The Rules of Love Wednesday 15 May 2024

The rules of love 15 May 2024: Maitree and Nandini discuss how everyone in their family had awoken with no memory of anything. Nandini and Maitree converse since they did not eat or sleep the night before. Maitree suspects that something has been added into the dish.

Nandini and Maitree resolve to learn the truth about Jhumki as soon as possible. Jhumki enters the kitchen. Maitree informs Jhumki that today is her holiday and instructs her not to prepare any food because they are going on a picnic. Jhumki accepts and walks away. Maitree tells Nandini that she will go find Babaji and invites Nandini to a picnic with their family. Nandini concurs.

Harsh tells Maitree that if there was a plot like this, she might have told him earlier. Kusum remarks on his constant presence in the office. Maitree requests that Jhumki rest today. Maitree’s family is shown leaving on a picnic, and Jhumki notices something suspicious after entering the house.

Maitree informs her family that she has some work and that she will join them later and send them. Jhumki sees everything via the window and secretly follows Maitree. Maitree believes she must learn about Jhumki’s secret from Baba. Maitree arrives at the Ashram, where Trikaal Baba is staying. Jhumki realises Maitree has come to meet Trikal Baba in order to learn more about her. She makes the decision to murder Maitree. Maitree fails to meet Baba and leads Jhumki astray by visiting Dr. Singh’s clinic. Jhumki thinks Maitree’s ignorance is a positive thing.

Maitree dresses up as a Muslim woman and travels to meet Baba. Baba informs Maitree that he is aware she has come to inquire about Icchadari Naagin. Maitree inquires as to Naagin’s motivation. Baba promises to reveal Naagin’s narrative after he has captured her. Maitree informs Baba that no one is at home and invites him to return home. Baba tells her that he will return home with his squad at 7 p.m. and that she must lock herself in a room while they enchant Naagin. Maitree concurs.

Jhunki breaks Harsh and Maitree’s photo. Maitree meets Nandini and tells her about Baba’s words and says she has to return home. Nandini says she won’t let her take the risk. Harsh comes there and asks what risk. Maitree manages the situation. Kids come there and say they want to stay some more time to enjoy the picnic. Maitree permits them. Kids go to play. Maitree acts like feeling dizzy. Harsh holds Maitree and says they can return home. Maitree asks him to be with Kids and Chachi. She leaves from there with Nandini saying she is leaving for hospital.

Baba and his squad arrive at Tiwari Sadan at 7 a.m. to apprehend Jhumki. From the room’s window, Maitree and Nandini can see what’s going on. Baba orders Naagin to leave Tiwari Sadan. Naagin refuses, stating that she would not go until she has achieved her goal. Baba begins playing music in order to apprehend Naagin. Harsh contacts Maitree to find out what occurred. Maitree does not return his calls.

Trikaal Baba and his gang begin to play music in order to manage Naagin. When Harsh arrives home, he finds Jhumki on the floor. When Maitree and Nandini see Harsh, they are taken aback. Harsh splashes water over Havan, putting an end to the procedure. Trikaal Baba tells Harsh that he made a mistake in stopping them. Harsh destroys Trikaal’s musical instrument and threatens to make a police report if they do not leave his place. Trikaal tells Harsh that he will regret stopping them in the future and walks away. Jhumki believes she will kill Trikaal within the next 24 hours.

Jhumki pretends to collapse, and Harsh assists her. Jhumki beams. Nandini and Maitree make their way to the back and encounter Trikaal Baba. Maitree apologises to Trikaal Baba on behalf of Harsh. Trikaal informs Maitree that

her husband has broken his instrument, which has the power to control the Naagin, and that I need 24 hours to construct another instrument, so make sure Naagin does not leave the house until then. Maitree says she will halt Naagin at their house and inquires as to why Naagin came to their residence. Naagin cane for Harsh, according to Trikaal. Maitree informs them that Harsh is alone and they go inside.

Harsh comes upon Maitree and Nandini. He tells Maitree everything that happened at home. Maitree appears stunned. Kusum and her children return home. Kusum notices the state of the house and inquires as to what happened. Someone entered the residence because it was open, according to Jhumki. Maitree suggests that they transfer Jhumki to her village for her protection. Jhumki seemed dizzy. Maitree drags Jhumki into the house and forces her to sleep on the bed. Maitree sits next to Jhumki and refuses to leave her alone. Jhumki considers how she will go out to kill Trikaal if Maitree is watching her.

Trikaal instructs his assistant to form a fire circle around him until he regains his powers by creating a new musical instrument. Trikaal’s henchmen follow Trikaal’s orders.

The next day, Jhumki believes she must kill Trikaal before he completes his puja and reclaims his authority. Jhumki realises she just has two hours left. Harsh summons Maitree to assist him in hunting for his file. Nandini requests Maitree to assist Harsh and promises to stay close to Jhumki. Maitree nods and departs. Jhumki hypnotises Nandini before departing to assassinate Trikaal. Maitree later returns to Jhumki’s room and realises she is not there. Maitree questions Nandini on why she didn’t stop Jhumki. In her hypnotic state, Nandi attacks Maitree. Maitree’s hand is slashed. Maitree pushes Nandini, and her head hits the wall, causing Nandini to come to.

Maitree tells Nandini that she urged her to wake up. Maitree informs Nandini that she must leave to save Trikaal Baba.

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