Imlie starlife update Saturday 24 June 2023

Imlie 24 June 2023: Atharva expresses his love for Chini and says her I love you. Imlie with Arpita and Rupali visits same temple and thinks its her first karva chauth fast, she is heading on a path of love and god should protect her if she stumbles. She prays god for her and Atharva’s happiness. Chini acts and asks if she loves really loves her, what about his marriage with Imlie. She reveals even she loves him and lies that she considers Imlie’s happiness above her and cannot snatch her happiness and keep her in dark. Atharva says they will reveal truth to Imlie and if she loves Chini, she will understand their situation. Imlie prays to fill Chini’s life with happiness. Chini says her family loves Imlie more than her and would hate her if they learn that she loves him, can he change their hatred into love.

Atharva takes her to havan kund and asks what can he do for her. She takes pheras with him around havan kund and asks if he can take up her responsibility and keep her above his family and everyone else. Atharva says he calls her hookline as its a repeated and most important part of the song, she is his responsibility and everything from hereon. Imlie also does parikrama and prays for her and Atharva’s happy married life. Aparna and Rupali taunt Imlie when will her fiance come. Imlie feels shy. Panditji takes Imlie along for some ritual. Chini insists Atharva to full her hairline with sindhoor and prove his love for her. Atharva thinks why he feels he is doing wrong by applying sindhoor. He opens bottle when it falls down and sindhoor falls on Imlie’s hairline who is performing a ritual downstairs. Panditji tells Imlie that her pooja is complete as Seeta maiya blessed her. Imlie feels happy seeing that.

Pihu gets concerned seeing sindhoor falling down. Atharva says its good as he cannot follow a relationship with Chini by keeping Imlie in dark, so he wants to reveal truth to Imlie first. He calls Imlie and asks her to meet him at the backside of temple. Imlie informs Arpita and Rupali about Atharva’s call and thinks why he looks tensed. Atharva tells Chini they should go now and reveal truth to Imlie. Akash with Keya walks to them and asks Atharva why he is holding Chini’s hand even after knowing Rudra’s decision. Atharva says he and Chini love each other. Keya asks since when. Chini says since the day they saw each other but didn’t express it fearing their families.

Keya says they should let Atharva follow his heart and not bother about Rudra’s ire as Rudra at the least may kick him out of the house and expel him from property rights. Atharva says he will keep Chini happy with whatever mere earning he gets. Chini gets tensed hearing that and thinks why shall she marry Atharva without money. Keya notices her facial expression. Chini walks to them and asks what are they all doing with Atharva. Atharva is about to reveal truth when Keya says they call came to see her celebrating her first karvachauth. Imlie feels happy and goes to inform Aparna and Rupali about their presence. Akash tells Keya that her doubt regarding Chini is right.

Atharva asks Chini why didn’t she reveal truth to Imlie. Chini says she didn’t want to hurt Imlie’s feelings seeing her excitement about karvachauth riutal and even her whole family would be heartbroken. Atharva still insists her to reveal truth. Akash says they can reveal it tomorrow after karvachauth. Imlie returns to her family and performs Karvachauth ritual looking at Atharva’s face while Atharva looks at Chini.

Chini returns home and informs Anu that Atharva’s sanskari father would kick him out of the house or Atharva himself will walk out of the house if he marries Chini. She says her future looks bleak while she dreamt of living a queen’s life with super rich Atharva, she needs Atharva’s wealth and not his hard earned money. Anu says she should continue to trap Arto, his parents will be angry on him for sometime and then reaccept him, then Arto’s house and wealth would be Chini’s. Rupali hears their conversation and tongue lashes Anu for misleading Chini and Chini for eyeing on her sister’s love. Chini says truth is Arto loves her and not Imlie. Rupali says she can’t believe that Atharva can betray anyone, he would have informed Imlie about it. Chini says whether she believes it or not, Atharva loves only her. Rupali thinks she should inform Arpita and Sundar about Chini’s evil intentions and find some solution.

Devika checks Rudra’s BP and finds it low. Keya says papaji is already unwell, he will get a shock if he hears that Atharva met Chini and they both expressed their love for each other. Rudra panics. Akash asks him not to worry as he handled Atharva this time and will continue to handle it. Keya says he can have medicine and relax. Devika says Akash has reformed himself. Atharva looks at news paper cutout of Imlie’s poem misunderstanding as written by Chini and thinks his hookline is multitalented. He creates tune for the poem. Imlie draws her and Atharva’s painting recalling their meeting. Chini thinks she will not let Ms Shutlik dream so high, bumps on her purposefully, and acting apologetic spoils it in lieu of cleaning it. Imlie says its okay as Atharva’s name is permanently fixed in his heart. Chini says her canvas ink is still wet, but she wants to permanently tattoo her heart.

Imlie gets confused with her words and thinks she will make a better and more beautiful painting and life. She corrects the painting. Afer some time, Atharva meets Chini and asks if she informed family about them. Chini says no as she is worried about Imlie. Atharva says he loves her for her sacrificial nature, they should reveal truth to Imlie as they can’t keep her in dark, he wants to openly reveal his love for Chini in front of everyone and marry her. Chini says everyone’s blessings are important to her. Atharva sdays he will leave his house if his family doesn’t agree. Chini asks why he wants to leave the house; he has a family, but she doesn’t have parents and is using Rathore family’s surname and staying in their house; Rathore family loves Imlie more than her and would kick her out if they learn about betraying them, so she some needs time. Atharva says let us reveal their truth to Imlie first. Chini thinks Arto’s wealth would be hers soon with proper planning.

Chini returns home and gets tensed seeing whole family waiting for her at the door. Imlie says this wouldn’t have happened just before her marriage and hands over her job transfer letter. Chini thinks she never visited her office and got attence by bribing peon. Rupali recalls informing about Chini’s evil plan to Sundar and Arpita. Sundar says he knows someone at Chini’s office and would get her transfer. Chini says she needs to report at her Mumbai office tomorrow. Imlie says Chini shouldn’t go anywhere till her wedding finishes. Rupali says even they don’t want Chini to go, but.. Atharva enters and says Chini will not go anywhere. Chini fears Atharva will reveal truth and get her out of this house. Atharva says he will get a job for Chini in his friend’s office in a same city. Rupali says Chini should go out and explore. Arpita says Chini will not grow else. Atharva says he cannot let Chini get out of. Chini says Imlie’s life as he knows Imlie loves Chini a lot.

Imlie holds Atharva’s hand and asks if he will get Chini a job in Delhi. Atharva says yes as he knows her happiness is linked to her sister. Imlie says he understood her wish so well. Sundar says let Chini as she has to go anyways after a few days. Imlie says let Chini spend time with her for a few days at least.

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