Anupama starlife update Thursday 22 June 2023

Anupama 22 June 2023: Anuj tells Anupama that age is just a number and other kids’ mummies can’t win over her over her dance experience. Anupama jokes back. She welcomes them. Women thank Anupama for organizing grand rehearsal at her home and show their props. Leela gets jealous seeing that and tells Pari that Anupama is interacting with outsiders and ignoring her dear ones.

Anupama 21 June 2023

Ankush hears her conversation and suggests her not to repeat the mistake he and Barkha did; says Anuj and Anupama are good people and won’t curse anyone, but whoever troubles them will face troubles automatically. After some time, everyone get ready to leave for Little Anu’s school. Pakhi joins them. Leela says she will stay at home and take care of Pari and even Toshu is having office work and hence will not come.

Barkha says let Pakhi stay back and cook food for Leela. Leela says she will manage, let Pakhi enjoy. Dimple says she will prepare khichdi for Leela. Leeala rudely says she will manage.Anupama sends everyone to Anu’s school and hurriedly prepares khichdi for Leela and milk for Pari. Barkha tells Ankush that Leela will sure make Anupama reach late. They all reach auditorium. Liotle Anu gets happy seeing them and asks about her parents. Ankush says Anuj is on the way from office and Anupama is stuck at home. Little Anu asks if Anuj will not come. Samar says she is coming in another car. Anupama finishes preparing khichdi for Leela and rushes towards door when she hits her head to a table and injures her leg.

Leela insists her to get medicine applied and then go. Anuj reaches auditorium and asks if Anupama and Little Anu got ready backstage. Anuj feels disappointed. Little Anu gets eagerly waits for Anupama and feels disappointed. Leela applies ointment to Anupama’s leg. Anu heads towards door when Anuj calls her and asks her to reach soon as its an important day for 3 of them. Leela stops Anupama. Little Anu insists Samar and Dimpy to call Anupama soon. Anuj walks to her and cheers her up.

Leela tells Anupama that Pari is vomiting. Anupama comforts Pari and asks Leela not to worry as kids vomit due to overfeeding. Teachers ask Little Anu and others participants if they are ready as only 20 minutes are left for the performance. Little Anu anxiously asks Anuj when will Anupama come. Anuj says she is on the way. Dimpy asks him if he can postpone the event for some time using his contacts. Anuj say he can, but he will not do that and waste other’s time. Pakhi tries to act romantic with Adhik, irritating him and Barkha.

Leela emotionally blackmails Anupama and doesn’t let her go. Anuj repeatedly calls Anupama and hopes she reaches soon. Little Anu starts crying and says mummy didn’t come. Anuj gets more upset.Anupama calls Anuj and says she is on her way. Anuj says this time he doesn’t care as its Little Anu’s most important day and she is already crying.

He comforts Little Anu and goes behind stage to talk to the anchor and delay the show. Barkha notices him and asks what is Anuj doing there. Adhik gets a message from Dimpy that Anupama hasn’t reached yet.Barkha blames Leela for holding Anu and tells Ankush that if Anupama doesn’t reach on time, there would a big fight today. Anuj walks on stage and entertains guests with his jokes. Anupama continues to drive and prays god to help her.

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