Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 12 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 12 July 2022: Episode starts with Gunjan liking Namrata’s make up items. Namrata says I m busy, go to someone else. Gunjan compliments her. She says I have to learn a lot form you, shall we go for shopping, I have to buy clothes like yours for my honeymoon. Namrata says I will come with you, don’t hug me with phenyl perfume. Gunjan says its branded worth 200rs. Namrata says person’s class is known by perfume, this is worth 11000rs. She asks Gunjan to try it. Gunjan likes it. Namrata says you are smarter than Nandini. Gunjan says yes, I will learn anything you tech me. Namrata says fine, go now. Gunjan leaves.

Nandini eats honey. She says Darsh doesn’t want to go on honeymoon with me, I will cancel the tickets, even I don’t want to go. She calls and cancels the honeymoon. Shobit comes and hears this. She asks them to refund money. She sees Shobit and says I was cancelling the ticket and asked for refund. He says you did right, but why did you cancel the ticket. Nandini says we thought… Shobit says Darsh would have said its too hot in Rajasthan, why to go there, I know him well. She says yes. He thinks you are hiding something, there is some plan behind it. He goes. Vipul says we came to Goa for some days, don’t stress about business. Rajvi says I m fine, I have applied for this license much time before, we will open a branch in Goa, I want Darsh to handle this project, Darsh will handle everything. Shobit comes.

Dada ji says Nandini is lucky for us. Rajvi says yes, I want Darsh to handle it, he has to handle CEO position in future, now celebration is over, work starts. Vipul says we will make Shobit help him, they both have to handle this. Darsh says don’t involve Shobit in this, you know he has no interest in family business, why do you pressurize him. Chetan says Shobit is here, ask him. Darsh says I know you have no interest in sweets business, you should have passion in anything you do, you concentrate on your startup, Rajvi has to invest in it. Rajvi says he doesn’t tell me anything. Shobit says I will help you. Darsh jokes and says you didn’t grow up, I will handle. Rajvi says talk to land owner, get busy in set up. Darsh nods and says we have to make blue prints also. Rajvi says yes. They talk. Shobit goes back and thinks Darsh played a game, he should have asked me for it, I would have given my rights, I have seen Darsh’s real face now.

Nandini puts up war heroes posters in the room. Darsh comes and asks what are you doing. She says we are also having a war between us, I will take inspiration from war heroes. He asks are you mad. She says I will win. He gets a call from travel agent. The man says I have sent refund, who called me, someone scolded me a lot, some madam called. Darsh says fine, I will check. He says how cheap, what will you do after snatching my property. She says I m not cheap, I know my Sasural has much money, why will we distribute it, we are not going on tour, why will we pay. He asks when did I refuse to go. She says you had written it here. He says its my diet plan. She says but I thought… He asks her not to pretend good, just relax, stay until Rajvi gets fine and then leave.

Gunjan shows her shopping to Shobit. He smiles. She says I have done shopping for our honeymoon, we will shop there together. He says you keep my platinum card. She says no, I want credit card, will you give it. He says have it. She thanks and says I love you. He asks are we really going. She says yes. He smiles. Rajvi says I told Darsh to handle the project. The manager says its not right. She asks what’s the problem. He says no one will invest in a company where CEO is blind. She says I will prove he is capable. Vipul says we are in the middle of meeting, I will call you back. He says we didn’t tell anyone that Darsh will become CEO. Rajvi says yes, no one knew it, once Goa store worked well, we would have not needed to prove his capability. Shobit asks did he talk to any share holder, he is so excited and cancelled the honeymoon. Gunjan asks are we going. Rajvi says both of you will go together, Shobit go and check on Darsh. Shobit says I will find out. Rajvi thinks Darsh will be hurt knowing this.

Shobit coming to Darsh and crying. Darsh says its okay if people don’t understand it. Shobit asks how can people be unfair, I would have fought with share holders, you should get one chance at least. Darsh says leave it, we always share the first mango of the season, lets have it. Shobit asks how did this news go out, just family knew it, who can have enmity with you. Darsh thinks its Nandini. He leaves. Shobit sits to have the mangoes alone. He says you just want things your wish, not anymore, you took advantage of me. He recalls calling the share holders and giving the news, Rawals decided to make Darsh the CEO, what will happen when a blind man heads the company. He removes the sim and smiles. FB ends. He says sorry, I have learnt pretending happy and backstabbing from you.

Nandini tries to switch on the lights. Darsh says this darkness is my life, welcome to my world. He asks are you looking for your mobile, I have it. She gets a torch, it doesn’t work. She falls down. She argues with him. He asks do you want my help. He forwards hand. She says no need. He asks will you go and cry in front of mum. She says no, no need to tell her that her son has turned into a devil. He thinks you are acting innocent, I know you have informed the shareholders. He asks her to get down the bed. Nandini argues. She says I m feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep, you can make me fall, then I will shout, family would come, you don’t need that drama, right, so let me sleep. She sleeps on the bed. He sits on the chair. She cries seeing him. Aapki nazron…plays.. He also recalls her and gets angry. Its morning, Nandini wakes up. Darsh also wakes up. Their heads bump. He says wow, what a good start of the day. She says we have to bump head again, else horn come on the head. He asks did you see anyone with horns on the head. She insists. He hits her head and asks fine, happy? She gets hurt. He goes.

Shobit says I have planned a lot for Goa outlet, you show it to Rajvi. Vipul says I knew shareholders will object to Darsh becoming the CEO, I m happy that you are showing interest in business, maybe you need to handle the CEO chair soon. Shobit says of course not, how can I take Darsh’s place. Vipul says we have no option, send your ideas to Rajvi, I will talk to her. He goes. Shobit says game started now. Gunjan comes and romances Shobit. He gets away from her. She says we will go on the beach and take romantic pics. He says I m busy today, you just bought ordinary clothes, you are my wife, wear classy clothes, have this money. She smiles. He says shop well, big brands, okay, I will edit our pics with Switzerland backdrop, you can tell your friends that you went there. She kisses him and thanks. She goes.

He wipes his cheek and gets angry calling her illiterate. Nandini hears some sound. Gunjan says mom is cooking, she said no one will come in. Nandini says she didn’t get fine, she has to rest. Gunjan says you don’t go there, she is angry on you, you cancelled honeymoon tickets, she gifted me this purse, she didn’t give you anything. Nandini says I will convince her. Nirali gets a purse for Nandini and says Rajvi asked me to give this to you.Nandini asks why did you let Rajvi go there. Nirali says she is angry, she doesn’t listen to anyone. Nandini thinks she can get unwell.

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