Twist of fate update Tuesday 2 January 2024

Twist of love 2 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Prachi if she realized what she has done, and says Prachi Arora, you have married someone now. Prachi says he is now my husband and that someone is my husband. She says you came here to distract me so that I don’t go to orphanage and you can snatch my daughter from me. Ranbir says do you think that I will do this with me. Prachi says you are good at betraying me. Ranbir asks did I betray you? He says you have betrayed me, you have married someone and was with someone in the room.

Vishaka calls Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir not to say, and asks him not to ruin her new life. She asks him to leave. Ranbir says your new life, you are throwing me out. She pushes him out and asks him not to return to her house. He asks her not to challenge him. Prachi says I don’t want you to return in my house and life, and this house is mine. Ranbir says I will return in your house and you will welcome me with love and respect in this house. Prachi asks him to go and closes the door on his face.

Vishaka comes there and says you are here? She asks her to come and takes her from there. Ranbir promises himself that he will return and she will welcome him. Vishaka and Prachi come to the hall. Mihika, Divya and Neha also come there. Akshay says Kheer is good. Vishaka says Prachi was about to run from back door, as she got the keys, but she caught her. Akshay says anything. Abhay asks if you don’t love her. Akshay says Bua ji said that Prachi was about to run away with the keys, and that’s why I said anything.

Akshay tastes the kheer and says Prachi is life, and then says this kheer is life. Neha says the kheer’s taste is good. Divya says it is very tasty. Ashok says I had two bowls of kheer. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words that she will welcome him with love and respect. She thinks Ranbir will do something and asks Akshay if they can go to orphanage now. Vishaka asks what is cooking between groom and bride. Abhay says they will discuss about honeymoon with themselves, and not with you. Akshay scolds him politely. Prachi gets Meera’s call, and she asks her to come to the orphanage to adopt Khushi. She says Mr. Tandon wants to adopt her, and tells that someone else is coming at 1 pm for adoption.

Prachi asks her not to show Khushi to anyone, and says my husband and I will be coming there. She tells Akshay that they have to leave soon. Everyone asks Prachi, who is Khushi. Vishaka asks them. Akshay tells them that they are going to adopt Khushi, who is Prachi’s daughter, and tells that she was previously married to someone. Vishaka and others get shocked. Vishaka asks them to have their own child, rather than adopting someone. Prachi says Khushi is my own daughter, I have kept her in my womb for 9 months. Vishaka says but she is that man’s blood, why you want to keep her. Akshay says I know about this and I am proud of Prachi, says that nobody can be a good mother than her. Manpreet supports Prachi. Ashok says when husband and wife agree then who are we to refuse. Prachi and Akshay leave.

Ranbir comes there and sees Police talking to Vikram. They ask Ranbir where did he go? They tell that they called Police as he was missing. Ranbir says he is fine and asks Police to go. The Police go. Aaliya starts blaming Ranbir and asks where did he go? She says Rhea has changed herself fully for you and what you have done with Rhea. Ranbir says didn’t I tell everyone that I am not sure about this marriage. He says didn’t I say that I love Prachi even now. He tells Rhea that when he had apologized to her, and she asked him to go, then why she is upset now.

He says he can’t handle her multiple personality. He then asks what Aaliya is doing here, and says she has ruined our lives, after whatever she has done, she shouldn’t be allowed to enter the house. He goes. Aaliya smiles and then says how dare he? She says he left Rhea on the mandap and is blaming me, and you are seeing everything quietly. She says he cursed me and Rhea, who has taken care of your family.

Ranbir packs Rhea’s stuff and comes out. He asks Rhea to take her stuff and leave from here. Rhea says you are throwing me out from home. Ranbir says I am saying you calmly and says if you don’t go then I have to throw you out. Aaliya shouts Ranbir. Ranbir asks her not to say, else she will see his avatar, which she will never see again. Rhea says Ranbir…I loved you and your family very much. Ranbir says you have done this, as you wanted to marry me, and tells that we will never marry each other. He tells that Aaliya had kidnapped her last night so that she can get me married to Rhea. He asks them to leave. Rhea says you can’t prove us wrong, to prove yourself right. Ranbir asks Rhea to leave his house. Ranbir says it is all about you. He takes match stick and burns Rhea’s clothes.

