Destined by fate starlife update Sunday 31 December 2023

Destined by fate 31 December 2023: Sayuri silently calls Kanha from Vikrant’s phone and gives him wedding temple’s location. Kanha informs location to Yash and heads towards temple. Rashmi spies on him and gets his car punctured. Sayuri reminds Vikrant of his promise to allow Mithu and Kuku’s presence when they take pheras. Vikrant agrees and searches his mobile to call Faiba. Sayuri gets tensed.

Destined by fate 30 December 2023

Kuku keeps back his phone silently. Kanha finds his car tyre punctured and starts running towards temple. Sayuri hopes he reaches home before pheras start.Indu is shocked to find Sayuri’s photo with Vikrant and Kuku in Kanha’s room and shows it to Nakul and Bhanu. Bhanu says maybe she is not Sayuri. Indu says she identifies he daughter well. She remembers Kanha hinting about Sayuri’s return soon.

Nakul also recalls Kanha’s hint and thinks why didn’t Kanha speak to him about it. Indu says Kanha must have informed Rashmi about it and asks Nakul to check with Rashmi. Rashmi reaches temple before Kanha.

Faiba brings Mithu. Sayuri tries to rush towards Mithu, but vikrant stops her and says he fulfilled her wish, she can pick her baby only after wedding completes. Sayuri helplessly starts pheras with him thinking she has to sacrifice herself for her baby’s sake. Rashmi notices them and hopes Kanha doesn’t reach before pheras complete.

Kanha reaches temple with great difficulty and finds mandap empty. He notices blood on floor and thinks if Vikrant harmed someone, what must have happened here. He searches for Sayuri and prays god for help. Kuku gets out of her hiding and walks to him. Kanha asks why is she afraid, where are her parents. He calms her down and asks to tell what happened.

Kuku recalls Rashmi noticing Mithu and thinks if Kanha comes here, he will stop this wedding and bring Sayuri and Mithu home, then Sayuri will expose her. She stops wedding and says Kanha is coming here. Vikrant asks Faiba to run away with Mithu before Kanha comes here. Rashmi tries to snatch her Mithu. Sayuri resists Vikrant. Vikrant slits her throat. Sayuri collapses. Vikrant then lifts her and runs away from there. Yash reaches with police and asks Kanha if Sayuri and Vikrant’s wedding finished, where are they.

Kanha says they need to find them as soon as possible before Vikrant harms Sayuri or Mithu. He sends Kuku with police to a safe place. Rashmi hides with Mithu and thinks she needs to hide Kanha’s baby away from him. She tries to escape when a car stops and she shouts. Nakul and Indu get out of car and ask who is this baby and what is happening here. Kanha takes baby from her and thanks god that her baby is fine. Rashmi thinks how did they come here. Indu asks Kanha what does he mean.

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