Vani Rani update Tuesday 14 may 2024

Vani 14 may 2024: Scene 1Adi says to Rani she is gone. Don’t worry. Prabha says yes she is gone. Anjali give me water. Anjali says okay. I will bring food for everyone. Rani says she left so easily?Rani says to Prabha i want to get havan done. Prabha says yes better do that. Vani looks at Parkash’s picture and says I am sorry.

Adi says to sartak listen to me. Sartak says I don’t have time. Adi says todya we have realized that we are all together and so are we strong. If we all part we will be weak. We can start a new. I know its not easy for you. Sartak leaves. Sartak comes to kitcchen. He leaves a note their for anjali. She reads.Vani says I am sorry Parkash I made a mistake. Prabha says apologize me to Vani. VAni says why are you saying that. Prabha says I was so bad to you.

I am sorry. Vani holds her hand and says i am your daughter din’t say that. Prabha hugs her. Rani looks at them and smiles. Vani says you look worried Rani. Rani says that candle.. It has blown. Vani says this is all supersition. We will lit it again.

Scene 2SArtak is looking for that note. He says did it fall in the kitchen, Anjali comes in and says are you looking for this? You want to leave this house and look for a new house? This is all you do. You run away. He says yes I want to run away from here with my mother. I am not like other people. I only want respect for my mom. She says I don’t care where you wanna live you.

This house is enough yours as Adi’s. We should stay with each other in these times. Sartak says don’t speak Adi’s words. Leaves.

Rani comes to Prabha. She is asleep. Rani massages her hands. Prabha says you look worried. Don’t worry everything will be fine. That vidi showed me reality. I thought you and Ajay were bad. Now i have seen that you are both diamonds. Rani says you are out mother. Prabha says this havan will take all troubles away from this house. Rani says pandit ji will come tomorrow.

Adi asks Anajli about Sartak. She tells him about Sartak’s will to move out. Adi says we all should be united. Anjali says leave it. He will calm down.

Scene 2Next morning, everyone prepares for the havan. They all sit down. Vani joins them too. Pandit ji starts havan. He says the pooja is over. Let this fire be here till it blows on its own. Vidi comes and pours water on the havan. She screams. Everyone is scared.

Scene 1Vidi dances on dola re in front of everyone. They are dazed. Rani says enough. Are you crazy? Sid says why are you back? Get out. Vidi says didn’t like my dance? okay you have to dance on my words anyway. I thought there should be some celebration? Why are you all so dazed?You thought I would leave so easily? You thought a coin can get me out of this. I went out to come back. SHe laughs. Vani says stop it. Get out of this house. Vidi says I can kick you all out in a second and send you to jail.

This house is mine.Vidi says I am real Mrs. Parkash. Now when I am Parkash’s wife this house is mine. I fooled your husband and got all this. Now every day you will regret your mistake. She laughs. Vidi says you think you are so clever? Vidi says of course I have to. Vani says criminal always leaves a mistake. Vidi says go and find it. Till then I will stay here. adi put my stuff in my room. Adi says shut up. Vani says Adi don’t listen to her. Vidi says you want to challenge me? I will start my drama from today?

Vani says we need to prove ourselves. Adhi says I have a clue. He tells them what they found in the hospital. He says there was nothing concrete so we couldn’t tell you. We thought she wouldn’t come back. Vani says share everything with me. Anjali comes to hall and screams dadi.. Everyone goes down stairs. Vidi has hung her to a rope. Prabha says save me please. VAni says leave ma. Vidi leaves the rope. She holds it. Vani says stop it. Rani says what do you want? Vidi says I have everything. Adi had to pick my bags.

Adi picks her bags. She leaves the wheelchair. Sartak saves Prabha.Vidi says on call I can’t hear you. Prabha is scared and crying.Vidi sings someone lullaby on call. Vani notices.Prabha says sorry I got a call. SO where were we? I wont scare you anymore. You all saw the trailer? Now do what I ask.

Vani says don’t drag my family in all this. If you wanna play games play them with me. Vidi says this is the start of your end. I will ruin you and your family.Rani gives Prabha her meds. she says don’t be scared. Prabha says what is happening. She will kill me. Rani takes her to room.

Scene 2Vidi comes to breakfast next morning. SHe sits on Parkash’s chair. She says serve me. She says servants don’t eat before the master. She says to rani serve me food. Vani says don’t. We are not her servants. Serve yourself. Vani leaves. Everyone leaves.

Nandani says we can’t do anything. We can’t get Vidi angry otherwise she will through us out. Sid says we can’t he her servants. We can’t sit and see all this. Nandani says I mean we have to do something smartly. He says I have to do something for my family. Please leave me alone.Sarak is leaving. Vidi stops her. She says you are the only wise person in this house. He says what re you trying to say? She says lets sit I want to talk to you. He goes to her room.Vidi locks the door. Sartak says why have you called me here? Vidi says choose one of the two bowls. Sartak says what joke is this? She says these are two ways I will choose to take revenge from Vani.

Vidi says to Sartak I knew you won’t take wrong decision. I am your chotu mom and I will get you everything. Sartak shakes hand with her. This is salt and this is Sugar. I want you to choose what you want me to be for you. I kknow you hate this family. I know how you suffered in this house. Everyone has previlidge but not you. They took your love and gave her to Anjali as well. If you shake hands with me you can get everything you wished for. Stay here. Sartak chooses sugar.

Vani comes to Adi and says we have to do something before she does something new. Bhaskar Ghosh is alive. He ran from jail. Find out whom was she talking to. We will have to track her phone. Adi says I know how to do it.

Adi says to Sid listen we can track her calls through an app. Sid says Iknow how to do it. Nandani comes. He says you two can join business now. Mama said that. Sid says I am sure Adi you will take business to new heights. Adi says should we focus on all this first. Nandani says he is right. Vani says we have to handle the work anyway. We can’t sit home because of Vidisha. We have to show her she of no importance to us. Adi says yes you are right.

Adi and Sid come to Parkash’s office with Vani. She does their arti. They lit candle in front of Parkash’s picture. Adi says dad I promise you I will make you proud. I am not as wise as you were. Sid says Godd luck. Vani says have a seat. She turns the seat but Sartak is already dazed. Everyone is dazed. Sid says what are you doing there? Vidi comes and says its his seat so he will sit there. Yes you heard that right. This business and house is mine. I want Sartak to sit on this seat. Sartak smirks. She says see where he is. he is not useless like you. this is my decision that Sartak will be the CEO. Vani says enough. This is our family matter. Vidi says I am your husband’s wife. I have right on this business. Vidi says good luck Sartak. I am always with you. Sartak says thank you won’t have any complain ever.

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