Pallavi says Ranbir…what you are doing? Vikram, Pallavi and Dida ask if he has gone mad? Rhea asks him not to vent out Prachi’s anger on her and says Prachi was never yours, and she didn’t understand you or your family. She says Prachi never loved you, and says the truth will never change, as she was never yours. Ranbir is shocked and goes to room. Pallavi says what has happened to him. Dida says first set off the fire. Vikram is about to pour water on the fire, when Ranbir brings Prachi’s sarees and put them in the fire. Rhea smiles. Ranbir then looks at Prachi’s photo and says Prachi is not mine, so I will burn all her memories. He put her photo in the fire and says you have left me, I will make you see a new Ranbir and will not let you forget me. He sits and looks at Prachi’s burning photo. He recalls her words, not to ruin her new life. He says my life’s aim was Prachi’s happiness, but now my aim is her destruction, he will give her the same pain which she has given her.

 Ranbir telling that his life’s aim was Prachi’s love and support, now his aim is to give her the same pain which she has given him. Aaliya and Rhea smirks. All the family members look on worried. Prachi and Akshay come to the orphanage. Prachi asks where is everyone? Akshay asks her to sit and drink water. Prachi thanks him for supporting her infront of Bua ji. Akshay says bua ji is having old thoughts, she is rigid, but good at heart and loves me a lot. He says she reacted as she was not aware of your past before. Prachi thanks him.

Akshay says you will be tired of saying thanks. They hear someone coming. Prachi says if someone is coming to adopt Khushi. Akshay asks her to relax and says Dad has fixed everything. Meera comes there and tells Prachi that they don’t trust her to give Khushi after whatever happened in the birthday party, so they are giving Khushi to Akshay seeing him, and he will be predominant parent. Akshay says the girl will be with Prachi. Meera says according to the orphanage guidelines, you are more competent. The orphanage owner says I got the research done. Akshay thanks him for helping him. The Ashram owner tells that Ashok has done many favors on him. He clears to Prachi that Akshay will have first right and responsibility on Khushi. He asks Akshay to sign first and says you are getting 70 percent responsibility. Akshay asks him to make it zero on the papers, then also he will take care of her 100 percent. He signs on the documents. Prachi is happy.

Rhea reminds Pallavi of her big promises that she will make her bahu, and will not let Prachi come? Pallavi asks her to stop it and says Prachi is not here. Rhea asks what about my marriage? Pallavi asks her to see Ranbir’s condition and says I can’t tell him anything now. She says I can’t force him to marry you now, and asks her to give her sometime to handle the situation. Vikram apologizes to Rhea and says I know it is not right and requests her to leave from there. Rhea says what you are saying uncle? Vikram asks her to stay somewhere else, and says I request you. They see Ranbir coming out and leaving with his stuff. They stop him and asks where is he going? Ranbir says I am feeling suffocated and can’t stay in the same city as Prachi, can’t see her with someone else. Pallavi says you can’t go away from me. Dida says you can’t leave. Ranbir says my breath is stucking here, if you want your son to remain alive, then don’t stop me. He leaves. Pallavi asks Vikram to stop him. Dida also scolds Vikram. Vikram says Ranbir is suffocating here and can’t breath. He says may be he will get peace somewhere else, and he can handle himself. He says we will pray to God to protect him.

Ranbir leaves in his car and recalls Prachi’s words. He recalls challenging her. Akshay stops the car as Khushi demands him to get balloons. Ranbir is in his car and sees Akshay and Prachi with Khushi. Akshay buys balloons for Khushi. Khushi asks for more. He gets her all balloons. Prachi says you are spoiling her. Ranbir recalls his challenge and goes from there. Prachi senses his presence and turns. He looks at her in the car’s mirror and says we will meet very soon, you will welcome me in your house happily.

New Delhi

After 3 months: Prachi gives puja thaali to Manpreet and says good morning. Manpreet says you can’t be late. Prachi gives specs to Vishaka and gives newspaper to Ashok. Ashok asks her to call him Papa. Prachi calls him Papa Sir. Neha and Divya come there and say Bhabhi is calling you Papa and Sir. Prachi tells them that she has made healthy food for them as they must have junk food during college trip. Abhay comes there and asks if she made aloo paratha for him. Prachi says sprouts salad for him. Servant says food is ready. Manpreet asks her to give aarti to everyone. Prachi gives them aarti.

Akshay comes there and takes aarti. Prachi says always late. Khushi comes there and says good morning. She touches Vishaka’s feet. Vishaka says enough. Khushi goes to Ashok and says Dadu. He takes Khushi in his lap and asks what you want to have. Everyone says eggs. Khushi says you all know. Servant brings eggs and says it is for Khushi. Prachi says it is for Akshay. Khushi says my breakfast Sunny side up. Akshay says he will make breakfast for her. Prachi gives medicines to Ashok and Vishaka and goes with Khushi. Vishaka says Prachi has handled everything so soon. Ashok says she is the paras and she is the peace of my soul. He says she is pure and truthful in every relation. Vishaka looks at Manpreet.

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