Aparajita zeeworld update Wednesday 16 August 2023

Aparajita 16 August 2023: Akshay shouts at Aparajita that the truth is out so stop blaming Mohini. Your lie is out, you have gone crazy to try to hurt Mohini that you hurt my kids. Aparajita says this is a lie. Akshay says shut up.. you are dangerous for my daughters and I don’t want you near them. They will stay in my house from now on, they won’t stay with you anymore. Mohini smirks and thinks my plan is working now. Akshay tries to take them inside but Aparajita stops them and says don’t you dare take away my daughters, I won’t allow you to do that. All look on. Akshay says what are you doing? are you testing me? Dadi says you are making a scene. Akshay says I feel like Mohini was always right about her.. its about my daughters, I let them be with her for 15 years but their father is with them now to protect them from you.. they are in danger with you and its my duty to protect them. Aparajita shouts that I raised them for 15 years and you think I am a danger to them? Akshay shouts you keep blaming me for what happened 15 years ago but you can’t hide your mistakes today.

Aparajita shouts this Mohini is wrong. Akshay says I will take my daughters with me. Aparajita says I won’t let you do that. She stands in the way but he pushes her away and tries to take the daughters inside but they rush to Aparajita. Akshay asks Asha to take Chhavi inside, she says no, we will be with Maa. He shouts at them to go inside. He asks Arjun to Niya inside, he goes with her. Chhavi is not feeling well and gets dizzy but Aparajita holds her. Akshay shouts that she is not well.. don’t be stubborn. He tells Aparajita that you don’t have a place to take her. Chhavi says no.. I will stay with Maa. Aparajita hugs her and says papa is right, you need rest and I can’t take you to my house as its all messed up. Your wound is still healing so its better you stay here. I will take you from here once I clean up the house. Chhavi cries and hugs her. She asks Asha to go with her. They both go in the house. Akshay asks Disha to go inside. She says I won’t go. Aparajita tells Disha that you know Mohini can do anything with your sisters.. if you stay with them then I know you would protect them. Please go inside and take care of your sister. Akshay shouts at her to go inside. She says don’t say anything to my mother, she goes in the house. Mohini smirks and thinks I have taken her house, her husband and now her daughters are not with her. Aparajita glares at her and says my daughters are in the house but if anything happens to them then I won’t spare you. She tells Akshay that my kids are here till Chhavi becomes fine and I set up my house again. She asks Dadi to stay with them.. I don’t trust this Mohini at all. Akshay says lets go. Aparajita glares at him and goes from there.

Aparajita starts going to her house and is crying. Her daughters are standing in the balcony and sees her. She looks at them and smiles. She looks away and goes from there.

Disha, Asha and Chhavi come to their room. Disha makes Chhavi lie down, Chhavi says Maa needs us the most and she has to be alone in that burnt house. We should her strength and not her weakness, she must be so sad.

Aparajita comes to her burned house and sees her laundry completely burned. She recalls her moments with her daughters and says this fire has burned everything. She starts cleaning the house but breakdowns in tears.. she says I can’t become weak like this, I have to remove this allegation from me.

Disha tells Chhavi that we can’t be sad, we have to motivate Maa and pretend that everything is normal. She wipes their tears. Akshay comes there and says I came here to say that this is your house.. if you need anything then let me. Disha says its not a house for us if we don’t have our mother with us.

Aparajita comes to the laundry and is about to touch the meter but some men come there and stop her. The man tells her to not touch any electric wires, he says we are from the insurance company so we need to check everything. He asks her how did the fire start? She tells them everything. They take pictures of everything. The man looks at the meter and says it seems like it was tempered with. Aparajita says we didn’t do anything. He asks if she got it repaired or anything? she says no.. I just repaired the wire. He says you think you are an electrician?

Akshay tells Disha that I know you are hurt but you need to understand I am not against your mother. Disha says if that’s the case then you wouldn’t separate us from her. You would have listened to her. I had to come to his house because of Chhavi. Akshay says I am happy that you are here.. my daughters are with me today so I am happy. He tells Chhavi to take care and leaves from there. Disha tells Chhavi that we have seen many times that this man never takes a stand for Maa when she needs him. We have to prove Maa’s innocence. Chhavi nods. Disha says I have an idea. Asha and Chhavi look on.

