Anupama starlife update Friday 23 June 2023

Anupama 23 June 2023: Anuj entertains audience on Meri Umar Ke Nawjawanon… song to buy some time till Anupama reaches auditorium. Ankush and Barkha discuss same. Samar asks Little Anu to relax as performances won’t start until her papa is performing on stage. Anu speeds her car towards auditorium anxiously. Barkha hopes Anupama would have reached by now. Adhik says Anuj is really a rockstar, he is proud of Anuj.

Anupama 22 June 2023

Ankush says this boy can do anything for Anupama and Little Anu. Auidence clap after Anuj’s performance. Host announces kids and parents’ performance after that. Anuj and Little Anu get more anxious. First performance starts. Barkha says she knew something of this sort would happen. Hasmukh thinks he should have stayed at home and sent Anupama here.

Little Anu starts crying more. Anuj tries to comfort her and gets angry on Anupama. Next kid’s performance starts. Anu thinks she will reach auditorium somehow and gets stuck in traffic. Little Anu and Anupama’s name is called next. Anuj signals no. Host says Mrs Anupama and her daughter won’t be able to perform. Barkha asks why didn’t Anupama reach yet. Adhik hopes Anupama is fine. Anuj gets more upset seeing Little Anu crying profusely. Hasmukh says Anuj was right regarding this issue.

Little Anu asks Anuj if mummy is fine. Anuj says Anupama is fine and says sorry for failing to keep their promise. Host says junior students performances end today, its time to announce w inners.Anupama rushes in and stops host. Family gets happy seeing her. Anupama takes mic and apologizes everyone for reaching late for competition. She says mummy would have reached on time, but grandmother got late. She gives a long speech on failure to handle relationships and says she knows today’s competition has ended, she doens’t want to participate in competition but just needs one chance to perform with her daughter on stage.

Little Anu runs and hugs Anupama. Anupama apologizes her for being late and continues her emotional speech. Judges discuss among themselves and permit her. Little Anu says she will dance not to win but for her mummy. Everyone clap while Anuj gets upset seeing Little Anu developing sacrificial nature like Anupama.Anupama and Little Anu dance on Saddi Gali Bhulke Bhi Aaya Karo.. song. Everyone clap loudly after their performance.

Anuj praises and pampers Little Anu and expresses is anger towards Anupama with his expressions. Anupama senses that. Host thanks Anuj and his family for their performance and calls judges to come on stage and distribute prizes to the winners. Little Anu feels sad when another kid gets first prize. Anupama notices that and says she should be happy with a win, whether its her’s or someone else’s. Anuj gets more upset hearing that. Anupama holds his hand. Anuj frees it and claps for other kids.

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