Rajjo starlife update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Rajjo 25 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun tying Rajjo’s hand to his hand with the dupatta. He says sorry Rajjo, I just want you to not find yourself in trouble, I will always stand by you, so this is imp to do. He sleeps. She wakes up and sees him. She says sorry, you are doing this for me, I promise I will make everything fine soon. She leaves. She goes to Mannu. She says come, we will teach a lesson to Pushkar. Mannu says I didn’t see him anywhere. Rajjo says no, he won’t run away, he might be in the guest room. They see Madhu coming. Madhu sees some shadow and gets scared. She thinks is Pushkar saying the truth. She asks who is there. She sees a mannequin and says Jhilmil orders clothes with the mannequin. She goes. Mannu and Rajjo scare Pushkar.

He says I will call Madhu, just she can save me. He coughs by the smoke. He gets shocked seeing Mannu’s pic on the window. He jumps out of the window. He runs. He sees a crocodile shadow. Rajjo scares him and laughs. Mannu comes there and threatens him. He says I can’t tell anyone, I have my family, children. Arjun wakes up and sees Rajjo gone. He says where did she go.

Rajjo records Mannu and Pushkar’s talk. Mannu asks him to confess the truth. He says I can’t do this, I have a family. She says confess the truth, else I will kill you. He says no, I can’t confess the truth, I will do whatever you want. Arjun calls out Rajjo. Rajjo drops the remote of electric board. Pushkar shoots at Mannu. Arjun hears the gunshot. Mannu bends down. The lights go off. Mannu disappears. Arjun hears the gunshot. Everyone comes there and asks what happened. Arjun asks what is all this, look at the wall, why did you shoot. Madhu thinks I knew it, it will be a big mistake to keep him home. Jhilmil asks why did you shoot. Pushkar says I was targeting that man. Madhu asks did anyone enter in the house. He says I don’t know, I think he is some thief. Chirag says we will go and check cctv footage. Madhu says no, thief would have come from the window. Chirag says yes, why are you roaming with a gun in the house, there can be an accident. Jhilmil says I feel he is scared like he saw a ghost.

Everyone questions Pushkar. He says I saw a shadow. Madhu covers up by lies. She asks them go to their rooms and sleep. Arjun thinks where did Rajjo go. Jhilmil says I will get water for you. Pushkar says no. Madhu says I have to talk to him. Jhilmil goes. Arjun asks did you see Rajjo. Chirag says she would be in her room. Arjun thinks where is she. Rajjo takes care of Mannu’s wound. She says we will go to the hospital. Mannu says no, bullet just touched my arm. Rajjo asks what’s the use to bring the truth out by risking your life. Madhu jokes on Pushkar. She asks him to go home. Mannu says we will play the last move tomorrow, it’s a matter of one day.

Pushkar seeing the blood spot. He says I didn’t know ghosts also shed blood, it means Mannu is alive, Madhu was right, Mannu is playing a good game, I will play a game with Mannu now. Arjun comes to room and asks Rajjo where did she go. He says you would have fallen sick. He cares for her. She says I went to get water. They both apologize. He makes her rest. She asks him to say. He thinks not to give her tension. He says nothing, its not imp, get fine, sleep. They lie to sleep.

Its morning, Madhu asks the men to do the decorations quickly. Pushkar says where did Mannu go. He looks around. Madhu pulls him aside. He says I m not Sia, but her Nanu, what are you doing. She asks what are you doing, you look like you have seen Mannu’s ghost, control your emotions, else everyone will ask me about it, I have kept this havan for you. He says yes. She says once havan completes, you will forget about Mannu, you don’t do anything now, everyone’s eyes are on you, keep your mind calm, think of something else. He says I know what to do, tell me, where is Rajjo. She asks where would she be, she would be with Arjun, she would be crying to make a place in his heart. She goes.

Pushkar says Rajjo, where did you hide your mum. Mannu walks from behind. Pushkar looks around. Rajjo comes and takes Mannu with her. She says I have done everything. Mannu says you don’t get into this. Rajjo asks how. Mannu says I don’t want you to get into trouble. Rajjo says Pushkar will see your ghost and lose his senses, just he should see you, nobody else should see, you have to take him to the terrace, we will scare him, he will accept his truth, I will make a video to get proof. Mannu says I will do this myself, don’t get into this. Rajjo says I m a part of you, we are in one team. She goes. Mannu says I m scared that Arjun and your relation’s meaning will change. Arjun takes Rajjo for a checkup. He says I called the doctor for a normal routine checkup. Rajjo sees Mannu near the havan kund. She worries. Pushkar comes and stumbles. He scolds the servant. Doctor asks how are you feeling now, are you stressed or scared. Rajjo says I feel scared, Maai… I feel tired. Arjun says take rest, everything is fine. Doctor says you need to rest. He asks Arjun to come with her for a talk. Mannu hides from Pushkar.

Niharika comes to Pushkar. She says I think you need rest, come home with me. He says no, I m fine. Mannu thinks to put the powder in the havan kund, but how. Rajjo acts to get dizzy. Doctor says you take rest. Arjun says I will drop you to the room. Doctor says come with me, I will give you the list of her medicines. Rajjo goes to help Mannu. She takes the powder from her hand and goes to the havan kund. She acts of fainting and puts the powder in the kund. She signs Mannu. Arjun runs to Rajjo and takes her. He asks her to come with her. Rajjo thinks Mannu should get saved and come upstairs. He asks do you want to tell me something. Arjun makes Rajjo ready. Sab tera…plays… She asks what were you going to tell me yesterday. He says nothing, I want your signs on some papers, it will end our problems, its not imp. He fills sindoor in her maang. Jhilmil asks them to come for puja. He says one more thing is left. He applies kajal to her to ward off bad sight. He asks her to come. Mannu sees them coming. Rajjo also sees Mannu and worries.

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