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In the morning, Gulnaz and Gazal find Dua calling some jewelers and designers to the house. Hina asks Gazal to come, they were waiting for her. She says Dua has prepared all this for the wedding. Dua asks them to choose their clothes and jewelry. Hina asks Gulnaz to choose anything she likes. Gazal says what is happening? Hina says Dua gave a good idea that we should get the engagement done today.

Dua calls Ravi and says we were waiting for you. Gulnaz whispers to Gazal that Dua is not stopping at all. Dua tells Ravi to stay home as they have a lot of work for the wedding. Haider says yes, we need your help. Dua says I have to prepare for haldi.. I wish Momo was here to help me. Noor and Kaynaat say they can help her. Hina says Dua has brought happiness back in the house. Rahat says Dua is our blessing. Ruhaan says I pray for peace and happiness. He thanks Dua for accepting Gazal for him. Dua thinks I would never want a liar girl like Gazal for Ruhaan. Gazal thinks I can’t believe all have accepted her again. Dua whispers to them that everyone is on my side now.. soon Gazal will get married to Ruhaan and you both won’t be able to do anything. Gulnaz is scared. Dua hugs her and says congrats on the engagement.

Ruhaan asks Gazal why does she look stressed? you are getting engaged too. Dua says don’t look at her, she must be shy. Dua whispers to Gazal that you thought I would be alone after what you did with Dadi and Momo? but God is with me and that’s enough. She tells Gulnaz that your own kids are on my side now. You still have time to save your son’s life from Gazal. Ruhaan comes to Gazal and says I can’t believe we are getting married.. I can’t wait for this week to end and we will be married. Gazal leaves from there. Gulnaz says she must be shy.

Scene 2

Dua tells Dadi that I am playing this game and I know when Gazal is exposed then everyone will be hurt.. Ruhaan and Hina will break down. When they find out how Gulnaz helped her, they will be broken but I have to do this. I feel very lonely.. you are with me right? Dadi tries raising her hand and blesses her. Dua says pray for my success.. I am lying but I would never want Ruhaan to marry that Gazal.

Gazal tells Gulnaz that I love Haider and I won’t get engaged to Ruhaan. dua comes there and with her wedding dress and says you will have to as you don’t have a choice. I have closed all the doors for you. Gazal says you will pay for all this. Dua says you can’t do anything as you will be getting engaged to Ruhaan in a bit. She tells Gulnaz to get her daughter in law ready.. Ruhaan is dying to see his bride in a bridal dress. You have only one son so you should be worried about his happiness. She gets a call and leaves.

Dua tells Kaynaat and Ravi that Gazal will try to hurt someone in anger. Kaynaat says she is dangerous. Ravi says don’t worry, I will keep an eye on them. Dua asks Kayneet to be careful. Dua says she would try to harm you both so be careful. Gazal won’t be able to hurt anyone now. Her game is going to finish.

Gulnaz tells Gazal that Dua is playing too much. Gazal says don’t worry, let me think how we will take care of her. Gulnaz says I won’t let you play with Ruhaan’s heart. I won’t let you wear the engagement ring from Ruhaan, if you don’t think something then I will have to. Gazal says I am not interested in Ruhaan at all so don’t worry. My eyes are on Haider only. I will wear Haider’s ring only.

Dua is getting ready for Ruhaan and Gazal’s engagement. Haider comes to her and says you are more beautiful than a moon. Dua blushes as he romances with her. He says I am so lucky to have you. She says what are you up to? He pulls her closer and says my intentions are not innocent. Dua blushes and says anyone can come. He says I don’t care, he kisses her forehead and sit son his knees. He says you are my life. Dua says I want you in all lives.

Ruhaan comes to Gazal’s room and finds her ready for the engagement. He is mesmerized and says I can’t believe you are going to marry me, I am so lucky. He gifts her some earrings. She thanks him. Ruhaan tries to hug her but Gazal says this engagement can’t happen. He says what? Gazal shows her finger and says my ring-finger is hurt so we can’t do the engagement. I will talk to Hina. Ruhaan says are you lying? don’t you want to marry me? I feel like you are not happy as you don’t try to reciprocate my feelings.

Gazal thinks I wish I could tell him that I won’t marry a joker. Dua comes there and asks Ruhaan to not behave like this with Gazal.. she has said time and again that she loves you. She is really hurt and you are doubting her? love is about trusting each other. Even when I am wrong, Haider always take a stand for me so you can’t blame Gazal if she hurt her finger. Gazal thinks why is Dua saving me? she is up to something. Ruhaan says what about a wife’s love? you love Haider a lot but why can’t I see this with Gazal? Dua says you are really doubting her? she can show her wound and everything will be clarified.

She takes off her bandage and there is no wound. Gazal is scared and hurts her finger before Ruhaan could see. Dua says see, she is really hurt. Ruhaan apologizes to Gazal and cleans up her wound. He says this shouldn’t have happened, now we will need to cancel the engagement. Dua says there is no need for that. Ruhaan says but engagement ring should be worn in this finger only.

Dua says its because it is connected to heart but you both already love each other, its not an arranged marriage so don’t worry. It doesn’t matter which finger the ring is on. Ruhaan says you really are my savior. Dua blesses them as a couple and smirks. She goes from there. Gazal thinks I will take revenge from Dua and break this engagement for sure.

Scene 2

Dua prepares something and says this will be against Gazal as a first weapon.

The engagement ceremony starts, Noor comes to Hina and says Dua-Gazal are missing. I couldn’t find them anywhere. All are shocked. Hina prays for their safety. Haider says where did they both go? Haider and Ruhaan try calling them. Haider says they are not picking up. Hina says how can they both be this careless. Dadi starts panicking. Rahat says they will be fine. Haider and Ruhaan go to check.

Ruhaan calls everyone to Gazal’s room and shows them the room trashed. Hina says what is going on? Ruhaan says they might be in some trouble. Rahat says who would do this? Ruhaan tries calling the police. Gazal messages Gulnaz that her plan is working. Gulnaz messages her if she has kidnapped Dua? Gazal is walking on the road and says Gulnaz is going crazy, I didn’t do anything with Dua. There is something wrong. She finds a car coming towards her and tries to run but falls down. The car is about to crush her but it stops..

Gulnaz comes to Dua’s room and puts Gazal’s bracelet there. She messages Gazal that she has done her work.

Gazal shouts at the car owner but Dua comes out of it. Gazal is stunned seeing her.

Haider calls the commissioner but Gulnaz says its useless. my son never gets any happiness. What is going on? who has done this sin? Hina says everything will be alright. Gulnaz says I feel like Dua is behind Gazal going missing.

Gazal tells Dua that you tried to kill me? Dua tells Gazal that you are a cheap woman who is eyeing my husband but I didn’t try to kill you. I thought to break your legs but I felt pity so stopped in time. You are a dirtbag who can’t become our family’s daughter in law so its time to end your game.

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