Faltu starlife update Friday 11 August 2023

Faltu 11 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu we saw Ayaan and Su enjoying the garba night in the village. Pappi watch Faltu from a distance Ratan tells Faltu’s father that Pappi wants to marry Faltu. Her mother says that Pappi is twice the age of Faltu. Faltu comes and says that she will not marry Pappi and they should have asked her before marrying her. Kaki says that her marriage is in 10 days and she should say yes without any objection.

Ratan says that her father has no money for her marriage. On the other hand, Pappi is not asking for dowery and is ready to pay for the expenses of the marriage.Tanvi tries to contact Ayaan but he is busy dancing in the garba night. Siddharth says that he is dancing with some girl from the village. Ayaan’s mother is worried to show

Ayaan’s kundali to Tanvi’s family because she does not want his secret to come out in open.Kaki threatens Faltu and asks her to marry Pappi. Pappi stop her and say that nobody will say anything harsh to his would-be wife. Faltu insults Pappi and calls him a monkey. Pappi get irked and ask them to return his money in 10 days. He says that he wants his one lakh back in 10 days or he will get them all arrested in the fraud case. He says he will either marry Faltu in 10 days or will get the money back.

Ayaan receives a video call from his family. They tease him for his garba performance with Faltu. Ayaan says that he was doing it to mix up with the villagers. Tanisha takes the phone and asks Su about Faltu. Su asks her not to worry about Faltu as she is just a girl from the guesthouse they are staying at whereas she is the one who will marry Ayaan.

Ayaan sees Faltu crying on the terrace. He says that she must have done something stupid. Faltu tells him to mind his own business and calls him a city rat. She says that its easy to be the boy of the house but it’s an entirely different story to be the girl of the house. The parents have to worry about the dowry as soon as a daughter is born in the family.

Faltu’s father is looking for a way to pay back Pappi so that he can save Faltu. Meanwhile, Faltu has decided to participate in the cricket tournament to win the prize money and pay back Pappi. She and Pratap leave the tournament. They ask Ayaan for a life. Ayaan helps Faltu with the seat belt. Pappi see them together and get jealous.

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