Destined by fate starlife update Monday 1 January 2024

Destined by fate 1 January 2024: Indu asks Kanha how can this baby be his daughter. Kanha says she is his and Sayuri’s daughter. Indu asks where is Sayuri. Kanha says he can’t say that but can say that Sayuri is alive. Indu insists to explain what happened. Kanha reveals her whole story and asks her to take care of her granddaughter while he goes in search of Sayuri. Nakul assures that he will protect his niece and asks Kanha to bring back Sayuri home. Yash asks Rashmi where did she find this baby.

Destined by fate 31 December 2023

Rashmi lies that she found the baby on temple stairs and picked her to bring her home and then shift her to an orphanage. Yash says its all god’s wish. Kanha asks Nakul to take Mithu home and runs with Yash in search of Sayuri. Rashmi thinks why is Yash helping Kanha and ruining his own married life.Kanha and Yash meet inspector and learn that Vikrant must have taken Sayuri via the temple’s back door. They hope to find Sayuri soon. Vikrant takes Sayuri home. He walks to his dead wife Sachi and says its time to replace her, but she will be in his heart forever.

He replaces her with Sayuri and shouts that he loved her immensely, but she betrayed him. Sayuri murmurs Kanha.. Vikrant feels happy that she is alive and also feels angry that she still wants Kanha. He says he can’t kill her as he still loves her and nurses her wound.Indu with Nakul and Rashmi returns home and informs family that the baby is Kanha and Sayuri’s daughter. Daadi Mausi asks what is the guarantee that this baby is Sayuri’s. Indu says Kanha himself told her and even Yash saw Sayuri, they both have gone to save Sayuri. Nakul says he came home to drop off his niece safely home, now he will also go and help Kanha find Sayuri.

Vikrant nurses Sayuri’s wound and continues talking to her. Faiba enters. Vikrant misbehaves with Faiba. Faiba feels disheartened with his behavior and leaves. Vikrant continues his psychotic behavior. Indu asks Saroj to hold her granddaughter.Rashmi feels jealous that all her plan went in vain and her son is ignored just with entry of Sayuri’s daughter. Saroj refuses to hold Mithu. Kanha switches off Vikrant’s house’s lights and enters. Vikrant hides with Sayuri. Sayuri silently murmurs Kanha.

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