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Aparajita 14 August 2023: Diahs tells Aparajita that Niya is still unconscious. Aparajita asks where is the doctor? Chhavi is not waking up too. The nurse says he will come when he is free. Akshay comes there and gets angry. He says its an emergency. The doctor comes there so Akshay shouts at him and says she is critical. Aparajita takes him aside and asks him to calm down. Akshay says you don’t understand my stress, your one daughter is in danger but my 2 daughters are.. he calms down and looks away. The doctor asks them to leave the room so he can treat Chhavi.

Aparajita is outside the operating room and waiting for the doctor. She goes to ICU for Niya. She asks Dadi how is Niya? Dadi says we don’t know, I am really worried. How is Chhavi? Aparajita cries and hugs her. Mohini glares at her. Aparajita says how did this happen.. my daughter had to bear so much in such a short time. Disha and Asha come there, they try to console her. Aparajita says Niya is hurt too, how I couldn’t see her. I should have saved her too. Asha says its not your fault. Aparajita says I have to deposit money for Chhavi’s treatment, my money burned in the laundry so I will break my FD to get some money. She asks Disha to keep an eye on Chhavi. Akshay says you don’t need to break any FD, I will take care of the money. Aparajita says no.. I can manage money for her treatment. Akshay says what do you mean? why is it always about you? I am her father too and I have a right to help her also. The inspector comes there and asks Aparajita if she doubts anyone for burning her laundry? Aparajita looks on. Mohini says why are you asking her, she is the problem herself. The important thing is she took advantage of the fire, she wants to take revenge on me. My daughter is in danger because of her, she asks Aparajita why did you leave her to die? you could have saved her but you didn’t. Aparajita says I didn’t leave her there deliberately. Mohini thinks I have to do this drama in front of Akshay. Akshay tries to stop Mohini but Aparajita takes her side. She sits with Mohini and says I didn’t leave Niya there deliberately, if I had known she was there then I would have put my life in danger to save her. I can understand your pain because I am feeling the same pain. I am a mother so how can you think I would do that with Niya? its not a time to blame each other but to give strength to each other. Our strength will protect our kids and save them. We have to be united in this. The nurse comes there and says Chhavi is awake now. Aparajita and Akshay rush to her. Mohini is angry.

Aparajita rushes to Chhavi. She is awake. Akshay and others come there too. Akshay asks how is she? he says you both were in the function then how you and Niya eneded up in the house? did you see something before the fire? Chhavi says yes.. I saw Veer behind the door. All are shocked. Aparajita says what? Akshay says he was in police custody. He says we have to talk to the inspector, he takes Aparajita from there.

Disha prays to Mata Rani and says if Veer is behind this then I won’t spare him. Arjun comes there and asks how is Chhavi? Disha says she is awake now, she asks about Niya. He says she is still unconscious. I came here to meet Niya and now she is in this condition. Disha says so you are her friend? He says yes, I came here to meet her but my things got stolen so I found a place in your house. I wanted to meet with Niya but things ended up like this. He says I feel bad about Mohini blaming your mother like that. He says I know Mohini aunty, she is not like that, she must be stressed about Niya. Disha says you don’t know what she has done to my mother so don’t talk about it. She tries to leave but Arjun asks how is Aparajita? she must be stressed. Don’t worry about it, good things happen with good people. Disha says I don’t believe all this now, my mother has never done anything bad with anyone but she keeps having to face all this. Arjun says how did the fire start in the laundry? Disha says I don’t know but I won’t spare the person who did it. Arjun says you think someone deliberately started the fire? Disha says if I find out who is behind it then I won’t spare that person.

The inspector comes to the hospital and finds Veer in his bed and is tied to it. Sunil comes there and says what are you doing? my son is hurt so don’t take him back to the jail. The officer comes there so the inspector asks if this Veer left? The officer says we are keeping an eye on him, he didn’t leave. The inspector says we have a doubt that he left last night and did something… then he came back here. Veer says I am ill and didn’t leave at all. Sunil says my son has been framed so don’t try to put another fake case on him. The flashback shows how Veer told Sunil that Chhavi might have seen him. Sunil gave money to the officer to keep his mouth shut. Sunil told Veer what if they check CCTV? Veer told him that there are no CCTVs in the room. The flashback ends.

The inspector calls Akshay and tells him about Veer. Akshay tells Chhavi that Veer is still in the hospital. Chhavi says I saw him with my own eyes, he closed the door on me. Akshay says maybe you imagined him because of what he did with you. It can’t be him as he is still in the hospital. Chhavi says I saw him. Aparajita says the police is finding out how the fire started, they will catch him if its true. Akshay asks Chhavi to relax, I will be back later. He asks Asha and Disha to take care of her. He looks at Aparajita and leaves.

