His mistress child update Tuesday 15 August 2023

His mistress child 15 August 2023: The Episode starts with Ashok telling Gayatri and Manoj that Yashoda can’t go to orphanage. Gayatri asks Yashoda has done so much for Krishna, why she is not allowed to go there. Manoj says shall I talk to Chacha ji? Yashoda says no, I have promised babu ji that I will not go. Gayatri and yashoda go out. Ashok asks Manoj if Gayatri knows about him. Manoj asks did you tell her? Ashok says no. He apologizes to Manoj and asks how did Bhabhi agree? Manoj says when I can convince Judge, then why can’t Gayatri. Ashok says you was hesitant to adopt him. Manoj says that yes, but when I saw you in that condition, I felt that I will lose you and that moment, I understood that you are valuable to me, and there is nothing more than your friendship. Ashok thanks him for saving him. Manoj asks if there was any other way. Ashok says you have lowered my burden at one go.

Hemu is in the orphanage and says don’t beat me. Krishna asks him to get up from the sleep. Lalita comes there and says Hemu is sleeping. Krishna says he said don’t beat me. Lalita says his condition is bad and asks Krishna and other kids to go. They leave. She asks Girdhari to close all doors and windows. Girdhari closes the windows and doors. Lalita throws water from the jug and says if you tell anything to anyone, then I will cut your tongue and will sell in the market. Hemu is traumatized. She asks him not to utter any word and asks Girdhari to lock the room. Girdhari looks upset.

Yashoda is teary eyes and thanks Gayatri. Gayatri says I shall thank you, you didn’t know that you have given me a biggest happiness, someone will call me Maa, my life will be completed. Yashoda says I didn’t do anything, Krishna is lovely, I felt connected with him as if he is part of me. Then Mala left and he accused me of her death. She says he is not related to me, but I shall not care for him, but I couldn’t bear his anger. She asks her to tell Krishna that she wanted to go to hospital that day, but she couldn’t go. She says tell him that if I had come, then I couldn’t have saved her, as she was very unwell. She says tell him that I am not bad and love him a lot. Gayatri says I will tell Krishna, how you love him, because of you, he will get home and parents. She says I wish you could come to orphanage and see your promise fulfilling.

Lalita refuses to give Krishna to Gayatri and Manoj, and asks Ashok and Manoj if they are real lawyers, or just worn the black coat. Ashok says Yashoda ji is Legal guardian of Krishna and says they have filed application in court and they will get the permission of adoption. Lalita says she has to take permission from higher authorities, and says my Saheb went for inspection. Ashok says ok, I will keep enquiry for you, to find out why the kids run away from this orphanage. He shows the report. Lalita laughs and says you are a big lawyer so will use your tactics. Krishna comes there and sees Ashok, Manoj and Gayatri. Lalita informs him that he is adopted by them and asks him to pack his stuff and leave from there. Krishna asks about Yashoda, and asks if she is adopting me? Lalita says no, they are adopting you. Krishna refuses to go with them and says I am happy where I am, I don’t want to go with anyone. Gayatri, Manoj and Ashok are shocked. Ashok stops Krishna. Gayatri asks Krishna, why you are refusing? Krishna says I am an orphan and wants to stay here with other orphans. Gayatri says you will get mother and father’s love. Krishna says I don’t want a father, I hate that word. He says you are very good aunty, but nobody can take my mother’s place. He says my mother is dead now. Manoj says you will get a good house. Krishna says orphans don’t have homes, and they have just orphanage.

Ashok calls him selfish and tells that Yashoda has done so much for you, so that you can get a good house. Krishna says I know she has done this, to fulfill promise made to my mother. Ashok says not just for promise, but she loves you. Krishna says if she had loved me, then wouldn’t have given me to someone else. He says only my mother used to love me. Ashok tries to take him forcibly. Lalita says someone make the video. Krishna bites Ashok’s hand and runs to lock himself in the room. Manoj says we shall call Yashoda here. Ashok calls Yashoda and informs her about Krishna’s refusal. Lalita says they are destroying Orphanage’s peace. Yashoda hears on call. Lalita asks them to leave, and says the boy is mine.

