Faltu starlife update Saturday 12 August 2023

Faltu 12 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu we saw, Faltu and Pratap going to the tournament in Ayaan’s jeep. Pappi see them together. Faltu cribs about the seat belt and says that society needs a reason to bind the girls. She demands Ayaan to stop the car. Ayaan stops the car but Faltu is not able to remove the seat belt. She finally managed to unbuckle the seat belt and get off the jeep. She and Pratap now decide to run.

Janardhan sees Ayaan’s mother looking at Ayaan’s old pictures. She says that she is concerned about their secret. Janardhan says that they are way past what happened years ago. She says that they should tell Tanisha’s family about their secret. Janardhan asks her to forget about it and prepare to welcome Tanisha and family.

Faltu and Pratap reach the registration venue to register for the cricket tournament. The coach makes fun of her and says that he cannot let the girls of the village go on the wrong path following her. He threatens them to call her father. He also discourages Pratap from bringing his sister out of the house to play with the boys. He is about to call his father when he hears drums of Mata Rani’s progression. Faltu and Pratap goes out to see the progression. Faltu says that the entire world bows in front of Matarani even after having so many weapons in her hand, then why does the world object to her holding the cricket bat?

Kaki and Pappi sees Pratap and Faltu. They follow them as they hide inside Ayaan’s mart. Meanwhile, Ayaan is shocked to see only two entries in the mart in the last 6 months. He sees Kaki and Pappi and talks to them. While he tries to give them offers, Pappi asks about Faltu and Pratap and if they have entered the mart. Pappi try to threaten him and grab him by the shoulder. Ayaan asks him to remove his hand. Angoori intervenes and calms them both down. Ayaan asks them to search the mart if they want to.

Pratap gets an idea and asks Faltu to disguise herself as a boy. Angoori sees Pratap and scolds him while Faltu comes disguised as Anmol Singh. Nobody recognizes her and they all leave.

Kanika asks for Ayaan’s kundali so that they can do the matchmaking. Savitri brings the kundali but the kundali has the wrong date of birth. Janardhan says that pandit ji wrote the wrong date of birth. They ask her to let the matchmaking be as it is not relevant in today’s time. Savitri gets suspicious.

Pratap and Faltu go to the registration counter again to get Faltu registered as Anmol Singh. Gopal denies the registration saying she does not look confident enough. Upon repetitive requests, Gopal agrees to take Faltu’s test.

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