Faltu starlife update Sunday 13 August 2023

Faltu 13 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Faltu giving the trials to get selected in the team. She fails to play the first ball but hits the second one out of the ground. Pratap asks her to focus and remember that she is disguised as a boy. Coach Gopal says that he will not be able to play for the team. Pratap says that today is not his day but he is indeed a good player. Gopal agrees and says that he will register Anmol in standby.

Ayaan calls dadi and asks about the date of marriage. She asks him to call his mother. Dadi tells her about the problem with his date of birth and their secret. She asks him to talk to his mother. Ayaan recalls his conversation with his father where he told him that he wants to play cricket and he had already got selected in the national cricket team. Janardhan asks him to leave the house and says that if he was his own son he would have never said no to him. Janardhan tells him that he is not his biological father. He says that he married his mother when she was pregnant. He gave his name to her and Ayaan and this is how he treats him back by choosing cricket over him.

He gets teary-eyed and runs to the desert. He recalls giving up cricket for his father. He calms himself down and calls Savita. Savita talks to him about their secret and cries. Ayaan says that everything will be fine. Sumitra hears their conversation and gets suspicious.

Faltu tells Pratap that she needs a coach to play better next time. She practices in the desert till late. Ayaan sees them practicing and coaches Anmol. He improves Faltu’s stance which leads her to play better shots. Pratap tells her to return home. She gets scolded by Ratan and Kaki at home. Ratan also tells Charan not to work outside their guesthouse.Pappi announce his marriage to Faltu.

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