Unfortunate love update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Unfortunate love 26 July 2023: The Episode starts with Neelam asking Dadi to take care of her health and asks her not to lose her conscience seeing this Sherni. She goes from there with Karishma. Dadi says until Neelam has doubt on Lakshmi, she can’t match with Lakshmi. Virender says Neelam will be happy when everything is fine. Dadi hopes that day shall come soon and asks Virender to go and handle his Sherni. Virender goes. Karishma tells Neelam that until this misunderstanding is cleared that Lakshmi is good, then everyone will be happy. Neelam says she wants that day to come soon, when her family was together and happy. She asks Virender if Rishi will be freed today. Virender says you are asking me, or taunting me.

Neelam says when you have done so much for Lakshmi, what you are doing for Rishi? Virender says Lakshmi is bahu and my daughter too. Neelam says inauspicious too. Virender recalls Lakshmi’s words and says nobody is inauspicious as everyone is made by God. Neelam says God made auspicious and inauspicious too, and says when you have done so much for inauspicious Lakshmi, what you are doing for Rishi. Virender says he is feeling much pain and feels proud of Rishi’s move. Neelam says he didn’t do right and asks when he will come home. Virender says Basu and three lawyer’s team is with him, and says most importantly Lakshmi is also trying. Karishma says again Lakshmi. Virender asks her to be quiet and says very soon Rishi will come out. Neelam says you have 2 days, if my son doesn’t come in 2 days then I will not celebrate Dussehra.

Lakshmi tells Ayush that they didn’t think about CCTV footage. She says we can see the camera footage and can come to know about the real criminal. Ayush calls her genius. Lakshmi says they will know about the culprit.Neelam comes to meet Rishi in the jail. Rishi comes and is about to hug her, but she stops him. He asks if you are upset with me and says you used to do this in my childhood too. Neelam asks will you tell in court that Lakshmi is guilty and not you. Rishi says if I had to do that, then why would I have come here. Neelam says Lakshmi is everything to you now. She says you can hurt me but not her.

Rishi says nothing is important than you. He says you gave me birth and Lakshmi saved my life many times. He says you gave me family and Lakshmi made me understand the meaning of family. He says you gave me happiness, and Lakshmi made me learn to live the happiness. He says you made me to become successful, but Lakshmi taught me to share my success. He says I stayed here alone and felt something and learnt too. He says mother gives life, but life partner becomes life. He says you both are very important to me, and says I can’t see you both upset. He says you can understand my heart feelings first as you are my mother. Neelam says I am understanding that my son has grown up and is talking big. She says I have lived the moment when you was in my womb and now you have grown up and understood the difference between life and life partner. She says Lakshmi will bring sadness in your life. Rishi says he believes that Lakshmi will bring happiness for all the family, not just him. Neelam says don’t say anything. She says do you have any idea, what is happening outside, people are slamming your name. She asks him to think what is she thinking? Rishi says the same people will make you sit on the sky again, and says there is one condition, you please don’t get upset with me, else I can’t breath. Neelam says you will get slapped by me, you knows how to convince your mom. She hugs him and says fulfill my one wish, and says I want you to celebrate Dussera with you, and says we can’t celebrate without you. Rishi says I will do anything for you.

Lakshmi and Ayush come to the CCTV footage room and asks the employee to give them footage of the day when that incident happened. The employee says he has to get the CCTV footage from the central, and asks for time.

Rishi gets happy seeing Ayush and Lakshmi coming to meet him in the lock up. Lakshmi also smiles. Ayush asks them to hug and says he will close his eyes. Rishi says I don’t have any problem, I can hug just like that. Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi says Lakshmi has problem and asks him to close his eyes. Ayush keeps hand on his eyes. Rishi and Lakshmi hug. Rishi says don’t take me wrong, I am hugging you as I didn’t have courage. Lakshmi says she didn’t have peace, and asks him not to think wrong. Ayush asks shall I open my eyes. Lakshmi and Rishi break the hug. Ayush hugs Rishi and says I miss you. Rishi says your wife will have problem with me. Ayush says she will think you sautan and says that’s why he will not marry. Ayush tells Rishi that very soon, he will have freedom. Rishi pushes Ayush and hugs Lakshmi again. Ayush smiles. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Mom had come. Lakshmi says I didn’t meet her, as Bau ji asked me. Rishi says she said th at if I don’t come home for Dussehra, then nobody will celebrate the festival. Lakshmi says she got the idea of CCTV footage. Rishi says savior Lakshmi. Lakshmi says we will get the footage at 11 am. Ayush thanks Lakshmi. Rishi says you are life savior and hugs Lakshmi again. Ayush says you want excuses to hug her. Rishi says she is my wife, I don’t need excuse. He hugs her again. Lakshmi smiles. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….

