agastya’s relationship. They get in. Shivani bumps on Imlie and says she came at the right time. Agastya asks if the wedding ate is fixed. Shivani says yes, after a month. Imlie congratulates her. Karan jokes. He gets repeated calls and ignores them. Imlie asks whose call is that. Karan says it’s an unknown number, she will complain about it. It’s Bulbul’s call and she feels disappointed seeing him not picking her call. Agastya walks to Annapurna and asks if she had called him.

Back home, Avinash asks Navya why she told papa’s name as Manoj instead of Tej. Navya says it’s just in kundali, people used to call him Manoj, he doesn’t know as he was very small when his father passed away. Avinash gets convinced and walks away. Navya says they need to be careful as Chaudhrys must have started doubting them. Vishwa asks her not to worry as he will do something to divert their attention. Annapurna asks Agastya to get Avinash’s family’s background check as they are new in the village and not much known about them. Agastya says they are good people, he will get their background checked anyways.

Jugnu informs Agastya and Annapurna that Vishwa has come to meet them. They meet Vishwa. Viswa shows assassins sketch to family and his department made this sketch as per Chandu description, they don’t know if it’s a male or female or his/her age, they all should be careful. Agastya asks Imlie if she has seen this person before. She recalls the incidents seeing the assassin and says yes, she earlier thought it was her imagination but got confirmed when he/she attacked Chandu last time.

Back to room, Imlie feels upset recalling the incidents she saw assassin. Agastya notices that and plans a party on terrace with family youngster to cheer her up. Shivani takes her to the party venue. Imlie goes to call Sonali and says she can’t imagine what Sonali is going through at this time with Amrit’s betrayal, but she can’t be sad always. Sonali says she has a lot of pending work to complete and is not thinking anything. She agrees to join the party. Imlie walks towards terrace when she notices Bulbul’s cycle in the background and is shocked to see Bulbul and Karan together hugging each other. She realizes that Karan is Bulbul’s boyfriend.

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