Aparajita zeeworld update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Aparajita 15 August 2023: Aparajita tells Akshay to trust me, I didn’t see Niya in the laundry room. Mohini says Niya saw you in the smoke but you didn’t? Dadi says Aparajita is not lying, Niya must be mistaken. Mohini shouts that Aparajita is a liar. Aparajita says I will clarify with Niya, she tries to go in her room but Akshay stops her and says you will not go near Niya, she is scared of you so I am requesting you to leave. Aparajita is shocked and says you really think I can kill someone? Akshay says I am just telling you to leave for now. Asha drags Aparajita from there while she is hurt. Dadi tells Akshay that you did the mistake of breaking Aparajita’s trust years ago and today you are doing a mistake by not trusting her.

Aparajita tells Disha and Asha that I didn’t see Niya in the laundry room, I don’t know why she thinks I saw her. Chhavi says how can Niya blame you like this? Disha says Niya was upset seeing Akshay and Aparajita together in the holi. Chhavi says yes, she complained to me also. Disha says that’s why she is blaming Maa so Akshay would be angry with her. Aparajita says no, Niya is not like that. I just want to meet her and clarify everything. Dadi says you saw how angry Akshay got when you tried to go to Niya.. Mohini will get another chance to blame you.

The doctor tells Mohini and Akshay that they can take Niya home, she will just take time to heal. He asks if anyone can come to his cabin for medicines? Arjun says I will go with you. Niya tries to stop him but says relax.. I am here, I have to talk about so many things. I came to India to meet you but so many things happened. I will talk to you in detail. Niya smiles at him. Akshay thanks Arjun and he leaves. Akshay recalls Aparajita’ words that she didn’t see Niya in the room. He asks Niya to think about what she said? maybe Aparajita really didn’t see you? Niya says you think I am lying? Mohini says why are you defending her in front of your own daughter? this is enough. You have take a side and decide who is telling the truth. Is it your daughter Niya or that Aparajita? Akshay looks on and goes from there.

Dadi tells Aparajita that this fire has burned your relationship with Akshay. Aparajita says he is blaming me for the short circuit but I did repair it, who is behind this fire? Chhavi says I still think Veer was there. Aparajita says they didn’t see him in the CCTV footage then who did it?

Mohini tells Niya that I kept telling you that Aparajita hates us. She left you there to die and now you know her real face. I feel like she started the fire in the laundry? Niya looks on and cries. Mohini smirks.

Dadi tells Aparajita that thank God our kids are fine. Disha says our house is a mess. Aparajita says our laundry is completely burned.. that laundry was my self-respect and something that helped us keep afloat.. it was our bread and butter and now Niya thinks I left her to die. I don’t know how to prove myself. Chhavi says don’t worry, we are all together and we will make everything fine. Disha says yes, we are not just 3 but 13 together. Aparajita is sad but her daughters sit together and hint that she is a queen. Aparajita smiles and hugs them. Dadi smiles and says if we are united then we can pass through any obstacle. Aparajita thinks I have to find out who was behind the fire.

Arjun finds Disha in the hospital and tries to talk. Disha says I know Niya is your friend and you will take her side only. Arjun says its not like that, I have seen Aparajita aunty and I know she is a very nice lady. I don’t know why Niya thinks.. Disha says I don’t want to talk about it. Arjun says Niya told me about you guys in Dubai.. I never met Akshay so I couldn’t recognize him when I saw him here. Disha says I hated that man before but past few days I felt he cares for us but he is showing his real colors again.. I just know that all men are same and I can’t trust any man. She leaves from there. Arjun looks on.

Akshay comes to Chhavi’s room and finds her and Aparajita sleeping. He caresses Chhavi’s face and recalls everything that happened. He recalls Niya blaming Aparajita for leaving her to die. He silently tries to leave and looks at Aparajita sleeping in a corner. He leaves from there.

In the morning, Aparajita tells Chhavi that we will go home today. Chhavi says Disha mentioned that house is a mess? The inspector comes there and asks Aparajita if she called him?Mohini tells Niya that you will be discharged today and don’t worry I won’t let Aparajita near you. She goes to get juice for her.Aparajita tells the inspector that I don’t have a proof but I am sure someone is behind starting this fire. Mohini sees her talking to the inspector and is shocked.

