Vani Rani update Monday 13 May 2024

Vani Rani 13 may 2024: Scene 1Sid shoves her and says enough get out or I will call police. SHe says leave my hand. You can call police and I will tell them this house is mine. Adi says get oout. She says you can’t do that. Rani says enough. We will decide in court who is the owner of this house. Get out now. Vidi says wow I am scared.

haha. I am very evil. I made both sisters fight. She laughs. Vidi says to Prabha welcome me in this house like a bride. She gives her arti and says get up and welcome me or I will throttle you. Rani shoves the arti on her face. Vidi laughs. She says see this sindur in my hairline. It proves this house is mine. Now you all know who I am.

She cleans her face with Rani’s sari. Sid says we can kick you out in a moment. You are a woman, get out of here. She says you keep insulting me. Sid says get out before we cross our limits. She says its not me who will go out. Anjali says she wont leave like this mama please do something. You are dad’s wife. Prabha says vani please say something. Rani says we all need to you. Vidi says she can’t do anything. she didn’t trust her husband. Her sister asked her not to trust me but she did. She didn’t even listen to her kids. And see what I did to her. You made a mistake. Vani says now its time to fix those mistakes.

Vani calls inspector. She says its me Vani. She speaks to him. Vani says your trap is not enough for me. Tell police your story. Prabha says see what she does in front of police. Anjali says we need to keep an eye on her till police comes.Vani recalls VIdi saying she didn’t trust her husband or sister or kids. Rani comes to Vani. Rani says are you okay? Its not your mistake. What happened is gone. We have to get her out. Vani says I didn’t understand my husband or sister. I am sorry. Rani says your intentions were good. Everything will be fine. Kaviya says ppolice is here.

Vani tells inspector everythign. Vidi coems and says please save me they will kill me. Parkash married me. i didn’t even know he had a family and wife. Vani says she knew he had a wife. She blackmailed him to get this property. Vidi says they will me. They didn’t even give me food. They kidnapped me here. Adhi says what are you saying. Inspector says do you all have proofs.Vidi shows inspector a video in which she was going to do suicide. Prabha says she is very clever. Vidi says I will die here. Inspector says what is all this vani? Rani says she is lying. Inspector says will your file a complaint? We can’t take an action without that. Vidi says no. They are my husband’s family. Please leave me here. Just ask them not to treat me like an animal. Inspector says to Vani this is the last warning. They leave. Vidi laughs. She says you wanted to kick me out? What will you do now? For attempt of murder you could get in.And Adi you.. You were spying on me right. This phone is such a good thing. See everyone lets take a selfie. Vani says what do you want? I am sick of your drama. Vidi says I am testing your patience. I heard your memory is really good. 13 January 2008, what happened back then?

Scene 1Vani recalls she was in court and won a case. A little girl was there. She says Bhaskar Ghosh.. Vidi claps and says yes I am his daughter. Rnai says what is she saying. Sid says what is happening? Vidi says your mama is responsible for all this. She says your mama won Mr. Gupta a case who got a poor driver Ghosh Bhaskar convicted for killing Neha. Ghosh said I am innocent but court announced him life time imprisonment. Vidi says I decided that day I will ruin your life. Gupta ddied in a car accident otherwise I would have ruined his life too. You got my dad convicted for a crime he didn’t do. Vani says it was my job. Vidi says to get innocent people convicted? My papa wasn’t a murderer. My mom committed suicide. I and my brother were left. Your ruined our family and lives. You wanted money and that is why you helped Gupta. You could stop this. vani says I didn’t know what Ghosh did or not. I wanted to meet him. I saw proofs and witness. Everything was against Ghost. Vidi says I don’t want to hear anything. Vani says calm down.I am just a lawyer. Vidi says you ruined my life and I decided to take revenge from you.

Sid says is she right mama? Vani says yes she is right. Vidi says I could never forget your face. I promised myself I will ruin your and your family’s life. See this diary. I wrote every day to take revenge from you. Your family will suffer like mine. I didn’t want Parkash money. He died and you brought me home. He really loved you so I knew that is where I could hit you.

This game has just started. Now see what I do. I will break you. I won’t get peace. Rani says forget what happened. Vidi says shut up. You are just a maid in this house. Rani says if your mom was alive she would have asked the same. Didi is not responsible for all this. She says I don’t neeed your lecture. you all have to pay for her sin. Vidi says please shut up. Sid says please forgive mama. Vani says form where she is seeing I am the culprit. She was just 10. Her mom killed herself. Vani says but put yourself in my shoes. Vidi says shut up. My revenge has just started. Vani says my family has no part in it. Vidi says what about my family? Should i leave your family or kill them? Vani says punish me but let my kids go. Vidi laughs. Vidi says sid give me a coin.Vani says what are you doing. Vidi says head or tails. Vani says tails. Vidi says if heads I will kill you and your family. If tails I will leave this house. Okay? She tosses the coin. Vidi laughs. Everyone’s scared. Vidi says its tails. She puts her diary o her bag and leaves the house. Prabha says is she gone? Thank God.Prabha asks Sid to locks the gate.

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