Lost in love update starlife Sunday 31 December 2023

Lost in love 31 December 2023: Savi gets ready for college. Her MIL stops her and says she can’t go to college and should do household chores. Her FIL, husband, and his aunt catch her and cut her tongue. Savi wakes up from sleep and realizes it’s her nightmare. Harini asks if she is fine. Savi says she saw her future. Harini asks her to get ready and come to kitchen soon as they have a lot of work. Savi says festival is after 2 days. Ashwini walks in and informs that Vinu is coming today and hence they are preparing his favorite food. Savi gets happy hearing that.

Lost in love 30 December 2023

At Bhosale house, Durva and Anvi take selfies with their father Nishikanth. Shantanu smiles seeing that. Rao Saheb walks in and asks about Nishant as it has been long since Ishan went ton trekking. Durva says he need not worry as he has gone with his special one for trekking. Ishan with Riva returns from trek. Nishikant asks how was his trek trip. Ishan says it was good, they both enjoyed it.

Durva and Anvi notice Riva wearing Ishan’s jacket and taunt that now a days its a trend of girlfriends wearing boyfriends’ jacket. Rao Saheb also jokes surprisingly.Bhavani walks to kitchen and asks Harini and Ashwini to prepare a feast for Vinu and gives ghee and dry fruits to add in the dishes. Ashwini says when she asked her dry fruits a few days ago for Savi, Bhavani didn’t give it; Bhavani d ifferentiates between daughter and son.

Bhavani refuses and asks Savi to rest as she is getting married soon and warns her to stay away from Isha. Riva feels shy imagining Ishan. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Her father calls her and asks if she forgot him that she didn’t even call him once yesterday. She asks him what he is having for breakfast.

He says her mother’s prepared breakfast and says a route for man’s heart goes via his stomach, he loves her mother immensely because of her cooking skills.Savi reaches her college. Isha asks her about her alliance. Harini describes how she danced on Chikni Chameli song in front of boy and his family to discourage them, but boy liked her and agreed for marriage even after her condition of letting her study after marriage and focus on her career. Isha says that is a good thing.

Savi says she feels something is off. Riva walks to kitchen and insists Surekha and Asmita to prepare breakfast. Surekha leaves kitchen asking her to help Asmita. Riva asks Asmita to let her cook and asks everyone’s favorite dish to know Ishan’s favorite dish. Asmita says Ishan likes moong dal halwa. Ishan learns from Asmita that Riva is preparing his favorite dish and messages Riva.

Riva asks him to reach terrace to have his favorite food. She writes I love I on Ishan’s halwa with dry fruits. Asmita returns and says it should be I love you and not I. Riva nervously says he is habituated to write something on her plate. Durva and Avni hear that and think of pranking Riva.

Isha tells Savi that she should think wise and take an informed decision. Savi says Bhavani will not listen to her and will get her married for sure. Isha says sometimes they have to go against themselves to achieve what they wish, she may have to oppose Bhavani to achieve her dream.

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