Unfortunate love update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Unfortunate love 25 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi fighting with jail inmates. The prisoner tells that his brother is in hospital after having food in his hotel. He says you have said in court and says you have backstabbed the people. Rishi says I said that to save my wife, it was not her mistake, I lied so that she gets freed and I came here. He says I am saying the truth and will not stop you even if you want to kill me, as I am also sad about your brother and others, who got unwell due to somebody else. The guy says you are truthful and praises him. The other guy tells that husband and wife love each other a lot. Rishi tells the guy that he will get the criminal punished, whoever is responsible for his brother’s condition.

Malishka fights with a lady on the road. The lady threatens to file police complaint.Malishka pays her for the damage. Balwinder comes there and acts to be her husband, says he is cheating on her and she came to know about it. The lady returns Malishka’s money and slaps Balwinder, scolding him for cheating beautiful wife. The lady leaves. Malishka gets angry on Balwinder. Balwinder says he loves Lakshmi. He asks did you drink and drive? Malishka says no, and says a big thing happened and says Lakshmi went to meet Chef Mukesh.

Lakshmi comes to the office. Ayush tells her about the losses. Lakshmi blames herself. Ayush asks her not to blame herself and says this is happening due to the person who is behind all this. Lakshmi says once we catch that person, everything will be sorted. She says why Mukesh haven’t come till now. Mukesh comes there. Lakshmi asks him to sit. She says sorry and says you have to bear so much and have to come to court. Mukesh asks why did you call me? Lakshm says Rishi is in jail. Ayush says bhabhi went before him. Lakshmi says you can make everything fine. Ayush asks him to tell whatever happened in the kitchen that day. Mukesh recalls Abhay’s words and says I told what I knew in court.

Lakshmi says you are working here, and Rishi helps you whenever you are in trouble, now it is your turn. Ayush says if Bhabhi would want then she would have put all blame on you. Lakshmi asks him to tell about the real criminal and says you can’t betray Rishi, and asks him to tell the truth. Mukesh says I don’t know anything and don’t want to get trapped in this case.

Balwinder says if that chef meets Lakshmi, then we will be caught. Malishka asks what I was telling? Balwinder says I am not worried, as I am going to marry soon. Malishka smiles. Balwinder says I will get Lakshmi and she is with him for next 7 births. Malishka is about to start the car. Balwinder scolds her and sits in the car, asking her to drive. Malishka asks him to go out. Balwinder asks Malishka to call him partner. Malishka says she has good business. Balwinder says we will talk in running car and says we both have evil minds. Malishka drives off.

Shalu sees Malishka and Balwinder going in car. Lakshmi tells Ayush that Mukesh is involved or hiding something. Ayush says may be he don’t want to be involved in this case like he said. Lakshmi says my heart says that Mukesh knows something. Ayush says lets go and catch him. Lakshmi says we don’t need to scare him, and make him trust that we are with him and support him.

Bani asks Shalu if everything is fine at Di’s house. Shalu says everything is fine. She says Ayush is with Lakshmi di. Bani says he is jhalla. Shalu praises him and says she likes him. Bani says you have accepted him. Shalu recalls seeing Malishka with Bani. Mukesh comes out of the hotel and sits on the bike. Someone (may be Abhay) comes there and take away his bike keys.

Mr. Basu tells Virender that Rishi has done the same mistake as Lakshmi. He says if he had patience, then I would have taken her out. Virender says now he has become accused. Mr. Basu says he has become criminal in law sight. Karishma comes there and blames Lakshmi. Mr. Basu says he will leave. Virender asks Karishma if she doesn’t have mind, what to talk infront of others. Karishma says she said truth. Virender tells that Lakshmi had saved them from the terrorists. Karishma says Lakshmi takes advantage of the moment and becomes great. She says she is guilty. Virender says neither Lakshmi nor Rishi is guilty, and says both of them are my pride. Mukesh is about to leave on his bike, when Lakshmi comes infront of his bike and stops him. Mukesh gets down from his bike. Lakshmi promises that they will not let anything happen to him and asks him to think that the business will be closed and many people will lose their jobs. Ayush promises hike in job and salary and extra perks. Mukesh recalls Malishka’s words. Lakshmi says if something had happened which shouldn’t have happened, then tell us, whatever had happened that day.

Malishka tells Balwinder that she has bought Chef, but he might open his mouth. Ayush asks him to help them. He thinks I am sure that he will tell. Mukesh says I don’t have anything to say. He sits on the bike and speeds off. Ayush shouts Mukesh. Lakshmi says I am sure that there is something big, and someone is here and watching us. Ayush says are you sure? He says we shall see. Abhay is hiding.

