The Rules of Love update Tuesday 14 May 2024

The rules of love 14 may 2024: Nandini’s family members blame her for Maitree’s plight and want her to leave their lives. Jhumki is also helpful to family members. Maitree returns home to help Nandini. Nandini, she claims, is not the source of her issues.

Maitree later receives a phone call from a woman. The woman informs Maitree that she is in danger and requests that she meet her at the location where the police discovered the dead body before disconnecting the phone conversation.

Maitree wonders who the lady is. Snake is around Maitree, but she is unaware. The snake is going to bite her, but the kids call her and she flees.Maitree is in charge of the children. Nandini afterwards thanks Maitree for her help and says she’ll depart the residence. Maitree believes it’s unnecessary, and everyone will begin to trust you once they realise your change. Maitree believes that the next day she must meet the mystery lady and perform puja.

The next day, at 11 a.m., Maitree travels to meet the lady at the location. She notices that there is no one. She dials the number, but it is disconnected. Harsh phones Maitree and asks her to hurry home because Pandit has already arrived. Maitree spots Nandini and inquires as to why she is there. Nandini claims she simply followed her because she was nervous.

Maitree and Nandini are on their way home. Harsh chastises Maitree for leaving without informing him. Maitree notices Sadhna, Princy, and Sachin. She gladly greets them. An anonymous woman enters Triveni Sadan, hiding her face, to meet Maitree. Nandini gets suspicious and inquires about Lady. The lady lies about being Maitree’s find. Nandini turns to look at her. Harsh arrives and warns Nandini not to approach Maitree.

Nandini misses her and looks for her. The unknown lady goes in quest of Maitree. Maitree gets ready to leave the room, but Jhumki stops her and tells her that the one in the CCTV footage is hers alone. Maitree inquires as to how she is so certain. Jhumki claims that she spotted you leaving the house last night and tried to stop you, but Nandini appeared behind you and I didn’t intervene. Maitree observes. Jhumki claims that whatever she says is true. She walks away.

Nandini approaches Maitree and inquires if she has invited any new guests, noticing an unknown woman who appears to be terrified. Maitree claims that she did not invite anyone. Maitree is unsure about whom she should believe. Maitree leaves for the pooja. She joins Shiv in the puja.

The anonymous lady decides to leave Maitree a letter. She walks into Maitree’s room and writes a note to her. Snake walks into Maitree’s chamber. The Tiwari family is shown performing Pooja. Lady is startled when she sees the snake. Lady attempts to flee from the snake. Maitree and the others hear a noise upstairs. Maitree goes to investigate. Maitree notices that the room is vacant. The letter lands on her cheek. Maitree learns from the letter that someone in the house wants to kill her, and that person’s name begins with the letter N. Maitree is sceptical that it is Nandini.

Maitree seeks clarification from Nandini in the kitchen. Maitree is ready to be crushed by the ceiling fan. Nandini is aware of it. She puts her life at danger to save Maitree. Maitree cleans Nandini’s wound with cream. She apologises to Nandini for having doubted her. Nandini claims that I’m about to inform you of something odd. Maitree displays the note she discovered in her chamber to Nandini. Snake examines them from a distance. Maitree notices Snake in front of her later that night.

The next day, Sachin and others extol the virtues of Indian cuisine. Jhumki is in charge of the food. They can hear the beckoning ring. Jhumki pushes open the door. Dinesh and his team arrive. Dinesh informs Maitree that they have a lead on her and are on their way to arrest her for the murder. Maitree and her family are taken aback. He shows them the video. Maitree claims she is not on the CCTV tape.

Dinesh says he wants the same thing, but he can’t do anything until it’s confirmed, thus she must be arrested. Police are going to arrest Maitree, when Nandini intervenes, stating that she is a witness to establish that Maitree did not leave anywhere last night. She provides a written statement and informs the cops that Maitree would assist them with their inquiry. Dinesh nods and departs. Harsh expresses gratitude to Nandini for saving Maitree.

Maitree later informs family members that she has no idea how she got so close to the crime scene. Nandini requests that Sachin show the footage. He displays the video. Nandini recognises her and claims she was the one who came to meet Maitree at the puja. They debate who murdered the woman on the same night.

Jhumki later insists on Maitree having dinner. Maitree declares that she is not hungry and that she would drink milk. Jhumki provides her with milk. Harsh is what the children call Maitree. Maitree goes to her room and says she’ll drink it there. Maitree is chased by children, and her milk glass falls from her grasp. Swayam expresses regret to Maitree. Maitree approves and cleans it.

Maitree hears a shattering sound around midnight. Maitree emerges to find a broken vessel. She notices a large snake moving about the house and examines it quietly. She notices Snake enter the room and looks through the keyhole, and she is astonished to see it.

Maitree peered through a keyhole inside the room. Maitree is startled as she notices something in the room. The snake leaves the room. Maitree flees the snake and enters Nandini’s room. Nandini awakens and inquires as to who is present. Maitree requests that Nandini not speak too loudly. She hears a snake approaching and instructs Nandini to pretend to be sleeping and not make any noise. Nandini nods and pretends to sleep in her bed.

Maitree takes refuge in the cabinet. Snake walks into Nandini’s chamber. Maitree is taken aback by everything. Snake approaches the cupboard. Maitree’s eyes close with terror. Nandini unlocks the cupboard door and notifies Maitree about the large snake in the house. Maitree claims that their family is in trouble.

Nandini inquires of Maitree what will happen if Snake attacks anyone in the house. Maitree says she won’t because Snake came into the house for me. Nandini inquires of Maitree how she knows the snake is female. Icchadari Naagin, according to Maitree. Nandini inquires as to what she is saying. Jhumki, according to Maitree, is Ichhadari Naagin. It depicted Jhumki’s transformation into her Naagin form.

Nandini tells Maitree that it won’t be doable until 2023. Maitree claims she saw with her own eyes, so we must believe her. Jhumki is heading to her room, according to Maitree. Maitree informs Nandini that Harsh is alone and enters her room through the rear door. Maitree enters her room and pretends to sleep. Jhumki, in snake shape, attacks Maitree and Harsh. Maitree considers how deep Harsh is sleeping. Snake walks out of their chamber. It is noticed by Maitree. She attempts to wake Harsh awake, but he remains silent. Maitree splatters water on Harsh’s face, but it’s ineffective. Maitree notices his heartbeat and wonders why he isn’t responding.

Maitree enters Kusum’s room and attempts to awaken her, but she refuses. She walks to the kids’ room to rouse them up, but they don’t answer. Maitree is perplexed as to why no one is responding. Nandini says Maitree. Nandini arrives and invites Maitree outside. Maitree inquires as to the location. Nandini takes her out, and they watch Snake Catchers and Baba attempting to catch the snake, but the snake escapes by riding one of Baba’s bikes. Main Baba claims that after 7 years, they have finally found this nasty Naagin and will not abandon her. When Maitree and Nandini hear it, they are taken aback.

The next day, Maitree informs Nandini that we are awake because we did not eat, implying that Jhumki is feeding everyone spiked food. Nandini believes they must notify everyone. Maitree thinks it will cause problems for our family, therefore we need to find out what Jhumki is up to. Nandini claims they must meet the Baba to learn the truth. They notice Jhumki standing behind them.

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