Ashok tells Yashoda that he is not in control and asks her to come there. Krishna throws the things kept in the room. Ashok asks her to come there. Yashoda says I will not break the promise given to Bau ji.

Lalita telling that Krishna is her child and will not go. She asks Girdhari to break the axe and break the door. Krishna says if anyone comes inside, then…Gayatri asks Ashok to call Yashoda here. Lalita asks why you want to adopt him, when he don’t want to be adopted. She asks them to go. Manoj says Krishna is a child and is immature, he can’t take his own decisions. Lalita says I am warden here and asks them to come. She asks Girdhari to break the door and asks Krishna to move away from the door. Krishna refuses. Yashoda comes there and stops Girdhari. She tells Krishna that she has come. Krishna says you have put me in this trouble, did I tell you that I need a mother and home. Yashoda apologizes to him and says I forgot to ask you what you wants, and says your mother

wanted you to become a big lawyer. She says your dream will not complete if you stay here. Krishna says I will fulfill my mother’s dream with my hardwork. He says I will die, but will not call anyone else as my mother. He says I don’t want doosri Maa and asks them to go. Yashoda says nobody will adopt you without your wish and promises him. She says she is giving him promise thoughtfully. Gayatri asks what are you saying? Yashoda says relations are not made by force and assures Krishna that whatever he want, will happen. She says if you don’t want then we will not come, take care of yourself. She says your mother used to love you a lot and asks him not to do anything wrong.

She asks him to call her whenever needed, and says she will be here. Krishna hears her and gets teary eyes. Ashok, Yashoda, Manoj and Gayatri are leaving. Krishna comes out and calls Yashoda. Ashok asks Yashoda to look at Krishna. Yashoda says I can’t break the promise and will not meet him. They leave.

Yashoda and Ashok come home. Yashoda tells Ashok that she will serve him food. Ashok asks her not to worry. Yashoda says I am not worried. Yashoda says what we could do when Krishna doesn’t want to be adopted. She says I thought he doesn’t want to stay in Ashram and Gayatri can fulfill his mother’s need, I had done a mistake. Ashok says you thought about his betterment and has fulfilled the promise made to Mala. Yashoda says whatever happens is for good, we are humans and shall not try to relieve anyone’s pain. She starts crying. Ashok says no. Yashoda says she couldn’t fulfill the promise made to Mala and couldn’t make hatred end in Krishna’s heart for me.

Lalita laughs and asks the guy to come to take Krishna. She asks if you know English. He says yes yes. He asks why he refused to be adopted. Lalita says she doesn’t know and thinks why? Nandu asks Krishna why he didn’t want to be adopted. Krishna says I didn’t want. Nandu asks why you asked that Yashoda Madam is adopting you? Krishna says we are orphans and shall not have any hopes. Nandu says we are kids and have hopes. Nandu thinks how to elope? He says if you had gone with Doctor aunty then she would have got Matron punished. Krishna says you said right, but I didn’t want to go. Nandu says they shall go to Yashoda and tell her everything. He says she will teach a lesson to matron aunty.

Krishna says she didn’t turn when I called her. Nandu says you also turn your face many times. They plan to elope from the terrace.

Ashok brings the torn birth certificate and sticks the torn papers on the paper. He is shocked to see the father’s name empty. He tells Manoj about it. He tells him that Mala was great not to take his name, so that his name doesn’t get ruined. He says she kept this secret as a secret and doesn’t let anyone know that he is my son. He says now I understand why she left without telling me, she loved me so much that she risked her happiness for me, I used to think her wrong, but she was very great. Manoj says you are lucky, both women in your life was great. He says Mala left, but didn’t let your name ruin and Yashoda loves Krishna so much without knowing the truth. Ashok says I will fulfill both Mala and Yashoda’s wish, which is to see Krishna happy. He swears to Mala that he will make Krishna as the big lawyer.

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