Aparajita tells the inspector to find any proof if someone deliberately started the fire. Mohini hears that and calls Manish, he says what if they find out that I was behind the fire? Manish says I will send my man there to remove all proof. He sends her the number of Ratan, she calls him and tells him to destroy the meter which has her fingerprints so they don’t find out its me. Aparajita comes there and says you were behind all this? you started the fire? Mohini is shocked to see her there. Aparajita says I can’t believe you did this, what kind of a woman are you? you wanted to destroy me and now your own daughter is burned. I told Akshay that you hate me but he always thought I had an issue with you. I will expose you now. Aparajita tries to take her from there but Mohini pushes her and locks her in the room. She runs from there.

Mohini is panicking and says what should I do? She gets an idea and puts a board outside the room to not enter the room. She says I have to do something which will make me look innocent. She calls Ratan and asks him to do his work. Akshay comes there and says what are you doing here? Mohini says I saw Aparajita talking to an inspector. If we are taking Niya home then we can take Chhavi with us as she is alone and Aparajita is not here. Akshay says she left Chhavi alone? Aparajita is knocking on the door and trying to open it. Akshay hears the knock and tries to check but Mohini says there is some work going on so lets leave. Aparajita finds a hammer in the room and tries to break the door.

Akshay comes to Chhavi and says Aparajita left the hospital so we can take you home. Chhavi says I won’t leave till she comes back. Mohini finds Aparajita’s phone and bad there so she puts it in the bin before Akshay could see. Akshay calls Aparajita but her phone is off. Chhavi tells him to message Maa and then she will go with them. Akshay calls Disha.

Chhavi and Niya get discharged. Akshay puts them in the car. Chhavi asks Niya how is she? she says I am okay, how are you? she says I am fine too. Chhavi says what you said about Maa.. Niya looks away. Akshay says we will talk at home. Mohini comes out and calls Manish. She says what happened with Niya was wrong but we can use this situation to convince Akshay to go back to Dubai. Akshay sits in the car with Arjun and calls Mohini. She ends the call and goes with them.

Aparajita breaks the door and runs to Chhavi’s room. The nurse says she got discharged, Akshay took her and Niya home. Aparajita finds her purse and phone in the bin. She says Mohini must be behind this, she might try to harm Chhavi. She runs from there.

Akshay brings Niya and Chhavi home. Chhavi tries calling Disha and says where is Maa? Mohini says you can come inside. Aparajita comes there and slaps Mohini hard. Akshay stands in front of her and stops her. All are shocked. Aparajita tells Mohini that I will expose you now. She tells Akshay that she was behind the fire in the laundry. Mohini shouts she is going crazy. You are making up this story, why would I do this with my daughteR? I can’t stoop this low. Niya cries and says I respected Aparajita but she is losing it by saying all this. Aparajita says the truth is that she started the fire in the laundry because she knew it was our bread and butter but she didn’t know you were there. Disha says my mother never lies and she always tries to harm us. Asha and Chhavi say we are with Aparajita. Mohini thinks this is the time to use Niya. She tells Niya that see how they are blaming me for this, this is her real face. Akshay asks Niya to go inside but Niya says no.. if Aparajita’s daughters are with her then I am with my mother too. Aparajita tells Akshay that I heard her talking to an electrician. She takes her phone and gets Ratan’s number. She says I will call him here. She calls him and asks him to check her house’s board. Mohini is scared. They all wait for him. Ratan arrives there and asks what’s the issue? Aparajita shows him Mohini and asks him to tell if she paid him? Akshay threatens him to tell the truth. Ratan says yes, I got a call to destroy the meter for proof but it was Aparajita that called me. All are shocked. The flashback shows how Mohini told him to take Aparajita’s name if he gets caught. Ratan tells them that Aparajita did it for some plan. Aparajita shouts that Mohinig gave you money right? Ratan shows Aparajita’s calls in his phone. Aparajita says he is lying. Akshay shouts that its your number. Mohini says you just want to trap me. Niya asks Aparajita to stop it.. you are stooping so low. Chhavi says Maa is not lying, why would she do that? Aparajita tries threaten Ratan to tell the truth but Akshay shouts at her to stop it. He says I know you hate Mohini and wanted revenge but you could stoop this low? the truth is out and you lied to us all.

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