Anupama starlife update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Anupama 25 July 2023: Ankush tells Anuj that he didn’t like Maaya staying at Kapadia mansion. Barkha says she can’t understand that the solution to every problem is settling in Kapadia mansion, Dimple stays here and now Maaya, why the heck that everyone wants to settle here and don’t want to go back. Hasmukh says Maaya is a back news for them. Anu says Anupama always does right and even now is not wrong either, though he is not big hearted like Anu; he doesn’t want to look what is wrong or right and just needs her daughter; he can’t find out anything about Maaya’s past. Ankush says he will find out in his own way, Anuj was using a proper legal channel, he will bend his finger now to get the ghee out of jar. Barkha asks Anuj to let them find out about Maaya. Anuj asks them to find out how far Maaya jaal/web has spread and how to cut it.

Leeal asks Kavya to take Vanraj with her to London and make him a model. Kavya says Leela can also become a knee pain oil brand ambassador. Hasmukh gets Little Anu’s call who invites him and his whole family for her birthday celebration. Shahs hear that. Kavya says she will definitely come. Hasmukh says even he will. Little Anu says she is celebrating her birthday this time with both her mothers. Kavya and Hasmukh get confused and asks what does she mean. Little Anu disconnects call. Leela and Vanraj reveal that Maaya is Little Anu’s biological mother. Toshu starts his jokergiri and says Maaya is his step-sister’s mother, now nobody can stop him from entering into event management business. Vanraj asks him to stop his drama. Whole family decides to attend Little Anu’s birthday for different reasons.Little Anu informs Anuj that she invited Shahs for her birthday party and told that she is celebrating it with her both mothers. Anuj hopes everything should be fine.

Anupama gets her college friend’s call. Maaya asks if she goes to college. Anupama says yes and goes aside. Maaya thinks how to make Little Anu’s birthday special. Barkha asks if she doesn’t have anyone in her guest list. Maaya says she has business associates and Little Anu. Barkha says how sad, Little Anu doesn’t have a father. Maaya says this is none of her business. Anupama returns. Maaya says she wants to prepare Little Anu’s favorite character’s birthday cake. Anupama recalls Little Anu requesting her to prepare her birthday cake. Maaya asks if she also wants to prepare cake. Barkha says FYI Anupama is world’s best cook. Maaya maybe she can cook well, they will decide who is world’s best cook after tasting her food. Anupama says they shall prepare cake together. Maaya says they both will make 2 different cakes.

Anupama and Maaya prepare cakes separately. Little Anu rejoices seeing that. Naya Din Chadgaya.. song plays in the background. Little Anu enjoys both mothers’ attention. She jumps from chair and falls down. Maaya and Little Anu rush to her concerned. Little Anu says she is fine. Ankush informs Anuj that he found some crucial information about Maaya and asks what he wants to do now. Anuj says he will wait till his daughter’s birthday. Ankush assures him that he will collect all the evidences against Maaya. Maaya and Anupama finish preparing cake and hug Little Anu. Anuj stands outside house thinking. Anupama gets a call from Anuj’s office regarding some contract and informs Anuj about it. Anuj expresses his displeasure about Maaya interfering between their daughter’s birthday celebration. Anupama says Maaya has already entered in their lives and they need to accept it. Anuj asks her to find out about Maaya’s past.

Anupama asks why he suspects Maaya, everyone has a past and so does Maaya, the fact that Maaya gave birth to Little Anu will not change. Anuj requests her to do whatever he says for once without any cross-questioning for Little Anu’s sake. Anupama thinks Anuj knows something which he doesn’t want to share with her. Anuj thinks Maaya can fight with the world but not a father, he will not let her take his daughter away from her; once he finds out Maaya’s past, she can’t hide.

Toshu buys a costly gift for Little Anu and shares his unnecessary gyaan. Vanraj says one should buy gift according to their wallet size. Toshu says its an investment to impress Maaya. Maaya prepares handmade breeding card for Little Anu and suggests Anupama also prepare one. Anupama prepares one. Maaya says Anupama’s card is better than her card. Anupama gives an example of her mother’s handmade card for her and says daughters see mother’s efforts and not worth of card. Maaya shows her handmade cards for Anu and baby Anu’s photos and expresses her emotions for her daughter.

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