Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 12 August 2023

Strings of love 12 August 2023: Gurleen asks Sahiba if she did fine arts course. Sahiba says she wanted to but couldn’t, her father was also an artist and her talent is via him. Garry tries to provoke Angad that Sahiba is garnering praise instead of him. Angad says Sahiba is just a worker and will get only wages and not a boss. Sahiba hears that and says he is right, sh needs her wages. He offers her money and tips. Kiara taunts him. Sahiba returns his money and says she worked for god and not for money, she wants to make one more Omkar before Guru maharaj ji’s entry. Jaspal informs Akal that Guru Maharaj ji/Guru granth sahib came. Akal lifts the holy scripture on his head and brings it inside home. Sahiba completes painting Omkar by then.

Guests tells Javjot that they never saw such a beautiful decoration. Priest prays and everyone follow him. Angad then distributes prasad and stopsa t Sahiba. Sahiba asks him to give as she will not return prasad. He gives her prasad and says workers leave after finishing their work. She hopes passes must must reached her home as promised. Keerat practices boxing on mattress. Seerat asks her to stop as its spreading dust. Keerat says dust is good for her skin. Santosh vents out her anger on Keerat at when she doesn’t get passes. Taiji walks in says she shouldn’t expect visiting such a rich family. Santosh still hopes passes will reach her. Angad sends passes. Santosh jumps in happiness and thanks god, says her wish of getting her daughters married in a rich family will be fulfilled soon. Taiji asks who sent these passes. They all make guests.

Guest tells Akal that Angad did a magic with decoration this time. Akal says its Sahiba’s magic, he had given this task to Angad who completed the task beautifully and is the one who found Sahiba. Angad says Sahiba did a good job, but it would have been better. Akal praises Angad that he always thrive for better. Parminder and Gurleen praise Angad that he is a perfectionist. Jasleen scolds Garry that he won’t be present at the right place at the right time and hence Angad wins the battle always. Angad gets a phone number of a person who leaked news from newspaper editor and starts searching for that person. Garry hears that and runs to hide phone.

Sahiba clashes with Angad by mistake. Their argument starts. Kiara joins Angad and tries to humiliate Sahiba. Sahiba gives them a befitting reply for their each question. Angad asks her to get out. Sahiba says this is what one can expect from rich people who welcome till the work is done and then change their attitude. She walks away greeting Sat sri Akal.

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