Balwinder asking Malishka to call her father once, and says he has some work. Abhay hides from Lakshmi and Ayush’s sight. Lakshmi and Ayush are coming there. Abhay is still hiding. He sees Lakshmi about to see him and hides. He gets Malishka’s call and rejects it. Lakshmi hears the phone ringing. Balwinder says the chef must have been caught and your Abba might be caught too. Malishka says my father is very smart. Ayush asks Lakshmi if she saw someone. Lakshmi says no. Malishka says he is not picking the call. Abhay thinks Lakshmi felt that there is someone here, thankgod, Chef didn’t tell anything. He recalls threatening to kill Mukesh’s family. He thinks Chef went from here, even I shall leave. Lakshmi says she heard phone ringing. Ayush says you are very stressed.

Lakshmi says still she feels that someone is here? Ayush asks her not to take stress and panic. Guddu brings car. Abhay sits in the car and bends down, so that nobody can see him. Lakshmi see Guddu driving the car. Guddu calls Balwinder and tells that the work is done. Malishka takes the call and asks Guddu to make him talk to Dad. Abhay tells Malishka that Chef is very worried and will not open his mouth, says there will be no problem anymore. Malishka says I hope so. Ayush tells that Mukesh doesn’t want to say anything. Lakshmi tells that she saw Guddu driving the car, says he was balwinder’s friend who had kidnapped them.

Balwinder and Malishka are sitting in the restaurant. Balwinder tells that he will go to washroom and come. Malishka thinks why Dad didn’t come. Abhay comes there. Malishka asks if you are fine. Abhay asks didn’t you get anyone, other than Guddu. He says he don’t like Balwinder and his friend, says that blo*dy cheapo. Malishka is about to say. Balwinder comes there and keeps hand on Abhay’s shoulder. Lakshmi says if Guddu was here, then what he might be doing here. Ayush says may be coincidence, and if not, then what was he doing here? She tells Ayush that I didn’t tell you one thing, and says Balwinder was in the courtroom that day, and he held her and told that he knows that she is innocent. She says she was worried about Rishi and didn’t hear him.

Ayush asks Abhay to remove his suit as he touched him. Abhay says he don’t want to see his face. Balwinder calls him daddy ji and asks him to get habitual to see his face as Mukesh got afraid because of him. Abhay tells Malishka that Lakshmi will try fully to get Rishi out. Balwinder asks him not to take tension and says I will win, Lakshmi can’t do anything. Abhay asks him not to lecture his daughter and grabs his collar. Balwinder argues. Abhay says he is our Servant and misbehaves. Balwinder says I am her Partner and threatens to expose her.

Rano thinks she has to take lakhs of Rs from Balwinder. Shalu thinks to inform Lakshmi about Balwinder. She collides with Rano. Rano scolds her and thinks how to talk to Balwinder now. She thinks to talk to him later.

Balwinder says I will tell Police that everything is done by Malishka and not Rishi. Malishka says I will kill you. Balwinder says I am not blackmailing you, but your dad. Abhay threatens not to leave him. Malishka asks them to stop fighting and says if we fight then our enemy will benefit. She tells Abhay that she needs Balwinder right now. Balwinder asks Abhay to go. Abhay asks Malishka to think that Balwinder is danger to her life, if Lakshmi is danger to her love. Balwinder asks what happened? Malishka says my dad is always right, if you betray me then I will not leave you. He says you are betraying Oberois. Malishka says there is a difference, I am doing this to get Rishi. Balwinder says I am doing this for Lakshmi. Malishka asks him to behave well with her dad. Balwinder asks if he is my father in law? He asks her to make her father understand and asks her to pay the bill and leave.

Ayush tells Lakshmi that Balwinder is like Malishka’s category. He says we can’t trust him. Lakshmi recalls and thought something. She gets Shalu’s call. Ayush says why she didn’t call me. Lakshmi picks the call and asks Shalu to say fast. Shalu says I have seen Malishka and Balwinder, together in car. Lakshmi is shocked.

Neelam comes to Dadi and says she had come to her, but she was sleeping. Dadi says she is watching Sherni and shows the video of Lakshmi saving Rishi. Virender says she is Punjaban Sherni. Dadi says you are like me and identified Sherni. Karishma says even now Rishi is in danger. Neelam says she had saved Rishi so that nobody doubts her, and tells that this is her planning. Virender asks do you want to say that Lakshmi has poisoned the food and then jailed herself, convinced Rishi to take blame on himself. Neelam says Lakshmi has done this intentionally. Virender reminds that the terrorist was about to shoot Rishi, when Lakshmi safeguarded him. Neelam says she don’t want to argue and everyone will come to know about Lakshmi’s reality soon.

Lakshmi tells Ayush that Shalu saw Balwinder and Malishka together in the car. Ayush says they might have befriended to trap you. Lakshmi says Malishka will not do anything wrong with Rishi. Ayush says she had trapped you, it was attempt to trap you and Rishi took the blame on himself. Lakshmi says Rishi got trapped to save me. Ayush says Malishka’s target was you and not Rishi. Lakshmi says we will think about this later and asks him to come.

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