some people standing on the road spotting Sonia coming to the road after shopping. They recognize her as Rishi’s sister and says they shall not leave her. They hold Sonia’s hand and humiliates her, and blames her for the food poisoning in Oberoi radiant. They snatch her bags. Lakshmi and Ayush are in the car. Lakshmi sees the people insulting Sonia and asks Ayush to stop the car. They run out of the car and go to rescue Sonia. Sonia says she is Lakshmi, she has done everything, catch her. The people say catch both of them. Lakshmi says we haven’t done anything and will prove this. Ayush says we will call Police, you will have problem for your cheap behavior. Lakshmi promises the angry people that they will expose the real culprits soon.

The people tell that they don’t want anything, throws Sonia’s bags and goes. Lakshmi asks Sonia if she is fine. Sonia asks her not to touch her. She sits in the car and leaves. Ayush and Lakshmi are standing on the road. Lakshmi is about to pick Sonia’s shopping bags, but Ayush says Sonia will not wear it, leave it.Neha promotes the movie Goodbye and tells Rano. They are in the auto and going somewhere. Neha says it is releasing on 7th October. Rano says we will go and watch the movie, first day first show. She says we will not take Shalu and Bani along with us. Sonia reaches home. Neelam asks what happened Sonia. Sonia sits on the couch. Karishma asks her what happened? Sonia says I will do the same thing with Lakshmi.

Neelam asks if this is done by Lakshmi. Sonia says it all happened due to her. Sonia recalls the lady slapping her, takes water jug. Ayush tells Sonia that it is not Bhabhi’s mistake. Karishma says don’t interfere between them. She thinks come on, Sonia…make Lakshmi see stars in the day time. Sonia is about to throw water jug on Lakshmi, when Virender comes there and stops Sonia. He asks what happened to her. Sonia tells that she was slapped by a lady and they humiliated her. Ayush shouts. Sonia says you have lost your respect and dignity due to her. Sonia goes. Ayush tells that people were blaming Sonia. Karishma says due to Lakshmi, business and family members were getting affected. Virender says everything will be fine. Neelam says when everything will be fine, when everything gets destroyed and this all happens due to Lakshmi. She says you are inauspicious for us and this is proving again and again and you don’t want to believe this. She says the family is suffering because of Lakshmi, if I could then I would have thrown you out.

Lakshmi apologizes to Virender and says if I was careful and smarter then this wouldn’t have happened. Virender says someone does bad with us, when we let others do wrong with us. Ayush asks her not to be guilty, and says you went to jail and now Rishi is in jail. Virender says my second tiger is with you. He says Karishma and Neelam will take care of Sonia and asks Lakshmi to take care of herself. lakshmi says Sonia is very much hurt, how to apologize to her. Ayush says Sonia is volcano now, and will insult you. He asks her to give her some time and says once the culprit name comes, everything will be fine.

Malishka says why did you do this Rishi. She says you used to love me so much and now you have changed for that behenji Lakshmi. She says I shouldn’t have got them married, else this shouldn’t have happened which she has done.Lakshmi is sleeping on floor and thinking about bringing Rishi back. Saathiya Re plays…..Malishka looks at Rishi and her frame and says you don’t love Lakshmi, but loves me. She says I will save you anyhow. She says we will celebrate Dussehra together, and I will not let anyone come between us, and I will make you freed from Lakshmi’s clutches.

Lakshmi is sleeping and imagines Rishi making her waking up holding the peacock feather. She says you have returned and hugs him. She says she is happy. He says he is also very happy and felt incomplete in jail. He asks if she felt the same. Lakshmi asks how did you come here? Rishi says Inspector dropped me here, as I told him that I am missing my wife and we both are innocent, so he dropped me here. He says nice na. Lakshmi says Inspector is good. Rishi says I am talking about myself. Lakshmi says you are also very nice. Rishi says he wanted to celebrate Dussehra with her and tells that this year Dussehra will be the most memorable one. She asks what he is going to do? He says I can’t say, but I want to show a small sample. He is about to kiss her. It turns out to be Lakshmi’s dream. She smiles and checks the time. She thinks it is 8:30 am, and asks God to support her, today is her big test.

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