Strings of love Starlife update Friday 11 August 2023

Strings of love 11 August 2023: Sahiba continues to prepare artwork at Brar House. Angad watches news about party cancelation at Brar house, calls channel owner and asks about the person’s number who gave him news. Owner refuses to divulge any information. Angad says party is happening for sure and hene his channel would be charged with spreading false news. Owner agrees to share phone number. Angad says he will share party celebrate news with him, lets the world know that more starts would be attending Brar’s party than one on sky.

Angad asks Jaspal to call Prabjot aunty and find out if she left gurdwara with the priests. Jaspal video calls Prabjot who shows that she is already at gurdwara and is leaving with her husband Hansraj and priests from there. Angad then goes to check if Sahiba completed her

art work. Sahiba asks him to come after some time. He forcefully walks in and asks why she has spread a dirt on floor and will she complete in 30 minutes. Sahiba drops a chandelier why trying remove it. Angad gets angry. Sahiba hits him back that she broke chandlier for art and clay work and the dirt he is talking about is clay. Kiara joins Agad and asks if she will show her attitude or will complete her work. Sahiba gives her back that she entered into a prayer room with sandals and should learn manners first. She asks them to stop wasting time and let her finish her work.
Akal calls his family and servants and questions who leaked news to media. Servants say its a sin to betray the boss and offers their mobiles.

Jasleen says even family’s mobiles should be checked. Akal says he will not spare anyone and would punish a culprit. Jasleen accuses Angad as usual. Javjot shuts her mouth. Sahiba completes her art work. Brar family walks in. Javjot doesn’t like art work. Akal apologizes her for not gifting her desired gift. Angad tongue lashes Sahiba for overhyping about her work and letting him down. Whole family joins him and tongue lashes Sahiba. Sahiba presses a button and lets a light fall on her art work leaving the whole room illuminated with Om symbol.

Javjot likes it a lot and says it reminded her of her Multan house where her mother used to light each corner of the room with art work. Sahiba says mothers are the real artists be it Multan or Malerkot. Everyone praise Sahiba. Barfeer says Angad bought identified this talent. Jasleen says its Angad’s good luck. Drama continues..


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