Destined by fate starlife update Saturday 30 December 2023

Destined by fate 30December 2023: Vikrant takes Sayuri to a different temple than earlier planned. Sayuri thinks how to inform Kanha about this temple. Rashmi spies on Kanha. Kanha feels frustrated when Yash’s phone is not reachable and thinks how to locate Sayuri now. He thinks he should ask Yash to locate Sayuri with the help of his police fiend. Vikrant takes Sayuri to mandap. Sayuri wishes to hold Kuku and Mithu in her lap and marry Vikrant as a whole family. Vikrant says her thought is good, but its too late.

Destined by fate 29 December 2023

H asks pandit if there is time for muhurat. Pandit says muhurat has already started. Vikrant asdks Sayuri not to worry as Faiba will reach with Mithu soon. Sayuri gets nervous. She notices Vikrant’s mobile and but fails to pick it. She tells Vikrant that she needs to fix her dupatta and will be back in 5 minutes. Vikrant hesitantly agrees after panditji’s permission.Yash calls Kanha and says he will reach temple with police soon. Kanha says temple is closed,

so he should find out Sayuri’s location by tracking Faiba’s mobile location with his police friend’s help. Y ash agrees.Sayuri pleads temple devotees for phone, but nobody agrees. Finally she notices a man with phone and requests him. He agrees to give her phone when she notices Faiba standing and leaves from there in fear. Faiba asks what is she doing here. Sayuri asks where is her baby as Vikrant had promised to let her marry him in Kuku and Mithu’s presence.

Faiba shows her a man holding baby and threatens that she will not get her baby until she marries Vikrant. Sayuri helplessly agrees and says she needs to correct her dupatta. Faiba accompanies her to washroom and waits outside.

Kanha drives car searching for Sayuri. Rashmi follows him. Sayuri breaks down in washroom and prays god to send Kanha here somehow. She returns to mandap and finds Vikrant’s phone there, unlocks it, and asks Kuku to call him. Kanha breaks into Vikrant’s call. He picks call and merges it with Yash’s call. Sayuri insists Vikrant to call her baby as pheras are starting. Faiba says baby is outside temple and will be brought in after wedding finishes. Sayuri insists Vikrant to call baby in and informs that they are at Radha Krishna mountain temple.

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