The insurance man tells Aparajita that we will prepare a report about this case. Aparajita says I really needs this money.. this laundry was everything to us. The man says if something wrong happened with you then you will get the claim money. She thanks them.

Akshay comes to Dadi and asks why is she sitting alone? she says don’t pretend like you care. Akshay asks what happened? Dadi says you shouldn’t have behaved like that with Aparajita. Akshay says I know said a lot in anger but I was totally right. She is wrong this time. Dadi says you should start thinking from heart for once. Akshay says can’t you see what happened with my daughters? I can see truth in Niya’s eyes.. why would she lie about Aparajita? Aparajita is wrong this time and you need to understand that. He leaves. Mohini hears that and thinks I have to take Akshay from here soon.

Aparajita calls her daughters and says everything will be fine soon.. I have cleaned up the house and I have already filed for insurance. Asha is crying but Disha stops her from crying to Aparajita. Aparajita asks Chhavi if she took her medicine? She says I am making soup for you all, I will bring it. Asha says papa won’t allow you to come here. Aparajita says don’t worry, I will find a way.

Aparajita takes a ladder and is trying to climb to her daughters’ room in Akshay’s house. He is outside but doesn’t see her. Aparajita enters their room and hugs them. Disha says you look tired. She says its okay. Disha asks about insurance. Aparajita says I have filed the case so lets see. She gets a call from the insurance officer who tells her that we checked our photos and it seems like you deliberately started the fire so you could get an insurance claim, I am closing your case and you won’t get any money, he ends the call. Aparajita thinks she can’t tell her daughters. Disha asks what did he say? she says nothing.. he just said that he is working on the case. She says I have brought soup for Niya too. Disha says don’t take her name, she is just like her mother Mohini. Aparajita says its not like that, I just need to talk to her and clarify everything.

Mohini comes to Akshay and shows him a doctor file. She says I think Niya needs this doctor. Akshay says but he is in Dubai. Mohini says so what? I think we should go back as she needs a good doctor. Akshay says what about Chhavi and my mother daughters? I can’t leave them here, stop being so selfish. Mohini says are you forgetting what I have done for you? do you want me to remind you? Akshay says you are impossible, he leaves. Mohini says he has to come to Dubai at any cost.

Aparajita comes to Niya’s room and sees her sleeping. She sits there and recalls Niya being scared of her. She says Niya? she wakes up and gets scared. She says don’t be scared.. I just brought soup for you. Niya is scared but Aparajita says you really think I would leave you there to burn? I know your mother and I have issues but you are like my daughter.. I have always accepted you as my daughter so why would I do that with you? it hurts me that you are scared of me. She tries to give her soup but Mohini comes there and shouts how dare you? what are you doing here? All come there. Akshay asks Aparajita what are you doing here? Mohini says she must be poisoning Niya.. she was forcing her to drink soup. Akshay asks Aparajita why did you come here? Aparajita says there is no poison in it. Mohini throws it away and says I don’t trust you.. you must have tried to kill her. Akshay asks Aparajita why did you come here? Mohini asks Niya if she was forcing her to drink soup? Niya says she was provoking me against you mom.. she told me to say to everyone that you were behind all this. All are shocked. Mohini says wow.. Disha asks Niya why are you lying? Aparajita says I was not trying to harm Niya. Mohini asks Akshay to call the police. Dadi says don’t listen to her. Akshay asks Mohini to stop over-reacting. He tells Aparajita that you know Niya doesn’t want you near her so why did you come here? Mohini says I would have called the police on her but I am not because of Akshay. Disha says we can go back home. Aparajita says no.. its not a place to live so you all have to stay here for now. Mohini asks her to get lost. Aparajita silently leaves. Niya looks on.

Dadi says I need to talk to Akshay about what Guruji said.Mohini sees Akshay sleeping and pulls out an injection, she says he will have to do as I say. She is about to give him the injection but Dadi comes there and sees her so Mohini takes her from there. Dadi says what were you giving to Akshay? I know you started the fire in the laundry. I will tell Akshay. She tries to go back but Mohini drags her away. She sees Disha coming there so she hides with Dadi. Disha looks around and finds the injection bottle. She takes it and leaves from there.

Mohini gives the injection to Dadi to stop her from screaming. Dadi faints while Mohini looks on.In the morning, Disha is on call with Aparajita and goes to Dadi’s room. She screams Dadi.




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