Akshay comes out of Chhavi’s room and recalls how she took Veer’s name. Aparajita comes there and asks what are you thinking? Akshay says why are you making Chhavi believe in her imagination that it was Veer she saw? Aparajita says why do you think it was her imagination only? Akshay says the inspector confirmed that Veer is still in the hospital, how could he leave? he was not responsible for the fire because the reason for the fire was.. Aparajita says what? what do you mean? Akshay says you are responsible for the fire. Aparajita is shocked and says me? Akshay says it happened because of your ego and attitude. Dadi comes there too. Akshay tells Aparajita that you are responsible for our kids suffering. Dadi says what are you saying? Akshay says the fire department said the fire started because of a short circuit. We both saw the short circuit before, I tried repairing it but she stopped me because she can’t take my help? our kids are burned and in this condition because of her. He tells Aparajita that if my kids don’t become fine then I won’t forgive you, he leaves. Aparajita tells Dadi that I corrected the short circuit myself. Dadi recalls the priest’s words.

Chhavi is crying in pain while Niya’s condition is worsening. The doctor gives an injection to her. Akshay comes outside her room. Mohini asks if he is okay? he nods. The nurse comes out and says the patient’s condition is critical. Mohini and Akshay are shocked.

Chhavi is crying in pain, Aparajita cries for her and goes away. She comes to the mandir and prays for her daughter. She says please take away their pain. Did I do some mistake? Akshay thinks its my fault and if it is then punish me but make them fine. I have never hated Niya and I wouldn’t have left her there if I knew she was there. Please give me pain instead of them. Please make them fine. She puts her hand on diya and says I will keep punishing myself till my kids become fine. This is a mother’s plea to make them fine.

Scene 2
Disha is outside Chhavi’s room. Arjun comes there and says the nurse was stressed about Niya’s condition so I am looking for her. Disha sees his hand burned and says you got hurt too? you should get it bandaged. Arjun says I am just worried about Niya. Disha stops a nurse and asks her to dress his wound. She cleans up his wound while he keeps worrying about Niya. The nurse leaves. Disha tells Arjun that I am with you after seeing your concern for Niya.

Mohini calls Manish and says how did all this happen? how could Niya get trapped there? Manish says I am worrieed about Niya. Mohini says I started the fire for someone else and my own daughter got trapped in it. She finds Aparajita in the mandir and says thank God I saw her before she could hear me. She ends the call and goes from there.

Chhavi tells Asha that her pain has lessened, she goes to sleep. Otherside the doctors treat Niya. The doctor comes out of the ICU and tells Akshay something.

Asha rushes to Aparajita and says what are you doing? she removes her hand from diya and says Chhavi is out of pain now. Aparajita asks about Niya. Dadi comes there and says Niya has woken up.

Niya wakes up with the family around. Niya says Arjun what are you doing here? Arjun smiles and says I will tell you everything later on. Aparajita comes there and asks how is she now? Niya is scared of her and tells Akshay to tell her to stay away from me. Mohini asks what happened? Akshay says its Aparajita only. Aparajita asks why are you miffed with me? Niya recalls how she left her to die in the fire. Niya says you left me there to die, why didn’t you save me? Akshay asks her to calm down. Aparajita says I promise I didn’t see you there. Niya cries and says you saw me.. Akshay asks her to calm down and says she would have helped you if she saw you. Niya says she saved Chhavi but when I called her out, she left me there with Chhavi. She left me there to burn. Dadi says Aparajita might not have seen you. Asha says she cares for you a lot. Mohini says enough, if my daughter saw her ignoring her then believe her, she is scared of Aparajita. She left Niya to burn to take her revenge. Aparajita says I promise I didn’t see her, it was filled with smoke. Mohini shouts at her to get out. Aparajita cries and leaves from there. Niya tells Akshay that why did Aparajita aunty do this with me? Akshay asks her to calm down.

Mohini comes to Aparajita and says how could you leave my daughter to burn and die? Aparajita says what are you saying? I am a mother of 3 daughters, I would never do that with Niya. Mohini says my daughter is not lying. Aparajita says she is mistaken, I can never let anyone die. She tells Akshay that I won’t let that happen with Niya if I knew she was there. Mohini takes a scissor and and shouts enough. She is about to attack her but Akshay stops her. Mohini shouts that you should be punished.

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