Vani Rani update Wednesday 15 May 2024

Vani Rani 15 may 2024: Vidi takes Sartak on her side. Nandani tries to get in Vidi’s team as well. Rest of the family collects proofs against Vidi by tracing her calls.

Scene 1Vani tells Rani about Sartak. Anjali says Vidi is provoking him. He can’t see her reality. Rani says let him come. I will tlak to him. He comes in. Rani says did I brought you in world for this day? Don’t call me. He says only chotu ma understands me. What has this family given me? Nothing. What have they given you? Rani says don’t talk about me. get out of this house if they have given you nothign.

Don’t show me your face again.Vidi say don’t worry sartak she will understand. She will know as well. You have to stay firm on your feet. These people just want to see you fail.Adhi goes to his room in anger. He says how can Sartak do this. Vani says calm down. He says how can sartak help her. I can’t take all this. vani says nandani take ma ji to your room.

Adi says we need to track her phone. Vidi wants us to get angry. We have to make her believe her plan is working. We have to make sartak see truth. Sid says what should we do now? adi says we have to trace her calls. Anjali says I will bring her phone.Anjali goes downstairs and spills water. Vidi says are you idiot. Anjali picks her phone.

Anjali brings Vidi’s phone. Sid says Anjali you stay on the door.Vidi is with sartak. Adhi says this is my dad’s business. I won’t let you give it to Sartak. Anjali says lets go from here Adi. They go upstairs with the phone. Adi recalls. Rani comes. She says what happened? Nandani comes as well. Rani says please make tea. Nandani goes downstairs.Sid and Adi are trying to track the phone. They hear a call Sartak has shook hands with me. Now see how I ruin this family. Vani says she gives all info to Bhaskar.Vani says Vidi your game is over. She asks Sid to keep the drive in her room. She says Vidi shouldn’t know we are collecting proofs against her. Nandani overhears and says I will tell Vidi everything. She goes to Vidi’s room. Nandani says I have to shake hands with Vidi.

Scene 2Vidi says to Sartak this tender shouldn’t go from our hands. We have to make our name. We have to make benefits. Vani gave me all this with her hands. We have to take our company to new heights. Nandani comes in and says I want to talk but in person. Vidi says I trust sartak so you can say whatever you want. Nandani says they have found proofs against you. They are tracing your calls and will give them to police.

 vidi gets Prabha kidnapped. While everyone goes to find her she gives VAni and Rani poison in tea. She takes USB from them and burns it.

Scene 1Vidi says to Nandani get out. if you wanna be my friend start saying truth. I won’t ever trust you. Get out of my room. SArtak says so what now? Vidi says see what I do now.Prabha comes to temple with Bijli. Some men kidnap her. Bijli screams. She calls Vani and tells her some people took Prabha. Vaani is dazed. Vani says calm down I am sending Adi there. VAni tells everyone. Everyone is shocked. Rani says I hope she is well. Adi and Anjali go to that place. Vani says this is too much. we have to stop this Vidi.

Adi and Anjali are looking for Vidi everywhere. Vidi comes to VAni and says I got her kidnapped. You had all the recordings of my phone. You have to give them to me or I will kill that old woman. Give it to me. Have this tea first. Vani and Rani take the tea. VAni says we won’t give you that USB.

Vidi says that tea had poison that you two are having so peacefully. Rani and Vani cough. Their head hurts. Vidi says the poison that I gave you will be cut with this. Give me what I want. Where is it? Rani says jiji tell her please. We will handle her.Vani goes towards her room in this condition. Vani’s head hurts. She gives the USB to her.

Adi adn Anjali are in jungle. They sees Prabha fainted behind a tree. Adi says dadi.. Anjali says lets take her hospital. Call sid and nandani.Vani takes the med from Vidi but she doesn’t give them. She spills it all and laughs. Vani’s condition gets worse. Vidi says this wasn’t antidote. This was just water. She laughs. Rani holds Vani’s hand. They are both in pain. They both faint. Vidi says game over. She burns the USB. She says Parksh your wife is coming to you. She gives bottle in Vani’s hand.

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